Duthie: Deadline day as viewed through different eyes

You have just two days left to come up with your excuse to call in sick Wednesday. Here's a tip: develop the early symptoms of a sore throat Monday, just to plant a seed with the boss. If still you look fresh and healthy when you leave the office Tuesday, it will be too obvious. C'mon, this is textbook trade deadline strategy! ...more

Duthie: Hockey Rules, Baseball Drools

It would be cruel for a hockey guy to beat up on baseball right now. Especially when the hockey guy grew up loving baseball as much as hockey. ...more

Duthie: Bruins filled with feel-good stories this season

There is no better story in the NHL this year than the Boston Bruins. Wait, check that. There are no better storIES in the NHL this year. For the Bruins are not a novel, but a collection of feel-good shorts and somewhere near the back of the book, around page 290, there is Ottawa boy Aaron Ward. ...more

Duthie: Emery vs. the Trainer - One Bizarre Hat Trick

When I heard Emery had gone Sugar Ray again, pummeling his own team's trainer on the bench during a game in Russia, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Here we go again." Then I saw the tape, and heard the story. And thought…Don't blame ya, Ray. I would have slugged him too. ...more

Duthie: Radical ideas to spice up the NHL skills competition

Alex Ovechkin's hat and glasses routine Saturday night in the ''Breakaway Challenge'' was exactly the kind of crowd-pleasing silliness the skills competition has been lacking. ...more

Remembering Nick: Keeping helmets on not just a fighting issue

Two winters ago, Nicholas 'Wheels' Lambden was playing shinny on a rink in a park near his house. He was digging a puck out of a snowbank when a shot from a nearby game struck him in the head. It was a million-to-one accident. And it killed him. ...more

Duthie: No easy answer to Senators slide

Exactly one year, or 52 Saturday nights ago, the Ottawa Senators played the Detroit Red Wings in a contest I relentlessly hyped as The Game of The Year. Who could argue? The Senators led the Devils by seven points in the Eastern Conference. The Red Wings led the Stars by 16 in the West. The Senators won 3-2, in what was surely a Stanley Cup final preview. Well, I was half right. ...more

Duthie: Please put us out of our misery, Mats

For six months, we've been waiting for Mats Sundin to make up his mind. Six months!?! Presidents and Prime Ministers have been elected. Economies have crumbled. And still, we wait on Mats. ...more

Duthie: Sean Avery, Help is just a phone call away

And now the next episode in the bizarro reality show that is Sean Avery: Image Rehabilitation. (Also known as Career Salvation.) What other choice is there? The Stars don't want him back. No one will trade for him, even the minor league teams Dallas would love to send him to are turning their backs. ...more

Duthie: Avery's teammates hope 'indefinitely' means 'forever'

Sean Avery's words embarrassed his teammates Tuesday. But his suspension thrilled them. And many Stars are hoping that "indefinitely" means "forever." ...more

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