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The Cavs finish on top, the Nuggets and Bulls are up while the Suns and Trail Blazers are down in the season's final edition of the TSN.ca NBA Power Rankings.

Updated April 15

This Week1Last Week1Cleveland Cavaliers 61-21

Lost four straight to finish the season, but LeBron was resting for all of them (and the Cavs had covered their 60.5 win total), so those can be discounted easily. With LeBron rested and Shaq returning, the Cavs are super-deep and are the favourites to win it all.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week2Last Week2Dallas Mavericks 55-27

Won five in a row to finish the season and captured the second seed in the West. The trade with the Wizards really seems to have pushed them another level and, in the competitive West, they have as good a chance as any.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week3Last Week5Los Angeles Lakers 57-25

Lost 7 of 11 down the stretch, though the Lakers did get Andrew Bynum back from injury and there may have been an element of coasting with the best record in the West. Coasting or not, the Lakers' bench is a question going into this year's playoffs.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week4Last Week10Denver Nuggets 53-29

Won five of seven in April to narrowly capture homecourt advantage and got Kenyon Martin back from injury, but while K-Mart's impact is important, his first three games since coming back (6.0 ppg, 6.3 rpg) makes him a serious question mark and the Nuggets really need his rebounding and defence.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week5Last Week6Oklahoma City Thunder 50-32

It's probably a year too soon to heap expectations on the Thunder, as they lost four of six to finish the campaign and go up against the Lakers in Round One. Of course, having the youngest scoring champion in NBA history, Kevin Durant, gives the Thunder a better shot at an upset than could have possibly been anticipated at the start of the season.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week6Last Week8Utah Jazz 53-29

Getting Andrei Kirilenko back gives the Jazz a championship-calibre front line, though it likely cuts into the minutes of Paul Millsap, who put up 12.0 ppg and 12.2 rpg in the last five. That depth up front is exactly what gives the Jazz a favourable head-to-head matchup against the Nuggets.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week7Last Week4Orlando Magic 59-23

Won six in a row to finish the regular season just two games behind the Cavs for top spot in the East and it's encouraging to have PG Jameer Nelson putting up his best month (15.1 ppg, 6.1 apg, 51.4% on threes in April), but it will be interesting to see who is making the shots at crunch time.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week8Last Week11San Antonio Spurs 50-32

Not exactly the kind of championship pedigree one would expect from a seventh seed, as the Spurs finished a grand total of five games behind the Mavericks despite Tony Parker missing 26 games. With Parker back and Ginobili balling (21.5 ppg since the All-Star break), the Spurs still have enough to pose a threat in the postseason.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week9Last Week3Phoenix Suns 54-28

17-4 since the beginning of March, the Suns still allowed more than 105 points per game, the most of any playoff team. Fortunately, they're also the only team in the league that averaged better than 110 points and get a banged-up Trail Blazers team that shouldn't be able to outscore them in Round One.
Key Injuries: C Robin Lopez (back).

This Week10Last Week7Boston Celtics 50-32

Losing seven of ten down the stretch, the Celtics had better hope that Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce (no sense even expecting something from Rasheed Wallace) can rev up the engines for the playoffs, or else a first-round loss to Miami could be a very real possibility.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week11Last Week12Atlanta Hawks 53-29

Not only was it a great season for the Hawks, but they get a favourable matchup in Round One, with the Bucks not nearly the challenge that it looked like they would be until Andrew Bogut got hurt. Now, the Hawks should be able to control the paint in addition to having the better perimeter scoring.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week12Last Week14Miami Heat47-35

Won 12 of 13 to wind up the season and are now a dangerous first-round opponent for Boston. Not only that, but if they win a Round in the playoffs, the Heat could be an even more desirable free agent destination.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week13Last Week16Charlotte Bobcats44-38

Went 9-4 down the stretch, though that included rolling over in the finale to allow the Bulls into the playoffs, but they do play a defensive style (allowing a league-best 93.8 points per game) that should make them at least a tough out for the Magic in the first round.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week14Last Week22Chicago Bulls 41-41

Went 10-4 to earn a playoff spot, with PG Derrick Rose averaging 25.4 ppg and shooting 54.0% from the field in April, but it's hard to figure that, even on their current hot streak, they're going to be able to knock off the Cavs.
Key Injuries: None.

This Week15Last Week9Portland Trail Blazers 50-32

The season's outrageous run of injuries continued late in the season with Brandon Roy getting hurt again. The pairing of Marcus Camby and LaMarcus Aldridge can handle the paint, but if Roy isn't able to go, the Blazers will be hard-pressed to score with the Suns.
Key Injuries: C Greg Oden (knee), Joel Przybila (knee), SG Brandon Roy (knee).

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