WP - Tommy Hanson (1-1)
LP - Kyle Weiland (0-1)
SV - Craig Kimbrel (1)

Home Runs:
Atlanta - Chipper Jones (1), Tyler Pastornicky (1)
Houston - None

Game Log

Top of 1

Bourn lined out to pitcher Weiland.00
Prado singled to center.00
Freeman struck out.00
McCann walked, Prado to second.00
Uggla flied out to center fielder Schafer.00

Bottom of 1

Schafer was out bunting, third baseman C.Jones to first baseman Freeman.00
Altuve struck out.00
J.Martinez struck out.00

Top of 2

C.Jones singled to center.00
Heyward grounded into fielder's choice, second baseman Altuve to shortstop M.Gonzalez, Heyward to first, C.Jones out.00
On wild pitch by Weiland, Heyward to second.00
Pastornicky walked on a full count.00
On balk by Weiland, Heyward to third, Pastornicky to second.00
Hanson struck out.00
Bourn flied out on a bunt to first baseman Ca.Lee.00

Bottom of 2

Ca.Lee walked.00
Bogusevic flied out to center fielder Bourn.00
C.Johnson doubled to left, Ca.Lee to third.00
Snyder grounded into fielder's choice, third baseman C.Jones to catcher McCann, Snyder to first, Ca.Lee out.00
M.Gonzalez singled to center, C.Johnson scored, Snyder to third.01
Advance on throw, M.Gonzalez to second.01
Weiland struck out.01

Top of 3

Prado lined out to second baseman Altuve.01
Freeman struck out.01
McCann singled to right.01
Uggla doubled to center, McCann scored.11
C.Jones homered to right on a 1-0 count, Uggla scored.31
Heyward struck out.31

Bottom of 3

Schafer singled to center.31
Schafer stole second.31
Altuve singled to center, Schafer to third.31
J.Martinez grounded out to first baseman Freeman unassisted, Altuve to second.31
Ca.Lee was intentionally walked.31
Bogusevic struck out.31
C.Johnson struck out.31

Top of 4

Pastornicky homered to left on a full count.41
Hanson singled to right.41
Bourn grounded into fielder's choice, first baseman Ca.Lee to shortstop M.Gonzalez, Bourn to first, Hanson out.41
Bourn was caught stealing, catcher Snyder to shortstop M.Gonzalez.41
Prado grounded out, second baseman Altuve to first baseman Ca.Lee.41

Bottom of 4

Snyder struck out.41
M.Gonzalez grounded out, second baseman Uggla to first baseman Freeman.41
Weiland lined out to third baseman C.Jones.41

Top of 5

Freeman struck out.41
McCann lined out to left fielder J.Martinez.41
Uggla infield single to short.41
C.Jones grounded out, second baseman Altuve to first baseman Ca.Lee.41

Bottom of 5

Schafer singled to right.41
Schafer stole second.41
Altuve grounded out, pitcher Hanson to first baseman Freeman.41
J.Martinez struck out.41
Schafer stole third.41
Ca.Lee singled to right, Schafer scored.42
Bogusevic walked on four pitches, Ca.Lee to second.42
C.Johnson struck out.42

Top of 6

Lyon pitching.42
Heyward popped out to right fielder Bogusevic.42
Pastornicky flied out to right fielder Bogusevic.42
J.Francisco pinch-hitting for Hanson.42
J.Francisco flied out to left fielder J.Martinez.42

Bottom of 6

Medlen pitching.42
Snyder grounded out, third baseman C.Jones to first baseman Freeman.42
M.Gonzalez lined out to first baseman Freeman.42
Maxwell pinch-hitting for Lyon.42
Maxwell lined out to center fielder Bourn.42

Top of 7

D.Carpenter pitching.42
Bourn walked on a full count.42
Bourn stole second.42
Prado grounded out, first baseman Ca.Lee to pitcher D.Carpenter, Bourn to third.42
Freeman safe on failed fielder's choice, Bourn scored, Freeman to first.52
McCann flied out to center fielder Schafer.52
On wild pitch by D.Carpenter, Freeman to second.52
Uggla struck out.52

Bottom of 7

Schafer singled to center.52
Altuve flied out to left fielder Prado.52
J.Martinez infield single to short, Schafer to third.52
Ca.Lee singled to left, Schafer scored, J.Martinez to third.53
O'Flaherty pitching.53
M.Downs pinch-hitting for Bogusevic.53
M.Downs flied out to left fielder Prado.53
C.Johnson singled to center, J.Martinez scored, Ca.Lee to second.54
Snyder struck out.54

Top of 8

Bixler in as right fielder.54
W.Lopez pitching.54
C.Jones grounded out, third baseman C.Johnson to first baseman Ca.Lee.54
Heyward singled to center.54
Pastornicky grounded out, first baseman Ca.Lee to pitcher W.Lopez, Heyward to second.54
Hinske pinch-hitting for O'Flaherty.54
Hinske singled to left, Heyward scored.64
J.Wilson pinch-running for Hinske.64
Bourn singled to right, J.Wilson to second.64
Prado grounded out, pitcher W.Lopez to first baseman Ca.Lee.64

Bottom of 8

J.Wilson in as shortstop.64
Venters pitching.64
M.Gonzalez walked on a full count.64
Bixler struck out.64
Schafer struck out.64
Altuve singled to center, M.Gonzalez to second.64
J.Martinez struck out.64

Top of 9

Freeman flied out to center fielder Schafer.64
McCann grounded out, first baseman Ca.Lee to pitcher W.Lopez.64
Uggla flied out to center fielder Schafer.64

Bottom of 9

Kimbrel pitching.64
Ca.Lee singled to center.64
T.Buck pinch-hitting for W.Lopez.64
T.Buck walked, Ca.Lee to second.64
C.Johnson grounded into a double play, second baseman Uggla to shortstop J.Wilson to first baseman Freeman, Ca.Lee to third, T.Buck out.64
Snyder grounded out, third baseman C.Jones to first baseman Freeman.64

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