Tampa Bay00320113010130
Chicago WSox000000040441

WP - Matt Moore (11-11)
LP - Chris Sale (17-8)

Home Runs:
Tampa Bay - Jeff Keppinger (9), Matt Joyce 2 (17), Chris Gimenez (1)
Chicago WSox - Orlando Hudson (2)

Game Log

Top of 1

De.Jennings singled to left.00
De.Jennings stole second.00
B.Upton struck out.00
Zobrist bunt single to third, De.Jennings to third.00
Longoria struck out.00
Keppinger flied out to center fielder Wise.00

Bottom of 1

Wise grounded out, pitcher M.Moore to first baseman Keppinger.00
Youkilis grounded out, shortstop Zobrist to first baseman Keppinger.00
A.Dunn flied out to left fielder De.Jennings.00

Top of 2

B.Francisco singled to right.00
R.Roberts walked on four pitches, B.Francisco to second.00
S.Rodriguez struck out.00
C.Gimenez struck out.00
De.Jennings struck out.00

Bottom of 2

Konerko popped out to right fielder B.Francisco.00
Rios struck out.00
Viciedo grounded out, third baseman Longoria to first baseman Keppinger.00

Top of 3

B.Upton walked.00
Zobrist doubled to left, B.Upton scored.10
Longoria lined out to left fielder Viciedo.10
Keppinger homered to left on a full count, Zobrist scored.30
B.Francisco lined out to center fielder Wise.30
R.Roberts struck out.30

Bottom of 3

Al.Ramirez fouled out to third baseman Longoria.30
Flowers struck out.30
Beckham fouled out to first baseman Keppinger.30

Top of 4

S.Rodriguez walked on a full count.30
C.Gimenez singled to center, S.Rodriguez to second.30
De.Jennings struck out.30
B.Upton singled to right, S.Rodriguez scored, C.Gimenez to third.40
Omogrosso pitching.40
B.Upton stole second.40
Zobrist struck out.40
Longoria singled to right, C.Gimenez scored, B.Upton to third.50
B.Upton was out advancing, right fielder Rios to catcher Flowers, B.Upton out.50

Bottom of 4

Wise grounded out, third baseman Longoria to first baseman Keppinger.50
Youkilis grounded out, shortstop Zobrist to first baseman Keppinger.50
A.Dunn struck out.50

Top of 5

Keppinger struck out.50
Joyce pinch-hitting for B.Francisco.50
Joyce walked on a full count.50
Joyce was caught stealing, catcher Flowers to second baseman Beckham.50
R.Roberts singled to left.50
S.Rodriguez struck out.50

Bottom of 5

Joyce in as right fielder.50
Konerko flied out to center fielder B.Upton.50
Rios singled to right.50
Viciedo walked on a full count, Rios to second.50
Al.Ramirez flied out to right fielder Joyce, Rios to third.50
Flowers struck out.50

Top of 6

Heath pitching.50
C.Gimenez homered to center on a 2-1 count.60
De.Jennings walked.60
B.Upton flied out to center fielder Wise.60
Axelrod pitching.60
De.Jennings stole second.60
Zobrist walked on a full count.60
Longoria struck out.60
Keppinger grounded out, second baseman Beckham to first baseman A.Dunn.60

Bottom of 6

C.Pena in as first baseman.60
Beckham walked on a full count.60
Wise lined out to shortstop Zobrist.60
Farnsworth pitching.60
Youkilis popped out to shortstop Zobrist.60
A.Dunn struck out.60

Top of 7

Joyce homered to center on a 1-0 count.70
R.Roberts grounded out, shortstop Al.Ramirez to first baseman A.Dunn.70
Scott pinch-hitting for S.Rodriguez.70
Scott singled to right.70
C.Gimenez walked, Scott to second.70
De.Jennings struck out.70
B.Upton struck out.70

Bottom of 7

Scott in as designated hitter.70
Archer pitching.70
Konerko flied out to right fielder Joyce.70
Rios singled to right.70
Viciedo lined out to second baseman R.Roberts.70
Al.Ramirez grounded out, second baseman R.Roberts to first baseman C.Pena.70

Top of 8

Zobrist safe at first on throwing error by second baseman Beckham.70
Longoria walked on four pitches, Zobrist to second.70
Septimo pitching.70
C.Pena struck out.70
Joyce homered to center on a 0-0 count, Zobrist scored, Longoria scored.100
R.Roberts flied out to right fielder Rios.100
Scott struck out.100

Bottom of 8

E.Johnson in as shortstop.100
Thompson in as center fielder.100
Brignac in as third baseman.100
Flowers struck out.100
Beckham popped out to second baseman R.Roberts.100
Jor.Danks pinch-hitting for Wise.100
Jor.Danks walked.100
Olmedo pinch-hitting for Youkilis.100
Olmedo singled to left, Jor.Danks to third.100
D.Johnson pinch-hitting for A.Dunn.100
D.Johnson walked on a full count, Olmedo to second.100
O.Hudson pinch-hitting for Konerko.100
O.Hudson homered to left on a 0-0 count, Jor.Danks scored, Olmedo scored, D.Johnson scored.104
H.Gimenez pinch-hitting for Rios.104
H.Gimenez struck out.104

Top of 9

Jor.Danks in as center fielder.104
Olmedo in as shortstop.104
D.Johnson in as first baseman.104
O.Hudson in as designated hitter.104
H.Gimenez in as right fielder.104
Jo.Lopez in as third baseman.104
Marinez pitching.104
Vogt pinch-hitting for C.Gimenez.104
Vogt grounded out, shortstop Olmedo to first baseman D.Johnson.104
De.Jennings struck out.104
E.Johnson lined out to right fielder H.Gimenez.104

Bottom of 9

Vogt in as catcher.104
B.Gomes pitching.104
Viciedo struck out.104
Jo.Lopez flied out to left fielder De.Jennings.104
Flowers fouled out to first baseman C.Pena.104

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