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Euro 2012 Pay-Per-View is over -- thanks for watching!


Special Euro 2012 Pay-Per-View Note:

If you have discovered multiple charges on your credit card statement for the same pay-per-view event you purchased, please contact My Match Stream support using the "Contact Us" button on that page. Please provide as much information as possible so they can expedite any credits.







  • REMEMBER: All repeats of games are available for free in our Euro 2012 Video Hub a few hours after the final whistle.







    Match Stats and Heat Maps

    Keep your finger on the pulse of the game, with live updates of team line-ups, heat maps and historical and live statistics. Follow player shots, passes and tackles while watching the game.

    Pause, Rewind and Replay Live TV

    Want to replay an exciting moment in the game? Use the player control features to pause, replay, fast-forward or watch in slow motion. Browse key moments using the timeline for each match.

    Minute-by-Minute Game Summary

    If you've joined a live telecast late the game summary gives you a quick overview of all the key moments from the match.

    Stunning Near-HD Quality Video

    Streamed at up to 2.4 Mbps, if you've got the bandwidth we've got the quality. Using the latest H.264 codecs along with Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in (for Mac and Windows) you'll get a picture that's comparable to HDTV. On slower connections, the stream will adapt accordingly and show you the best picture possible.







    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are having any problems, please read through the following FAQ. If you don't see your question answered here, checkout our video provider's Knowledge Base. It includes a contact form where you can file a trouble ticket regarding technical and billing problems. If you still can't find the answer to your question, send an email. We'll do our best to reply as soon as possible.


  • There are three ways to access TSN's Euro 2012 Pay-Per-View:
    • > For $19.99, purchase a Full Tournament package, which gives you access to every Euro 2012 game live.
    • > For $9.99 (starting June 20) you can purchase a Playoff package featuring all seven games of the Knockout Phase
    • > For $4.99 you can buy access for any single day (see details below)
  • If you click "Watch Live Now" and it leads to your account history instead of the live match: in the upper-right corner of the account page, Log out. Now return to this page and try again - you will be asked to login and then taken to the live match afterward.
  • Live streaming is restricted to Canadian internet addresses only. Even if your credit card billing information is in Canada, you must also be accessing the live stream from inside Canada.
  • The live stream will open about ten minutes before kickoff, and shut down right after the end of the game. Each game will be available on-demand for free on shortly (approx. 3 hours) after the end of each match.
  • All sign-up times are presented in CET (Central European Time), which is 6 hours later than ET, 9 hours later than PT.
  • The live player is available for Mac and Windows computers only. Because it relies on the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in for its advanced features, it will not work on tablet or handheld devices. For live Euro coverage on those devices check out TSN Mobile TV.
  • If you get any kind of 'plug-in error' make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed for your specific browser.
  • If the player suddenly generates a "Video Error - Sorry for the interruption of your service" please REFRESH your browser's page to reset the stream



  • If you receive an "Error processing transaction" message when you submit your credit card information, that doesn't necessarily mean the transaction failed completely. Come back to this page and see if you can watch the game(s) you paid for before resubmitting your credit card information or submitting a trouble email.
  • If you have any problems before or after purchasing your pass (can't login, didn't receive confirmation email) please contact our UEFA partner: My Match Stream support.
  • You cannot use your login information to sign up for Euro Pay-Per-View. Because we are working in partnership with UEFA, a new and separate login and password are required. Note also that you cannot use your login/password.
  • All prices in Canadian dollars
  • When entering your credit card information, the form will not ask you for your billing Province, but the transaction will still proceed properly.



  • Sign-up for each day's games will open one hour before the start of the first game of the day.
  • One Day access allows you to watch two games on each day of Group Stage play, June 8-19. During the Knockout Stage there is only one game every day, including the final on July 1.
  • Every One Day pass expires at the end of the last game of the day.









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