Hodge: What's In A Name?

Dave Hodge
11/1/2008 4:00:46 PM
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If I said I was going to talk about The Rocket, you might think you were watching the Discovery Channel.

If the subject was Big Bird, it would be PBS.

The Road Runner? Teletoon.

The Flower? Home and Garden.

But if I'm referring to The Rocket, Big Bird, The Road Runner and The Flower all in the same context, you can be sure it does belong on TSN, and you can be sure I'm talking about one hockey team and one team only.

It's amazing how often that team is discussed without having to be identified.

It is certainly that way when you talk about all those Stanley Cups, or the 80-game season that included only eight losses.

It's the team that wears the CH in the colours, "bleu, blanc et rouge."

The team that used to play in The Forum that didn't have to be called "fabulous," like the one in Los Angeles, because it just was…fabulous.

The team of Scotty, Sam and Selke, Le Gros Bill and The Big M, Jake The Snake, J.C., Jean-Guy and several other Guys.

The team whose goalie understood the game so well, he wrote The Game.

The team whose defenceman perfected the Savardian Spinnerama, the team whose most decorated forward and most famous little brother came in 'pocket' size.

Les Habitants or The Habs, if you prefer, were once known as The Flying Frenchmen and they used to play something called Firewagon Hockey. Sometimes they still do and it's still okay to call it Firewagon Hockey, but only when referring to them.

It's the team that used to be Boom Boom's team.

The team of Fergie, Harvey and Gainey, and long ago of Howie and Newsy.

There's only one team that had Saint Patrick in goal, that otherwise had to win for religious reasons, that reacted to the pressure to win by embracing it and not giving in to it.

Never mind that other teams have been more successful in recent years, because there's only one team that every team would like to become.

It takes 100 years and it takes a certain feeling, beyond words spoken or written, to become. Les Glorieux - the Montreal Canadiens.    

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