2012 Final TSN Draft Ranking

Check TSN's final NHL draft rankings - a compilation based on input from various scouts around the National Hockey League.

Also included in The Top 60 are scouting reports from TSN Scout Craig Button.

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31. Ville Pokka

Ville Pokka
2011-12 Team: Karpat League: FIN
Position: Defence Height: 6'0
2011-12 Stats: 33 GP, 0 G, 3 PTS Weight: 198 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 7 ES, International Scouting Services: No. 41, The Hockey News: No. 28, Button's Ranking: N/A
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Ville is a player despite what the stats read, should be considered a two-way defenseman. He has very good offensive instincts and makes good plays with the puck. He's capable of jumping into the attack and creating advantages on offense, especially in the offensive zone when he sees offensive opportunities. He has a good shot and the puck gets directed to the net very well. His skating is decent but by improving his quickness, it would give him a better opportunity to impact the game. He finds himself in challenges at times defensively because of the quickness in terms of beating the pressure and fore-check and being able to move the puck out of trouble. To his credit, he uses his body effectively to hold off defenders and he competes in 1-1 situations defensively to force opponents to earn a chance. He plays the game with very good awareness and playing in the Finnish Elite League may have hurt his offensive numbers but it helped him in his overall game knowing and understanding how to play to his strengths.

32. Martin Frk

Martin Frk
2011-12 Team: Halifax League: QMJHL
Position: Right Wing Height: 6'0
2011-12 Stats: 34 GP, 16 G, 29 PTS Weight: 204 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 20 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 42, The Hockey News: No. 45, Button's Ranking: No. 59
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Martin is a goal scorer. He wants to score, is hungry to score and is that player who is lurking for the chance to score. He plays a straight ahead game and is more of a shooter. He has a good shot and can beat goaltenders with it down the wing and it's a heavy shot. His skating is good in straight lines and he creates separation between himself and defenders. He has good balance with a low center of gravity and is hard to knock off stride. His agility is adequate but not a necessary requirement for the style of game he plays. He uses his body to push to the scoring area and hold off defenders. He recognizes openings and opportunity and with a playmaking center who can get the puck to him, Martin has the abilities to be a good goal scorer at the NHL level.

33. Colton Sissons

2012 NHL Draft
2011-12 Team: Kelowna League: WHL
Position: Right Wing Height: 6'1
2011-12 Stats: 58 GP, 26 G, 41 PTS Weight: 198 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 14 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 25, The Hockey News: No. 40, Button's Ranking: N/A
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Colton is a straight ahead up and down winger. There is not one area of his game that stands out but he is consistent in his effort and plays a dependable and responsible game. He works hard and plays with a tenacity that can wear down opponents. His skating is good and along with strong balance, it allows him to play strong along the boards and in 1-1 physical battles. He's not punishing but is hard on the puck and engages physically to create opportunities for his team. Very good sense and feel for the game and he plays within his strengths and understands the subtle plays and how to make them and knows they are plays that help a team be successful. He is not a prolific scorer but he can make the plays that help a team create scoring chances. Going to the net without the puck, winning 1-1 battles along the boards, being strong on the fore check are a few examples of how Colton contributes to a team. He's a leader by example who is not flashy but he makes others around him better and helps his team be successful.

34. Ludvig Bystrom

Ludvig Bystrom
2011-12 Team: Modo League: SWE
Position: Defence Height: 6'1
2011-12 Stats: 34 GP, 7 G, 29 PTS Weight: 208 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 8 ES, International Scouting Services: No. 29, The Hockey News: No. 19, Button's Ranking: No. 19
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Ludvig has the attributes to be a very good two-way defenseman once he has physically matured. His skating is very good, possessing very good mobility and agility which allows him to be elusive when pressured and helps him play defensive situations without being vulnerable. His sense is excellent and he gets to the right spots on the ice to make a play and he has very good poise with the puck. Offensively, he sees the play, passes very well and creates opportunities for his team. Defensively, he competes 1-1 with good positioning and is very adept at not allowing himself to get overwhelmed. He uses his body well, is willing to engage physically and doesn't take a backseat when the game becomes more physical. His willingness exceeds his capabilities in this area because of the lack of strength but once that develops, he has the capability to make this more of a factor in his game. He has shown the ability to raise the level of his game when required and has a lot of growth ahead which should allow him to reach his potential.

35. Oscar Dansk

Oscar Dansk
2011-12 Team: Brynas League: SWE
Position: Goaltender Height: 6'3
2011-12 Stats: 28 GP, 2.82 GAA, .910 SV% Weight: 186 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 2 EG, International Scouting Services: No. 1 (Goaltender), The Hockey News: No. 44, Button's Ranking: No. 31
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Oscar plays the game with an excellent focus. Watching him play, you see a goalie who is very alert following the play and sees what is unfolding and then is able to do what he needs to do to stop the puck. His stance is strong and he maintains solid positioning and doesn't create vulnerability for himself which forces shooters to beat him. His skating is very good with good quickness and agility and he is very effective with his legs in making saves even when he's moving. He plays a little back in the net but he doesn't make himself small when he's back and he will be aggressive when necessary and get out and shut down the play. He plays a hybrid style and allows the situation to dictate what particular approach he will take to make the save. He plays with a calm demeanor and stays focused on the task at hand despite what may be happening around him. Overall, he's a goalie with solid physical skills, not spectacular ones, and technical and mental skills that are very good.

36. Henrik Samuelsson

Henrik Samuelsson
2011-12 Team: Edmonton League: WHL
Position: Right Wing Height: 6'2
2011-12 Stats: 28 GP, 7 G, 23 PTS Weight: 195 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 75 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 27, The Hockey News: No. 50, Button's Ranking: No. 29
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Henrik had an odyssey of sorts this season but once he got himself established in Edmonton, he found a launching pad for his game. He is a big man who is very comfortable asserting with his size and establishing a presence in the game and he's not averse to playing chippy and even nasty at times. By doing this, it gives himself a little more room and makes opponents a little leery, a very good strategy for creating room and time for yourself. His skating is not a hindrance but he needs to improve his quickness and speed because by doing so, it will allow him to impact the game more significantly. He's a smart player who makes good plays and has confidence with the puck. He finds openings in the offensive zone to score but with an improved shot, his goal scoring will increase. He gets involved in the guts of the game and is a player who can unsettle and distract opponents with his play. The type of player you hate to play against but love to have on your team.

37. Pontus Aberg

Pontus Aberg
2011-12 Team: Djurgarden League: SWE
Position: Left Wing Height: 5'11
2011-12 Stats: 47 GP, 8 G, 15 PTS Weight: 194 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 6 ES, International Scouting Services: No. 20, The Hockey News: No. 22, Button's Ranking: No. 33
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Pontus is a prototypical goal scoring winger. He has good speed and uses a burst of quickness to break free and get to scoring position either with the puck or to get the puck. He reads the play well and doesn't get himself unnecessarily 'tangled' up in traffic and he gets to scoring position at opportune times to take advantage of his skills. He is able to handle the puck in tight areas and around the net and finds ways to free his stick to make a play on the puck. He's not going to overpower a goalie with his shot but he has an accurate shot and can maneuver his hands to give himself a better opportunity or to open up a part of the net. He will make plays and that allows him to not be a one-dimensional player. He gets involved in the hard areas and will pay a price to score and he competes for his chances. Overall, he is a player who wants to score and can be productive in an offensive role.

38. Jordan Schmaltz

Jordan Schmaltz
2011-12 Team: Green Bay/Sioux City League: USHL
Position: Defence Height: 6'2
2011-12 Stats: 48 GP, 9 G, 32 PTS Weight: 189 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 34 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 45, The Hockey News: No. 34, Button's Ranking: N/A
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Jordan is an offensive defenseman who generates offense in multiple ways. He is very attuned to offensive opportunities and combined with very good skating, he can quickly take advantage when those opportunities present themselves. He is not hesitant in any way to jump into the attack or to even lead the attack given an opening. He can beat defenders 1-1 and is very confident in his abilities. He has an excellent shot and has really developed it, not only as a weapon to score but as a weapon to set up the pass because goalies have to respect the shot. It should come as no surprise that he's very good on the power play and he's a QB out there. He can beat pressure in the defensive zone and as a good passer, he can get the puck moving forward very quickly and efficiently. He has improved his defensive play and he has become much more patient in his overall approach and doesn't try to make everything happen on one shift. Overall, a player who is evolving and developing a well-rounded game.

39. Dalton Thrower

Dalton Thrower
2011-12 Team: Saskatoon League: WHL
Position: Defence Height: 5'11
2011-12 Stats: 66 GP, 18 G, 54 PTS Weight: 189 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 26 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 28, The Hockey News: No. 29, Button's Ranking: No. 52
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Dalton is a player who can make his presence felt, literally and figuratively. He's a competitor who will deliver big hits and can be a deterrent to opposing forwards thinking they can move about untouched. He is not hesitant to fight if challenged or if necessary. His game is not limited to rough and tough play though. He has very good offensive skills, with a good shot that he can score with and he makes good plays with the puck. His skating base is solid but to take his game successfully to the NHL level, an improvement in his quickness and agility would prove to be beneficial. His skating base is good and there is no evidence that he can't improve his skating.. He plays a lot of minutes in the game and in all situations and he understands what is required in those situations and how to manage his play given large demands. He has a hunger to his game and gets himself invested in whatever challenges may be presented and he is not a 'shrinking violet' when those challenges are serious.

40. Nicolas Kerdiles

Nicolas Kerdiles
2011-12 Team: USNTDP League: USHL
Position: Left Wing Height: 6'2
2011-12 Stats: 18 GP, 4 G, 13 PTS Weight: 200 lbs.
Scouting Rankings
NHL Central Scouting: 29 NAS, International Scouting Services: No. 15, The Hockey News: No. 33, Button's Ranking: No. 51
TSN Scout Craig Button:
Nicolas is a very skilled and talented player. He is a very good skater, effortless with speed, quickness and agility and he uses it to his advantage to create offensive chances. He is a hard player to defend against because he changes speed and keeps defenders off balance but he can quickly strike because he has very good sense and recognizes when an opportunity is there or about to be there. He has very good puck skills and a good release on his shot and passes the puck so well. He has played center and wing and shown not only versatility but the understanding of both of those positions as it relates to his skill set. Showing more goal scoring on the wing and more playmaking as a center. He is not a rugged player but uses his body to protect puck and keep defenders at bay. He is elusive and 'shakes' off checks very effectively and he is that player who appears at the right time to inflict damage. Overall, an undeniable skill set and versatility that is not in abundance.

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