Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LA Angels7at3BaltimoreLog | Boxscore
Cleveland4at6NY YankeesLog | Boxscore
Pittsburgh4at5PhiladelphiaLog | Boxscore
St. Louis5at2MiamiLog | Boxscore
Toronto1at5BostonLog | Boxscore
Arizona1at8AtlantaLog | Boxscore
Milwaukee3at4CincinnatiLog | Boxscore
NY Mets3at5Chicago CubsLog | Boxscore
San Diego3at5HoustonLog | Boxscore
Detroit5at7TexasLog | Boxscore
Tampa Bay2at8Kansas CityLog | Boxscore
Chicago WSox3at2MinnesotaLog | Boxscore
Washington12at5ColoradoLog | Boxscore
Oakland2at3SeattleLog | Boxscore
LA Dodgers0at2San FranciscoLog | Boxscore
TexasatNY YankeesTBD
TorontoatTampa Bay12:10 PM
MinnesotaatMiami12:40 PM
St. LouisatHoustonTBD
PhiladelphiaatSan DiegoTBD
San FranciscoatLA DodgersTBD
CincinnatiatOakland3:35 PM
PittsburghatSeattle3:40 PM
ClevelandatBaltimore7:05 PM
LA AngelsatDetroit7:05 PM
ColoradoatBoston7:10 PM
NY MetsatChicago WSox8:10 PM
AtlantaatKansas City8:10 PM
Chicago CubsatMilwaukee8:10 PM

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Milwaukee8at4CincinnatiLog | Boxscore
Cleveland4at5NY YankeesLog | Boxscore
Chicago WSox12at5MinnesotaLog | Boxscore
Toronto4at10BostonLog | Boxscore
Tampa Bay4at5Kansas CityLog | Boxscore
NY Mets17at1Chicago CubsLog | Boxscore
Oakland2at1SeattleLog | Boxscore
LA Dodgers0at3San FranciscoLog | Boxscore
LA Angels13at1BaltimoreLog | Boxscore
Pittsburgh11at7PhiladelphiaLog | Boxscore
St. Louis3at5MiamiLog | Boxscore
Arizona4at6AtlantaLog | Boxscore
San Diego0at1HoustonLog | Boxscore
Detroit9at13TexasLog | Boxscore
Washington11at5ColoradoLog | Boxscore
TexasatNY YankeesTBD
Kansas CityatMinnesotaTBD
LA AngelsatDetroit1:05 PM
Chicago CubsatMilwaukee2:10 PM
PhiladelphiaatLA DodgersTBD
ClevelandatBaltimore7:05 PM
TorontoatBoston7:10 PM

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pittsburgh5at4PhiladelphiaLog | Boxscore
Washington10at11ColoradoLog | Boxscore
Cleveland7at2BaltimoreLog | Boxscore
Chicago WSox4at3NY YankeesLog | Boxscore
LA Angels9at7TorontoLog | Boxscore
Detroit5at2Tampa BayLog | Boxscore
Arizona3at2AtlantaLog | Boxscore
San Diego7at3HoustonLog | Boxscore
Oakland6at7TexasLog | Boxscore
Boston0at1SeattleLog | Boxscore
NY Mets3at2LA DodgersLog | Boxscore
Cincinnati0at5San FranciscoLog | Boxscore
Kansas CityatMinnesotaTBD
LA AngelsatHoustonTBD
PhiladelphiaatLA DodgersTBD
NY YankeesatBaltimore7:05 PM
MilwaukeeatPittsburgh7:05 PM
TorontoatBoston7:10 PM
WashingtonatNY Mets7:10 PM
DetroitatTampa Bay7:10 PM
San DiegoatMiami7:10 PM
ArizonaatAtlanta7:30 PM
CincinnatiatTexas8:05 PM
ClevelandatChicago WSox8:10 PM
San FranciscoatColorado8:40 PM
St. LouisatOakland10:05 PM
Chicago CubsatSeattle10:10 PM

Friday, June 29, 2012

Houston0at4Chicago CubsLog | Boxscore
Cleveland8at9BaltimoreLog | Boxscore
Chicago WSox14at7NY YankeesLog | Boxscore
LA Angels5at7TorontoLog | Boxscore
Philadelphia2at6MiamiLog | Boxscore
Detroit2at4Tampa BayLog | Boxscore
Washington5at4AtlantaLog | Boxscore
Oakland3at4TexasLog | Boxscore
Arizona9at3MilwaukeeLog | Boxscore
Kansas City4at3MinnesotaLog | Boxscore
San Diego2at10ColoradoLog | Boxscore
Pittsburgh14at5St. LouisLog | Boxscore
Boston5at0SeattleLog | Boxscore
NY Mets9at0LA DodgersLog | Boxscore
Cincinnati5at1San FranciscoLog | Boxscore
DetroitatTampa BayTBD
Kansas CityatMinnesotaTBD
LA AngelsatHoustonTBD
WashingtonatNY Mets1:10 PM
PhiladelphiaatLA DodgersTBD
ArizonaatAtlanta4:05 PM
St. LouisatOakland4:05 PM
San FranciscoatColorado4:10 PM
TorontoatBoston7:10 PM
ClevelandatChicago WSox7:10 PM
San DiegoatMiami7:10 PM
NY YankeesatBaltimore7:15 PM
MilwaukeeatPittsburgh7:15 PM
CincinnatiatTexas7:15 PM
Chicago CubsatSeattle7:15 PM

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chicago WSox0at4NY YankeesLog | Boxscore
LA Angels2at11TorontoLog | Boxscore
Kansas City2at7MinnesotaLog | Boxscore
Pittsburgh7at3St. LouisLog | Boxscore
Houston2at3Chicago CubsLog | Boxscore
Cleveland11at5BaltimoreLog | Boxscore
Cincinnati2at1San FranciscoLog | Boxscore
Washington5at7AtlantaLog | Boxscore
Philadelphia2at3MiamiLog | Boxscore
Arizona2at10MilwaukeeLog | Boxscore
Detroit6at2Tampa BayLog | Boxscore
Kansas City1at5MinnesotaLog | Boxscore
San Diego8at4ColoradoLog | Boxscore
NY Mets5at0LA DodgersLog | Boxscore
Oakland2at7TexasLog | Boxscore
Boston2at3SeattleLog | Boxscore
Kansas CityatMinnesotaTBD
LA AngelsatHoustonTBD
WashingtonatNY Mets1:10 PM
San DiegoatMiami1:10 PM
ArizonaatAtlanta1:35 PM
NY YankeesatBaltimore1:35 PM
TorontoatBoston1:35 PM
MilwaukeeatPittsburgh1:35 PM
DetroitatTampa Bay1:40 PM
ClevelandatChicago WSox2:10 PM
PhiladelphiaatLA DodgersTBD
CincinnatiatTexas3:05 PM
St. LouisatOakland4:05 PM
Chicago CubsatSeattle4:10 PM
San FranciscoatColorado4:10 PM

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Philadelphia2at5MiamiLog | Boxscore
Cleveland6at2BaltimoreLog | Boxscore
Washington8at4AtlantaLog | Boxscore
Detroit5at3Tampa BayLog | Boxscore
Chicago WSox2at4NY YankeesLog | Boxscore
Arizona1at2MilwaukeeLog | Boxscore
Kansas City8at10MinnesotaLog | Boxscore
Pittsburgh4at5St. LouisLog | Boxscore
Houston0at3Chicago CubsLog | Boxscore
LA Angels10at6TorontoLog | Boxscore
San Diego2at0ColoradoLog | Boxscore
Cincinnati3at4San FranciscoLog | Boxscore
Boston2at1SeattleLog | Boxscore
Oakland3at1TexasLog | Boxscore
NY Mets3at8LA DodgersLog | Boxscore
San FranciscoatCincinnatiTBD
NY YankeesatMinnesotaTBD
Tampa BayatHoustonTBD
DetroitatToronto1:07 PM
ArizonaatNY Mets7:10 PM
San DiegoatMiami7:10 PM

Monday, July 2, 2012

Houston2at11PittsburghLog | Boxscore
LA Angels3at0ClevelandLog | Boxscore
Minnesota6at4DetroitLog | Boxscore
Kansas City11at3TorontoLog | Boxscore
NY Yankees3at4Tampa BayLog | Boxscore
Chicago Cubs4at1AtlantaLog | Boxscore
Miami5at6MilwaukeeLog | Boxscore
Colorado3at9St. LouisLog | Boxscore
San Diego6at2ArizonaLog | Boxscore
Boston1at6OaklandLog | Boxscore
Baltimore3at6SeattleLog | Boxscore
Cincinnati8at2LA DodgersLog | Boxscore
San FranciscoatCincinnatiTBD
NY YankeesatMinnesotaTBD
Tampa BayatHoustonTBD
PhiladelphiaatPittsburgh7:05 PM
DetroitatToronto7:07 PM
MiamiatAtlanta7:10 PM
San DiegoatBoston7:10 PM
ArizonaatNY Mets7:10 PM
SeattleatTexas8:05 PM
BaltimoreatChicago WSox8:10 PM
ClevelandatKansas City8:10 PM
LA DodgersatColorado8:40 PM
St. LouisatLA Angels10:05 PM
Chicago CubsatOakland10:05 PM

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