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Welcome to The TSN Hockey Bobcast - an all-new, fan-focused podcast where Bob addresses your questions on hockey...and just about anything else.


Send your questions to bobcast@bellmedia.ca and TSN Hockey Insider might just answer them in future episodes.


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This week's rundown on The Bobcast:

0:00 Opening - And are we a new golden age of hockey? Why you shouldn't read into anything two weeks in.
4:00 Bob's trip to NBC and the NHL head office in New York, with a shout out to Ed Olczyk.
5:30 How does Bob work when he's sleep deprived? How much does he need to get by? Also, Bob's most recent hotel stay was one for the ages.
22:20 Bob's thoughts on the Pittsburgh Penguins visiting the White House, the fallout from his answer on The Quiz and the 'stick to sports' argument. 
44:15 Bob discusses the cost of playing hockey and if there's a diversity issue in the game.
51:50 The John Tavares saga and the chances that the Islanders' franchise player re-signs or moves on. 
57:15 Can the Sens weather the injury storm? How will the Atlantic Division look this season?
103:50 What are the chances of the VGK being a contender over the next few years? What are their expectations for Malcolm Subban?
108:40 Bob's early thoughts on the Canadiens trading Mikhail Sergachev to Tampa for Jonathan Drouin
109:57 The ups and downs of maintaining high-level goaltending in the NHL.
113:30 Bob to fans: When it comes to teams, cheer for whoever the hell you want - geography be damned. 
115:00 Bob looks at this season's rookie crop in the NHL.
119:00 Where does Bob see Nico Hischier going this season and in the long-term?
122:10 Has the perception changed regarding some of the top picks in the 2016 draft?
125:00 The case for a shorter training camp.
127:25 Why did Bob choose 'All Tore Up' by The Hip as his opening song to The Bobcast?