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2012 Final TSN Draft Ranking

Check TSN's final NHL draft rankings - a compilation based on input from various scouts around the National Hockey League.

Also included in The Top 60 are scouting reports from TSN Scout Craig Button.

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21. Matthew Finn

Matt Finn
2011-12 Team: Guelph League: OHL
Position: Defence Height: 6'0
2011-12 Stats: 61 GP, 10 G, 48 PTS Weight: 192 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 16 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 18, The Hockey News: No. 18, Button's Ranking: No. 9
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Matthew is not going to show up in highlight videos on any type of a regular basis. It's not in his game to be flashy but it is his game to be incredibly effective. That effectiveness translates into every area of the game and all of its situations. Simply put, he is a player who completes plays. He does it with the puck. Defensively in getting the puck out of danger. Offensively in reading the play and getting the puck to areas where his team can attack. He is superb in transition and can do it skating with the puck or passing the puck. He does it without the puck. He has very good body positioning and stick position where he can keep opponents at bay. His skating is strong in all regards and he asserts with his body & with excellent lower body strength and balance, he's a hard player to gain an advantage on. He has excellent sense and understands what is unfolding and what the appropriate response should be. He has great poise playing and the challenges of the game do not faze him in any way. He is a player who makes teams stronger.

22. Brady Skjei

Brady Skjei
2011-12 Team: USNTDP League: USHL
Position: Defence Height: 6'3
2011-12 Stats: 24 GP, 3 G, 12 PTS Weight: 203 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 19 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 26, The Hockey News: No. 26, Button's Ranking: No. 26
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Brady is a player who has is very difficult to play against because he has size and weight and is an excellent skater in all regards. He is powerful and with excellent balance, he is able to use his body and keep opponents from gaining an advantage. His agility is very good and he is able to handle 1-1 situations versus speed and quickness effectively and he's also able to move ahead with the puck and escape pressure. He reads the play very well without the puck and with the confidence he has in his skating, he can stop plays before a rush has fully unfolded. His defensive positioning is sound and he doesn't create unnecessary problems for himself. He is a good passer and gets the puck moving from his own zone quickly and efficiently and is very effective transition player. He's not going to punish opponents but he's going to frustrate them because it's no easy task to get around him and gain the upper hand. A good, strong, steady type player who has a strong dependability and consistency in his play.

23. Stefan Matteau

2012 NHL Draft
2011-12 Team: USNTDP League: USHL
Position: Centre Height: 6'1
2011-12 Stats: 18 GP, 6 G, 10 PTS Weight: 210 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 17 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 31, The Hockey News: No. 30, Button's Ranking: No. 48
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Stefan is capable of wreaking havoc in the game with his combination of skating, skill and size. He has excellent speed and can close on opponents quickly and when you combine this with a desire and willingness to make physical contact, it can be very uncomfortable for opponents. The speed and quickness also allows him to make an impact offensively because he can beat defenders 1-1 and overwhelm them with his size. He can score in multiple ways; with a very good shot or by powering past defenders and taking it to the net. He is a unique player in the sense that he can quickly disrupt an opponent with his approach. While there have been concerns about his 'discipline' on the ice, it can be such an unsettling thing for an opponent that he just needs to find the proper balance with his aggression so that it's of the productive nature not the undisciplined. He is also able to play either wing or center so he becomes a player that can play multiple positions and that versatility is a another positive.

24. Andrei Vasilevski

Andrei Vasilevski
2011-12 Team: Ufa Tolpar League: RUS Jr.
Position: Goaltender Height: 6'3
2011-12 Stats: 27 GP, 2.23 GAA, .931 SV% Weight: 204 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 1 EG, International Scouting Services: No. 3 (Goaltender), The Hockey News: No. 21, Button's Ranking: No. 15
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Andrei plays with a combination of skill, sense and poise. There doesn't seem to be any situation in the game that rattles him. His size makes him imposing but his ability to read the play and move to advantageous position can intimidate shooters. He is an excellent skater; agility, side-to-side mobility, quickness and strength in his legs allows him to meet the challenges that all goaltenders face. He does not show you a repeated style but will react to the situation and play it accordingly which is another challenge for shooters in trying to get the better of him. Technically, he is sound and doesn't lose positioning when he moves and he has the ability to arrive at the spot to make save in good position, not a vulnerable one. He reads the play so well and has excellent skill and he moves with an economy that makes it appear effortless but it begins with excellent mental focus and allows him to remain a 'step ahead' of the play. He is dependable, consistent and timely which are important traits of successful goaltenders.

25. Malcolm Subban

Malcolm Subban
2011-12 Team: Belleville League: OHL
Position: Goaltender Height: 6'1
2011-12 Stats: 39 GP, 2.50 GAA, .923 SV% Weight: 188 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 1 NAG, International Scouting Services: No. 2 (Goaltender), The Hockey News: No. 48, Button's Ranking: No. 8
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Malcolm is an outstanding athlete with great quickness, agility and reflexes. His side-to-side quickness is exceptional and he moves while maintaining strong position and doesn't create vulnerability for himself. While athleticism alone won't allow a goaltender to excel, Malcolm has worked hard to develop the technical aspects of goaltending. Compare it to a pitcher in baseball. There is a big difference between throwing hard and pitching. Malcolm was an athlete playing goal and has developed into a goaltender. He follows the play so well and combined with an excellent ability to anticipate the play and get himself into strong position it utilizes his skills to even greater advantage. He has developed a calm and composure in the net that conveys a sense of security to his team but is borne out of a tremendous confidence in being able to stymie opposition shooters. He is very comfortable playing in close games and doesn't succumb to the pressures. He has what makes exceptional goalies; great physical, technical and mental skills.

26. Michael Matheson

Michael Matheson
2011-12 Team: Dubuque League: USHL
Position: Defence Height: 6'1
2011-12 Stats: 47 GP, 9 G, 22 PTS Weight: 178 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 30 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 34, The Hockey News: No. 27, Button's Ranking: No. 23
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Michael's game is predicated on outstanding skating ability. There is not an area of skating in which he doesn't excel, and he's able to contribute in so many different ways because of it. He's very difficult to pin down in his own end because of his quickness and agility which allows him to escape the best checking efforts. He is able to buy precious time and space when he's in offensive situations and with good puck skills, specifically passing ability he can create offensive chances. He has good poise and because he has such strong confidence in his skating, it allows him to take an extra second to potentially look for and make a better play. He plays without the puck in a very responsible manner and as he continues to develop this area of the game, he has the potential to be a very well balanced player who can play in all situations and create a lot of challenges for opposing teams.

27. Sebastien Collberg

Sebastien Collberg
2011-12 Team: Frolunda League: SWE
Position: Right Wing Height: 5'11
2011-12 Stats: 21 GP, 9 G, 17 PTS Weight: 176 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 3 ES, International Scouting Services: No. 13, The Hockey News: No. 14, Button's Ranking: No. 27
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Sebastien can play in multiple offensive situations and contribute in different ways. He's very versatile and is comfortable in a straight ahead skill game or one that is heavier with more physical play. He is a very good skater who can beat defenders 1-1 because he has a change of pace as well as having a desire to get offensive opportunities. He plays in traffic and maintains a focus despite knowing that he may be entering the danger zone. He has a very good focus offensively and is tenacious with the puck and he has the knack for getting the puck 'settled down' and in position to make a good shot. Despite not being a big player, he battles in traffic and along boards and doesn't defer or take an easier path. He has good awareness and sense and can make plays and while he likes to shoot, he's not one dimensional. He's a reliable player in the sense that you know you will get his best efforts despite what the challenges or obstacles may be.

28. Scott Laughton

Scott Laughton
2011-12 Team: Oshawa League: OHL
Position: Centre Height: 6'0
2011-12 Stats: 64 GP, 21 G, 53 PTS Weight: 180 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 28 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 23, The Hockey News: No. 42, Button's Ranking: No. 24
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Scott is not going to overwhelm you in any one area of the game but he's going to contribute to winning in all areas of the game. He has excellent hockey sense and is capable of playing any situation in the game. He is smart defensively. He is smart offensively. He can adjust to different circumstances and excel. He leaves himself in strong position on the ice so he's always ready to make the appropriate play for the situation. He's a competitor who is tenacious and has an edge to his game and he will assert himself. He's a good skater with strong balance and he has the agility that allows him to move side-to-side and open room for himself which also gives him better options for passing. He has an under rated shot and can beat goaltenders from out because he doesn't telegraph his shot and he's always aware of passing options and that holds goaltenders in the net who have to be aware of the potential for that pass. A very effective, determined player who will do whatever is necessary to help the team win.

29. Tanner Pearson

Tanner Pearson
2011-12 Team: Barrie League: OHL
Position: Left Wing Height: 6'0
2011-12 Stats: 61 GP, 37 G, 91 PTS Weight: 198 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 25 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 88, The Hockey News: No. 36, Button's Ranking: No. 39
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Tanner is another late bloomer. Players progress and develop at different rates and Tanner is a good example of this. He pushed his candidacy for the World Junior team as well as a potential 1st round pick to the forefront with stellar play. His skating may not be a thing of beauty but it doesn't deter him from excelling. He has excellent sense and understands how to use his skills in combination that makes him an offensive threat. He has excellent hands and makes plays quickly and gives up the puck only to be ready to move to the next dangerous spot to take advantage. He has an excellent release on his shot and is able to shoot off the pass and/or a move so he doesn't give defenders or goalies a chance to be ready. He doesn't attempt to play a game that isn't suited to his strengths and when watching him perform, you see a player who is in command and playing a step ahead of the opposition or a level above and that is far more important than being able to 'race' up the ice. He's a competitor who should not be underestimated.

30. Phillip Di Giuseppe

Phillip Di Giuseppe
2011-12 Team: Michigan League: CCHA
Position: Left Wing Height: 6'0
2011-12 Stats: 40 GP, 11 G, 26 PTS Weight: 176 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 22 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 35, The Hockey News: No. 31, Button's Ranking: No. 30
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Phillip is a good sized winger who plays a hard driving game and makes it difficult for defenders. He is a very good skater with quickness, that may be better than his speed, and allows him to create opportunities for himself and his team. His agility and balance is strong and he's very difficult to push away from where he desires to go. He has an assertiveness in his play and doesn't allow himself to be denied. He will drive the net and will pay the price to score. He has very good sense and recognizes opportunities to contribute both with and without the puck and he plays a 'heady' game. He has good puck skills and is multi-faceted in that he can threaten offensively either shooting or passing. He uses his body to gain advantages and while he isn't punishing, he's competitive and he plays with a desire to make difference in all areas of the game. As his confidence grows, his overall should follow as well.

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