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WP - Phil Hughes (16-12)
LP - Aaron Laffey (3-6)
SV - David Robertson (2)

Home Runs:
Toronto - Kelly Johnson (15), Moises Sierra (5)
NY Yankees - Ichiro Suzuki (8), Nick Swisher (21)

Game Log

Top of 1

Lawrie struck out.00
Rasmus lined out to first baseman McGehee.00
Encarnacion struck out.00

Bottom of 1

Jeter lined out to right fielder Sierra.00
Swisher struck out.00
Cano lined out to second baseman K.Johnson.00

Top of 2

Lind doubled to center.00
Sierra struck out.00
K.Johnson doubled to center, Lind scored.10
Arencibia struck out.10
Hechavarria grounded out, third baseman J.Nix to first baseman McGehee.10

Bottom of 2

Al.Rodriguez popped out to second baseman K.Johnson.10
R.Martin walked.10
Granderson struck out.10
McGehee popped out to second baseman K.Johnson.10

Top of 3

Gose walked.10
Lawrie grounded out, pitcher P.Hughes to first baseman McGehee, Gose to second.10
Gose was caught stealing, catcher R.Martin to third baseman J.Nix.10
Rasmus was hit by a pitch.10
Encarnacion infield single to third, Rasmus to third.10
Lind walked, Encarnacion to second.10
Sierra was hit by a pitch, Rasmus scored, Encarnacion to third, Lind to second.20
K.Johnson struck out.20

Bottom of 3

I.Suzuki homered to right on a 1-1 count.21
J.Nix walked on a full count.21
Jeter sacrificed, pitcher Laffey to first baseman Lind, J.Nix to second.21
Swisher struck out.21
Cano walked on four pitches.21
Al.Rodriguez flied out to right fielder Sierra.21

Top of 4

Arencibia struck out.21
Hechavarria struck out, safe on passed ball by R.Martin, Hechavarria to first.21
Gose struck out.21
Lawrie struck out.21

Bottom of 4

R.Martin walked on a full count.21
R.Martin stole second.21
Granderson safe at first on fielding error by second baseman K.Johnson, R.Martin to third.21
McGehee walked, Granderson to second.21
I.Suzuki doubled to right, R.Martin scored, Granderson scored, McGehee to third.23
Lincoln pitching.23
J.Nix walked on a full count.23
Jeter singled to right, McGehee scored, I.Suzuki to third, J.Nix to second.24
Swisher homered to right on a 2-1 count, I.Suzuki scored, J.Nix scored, Jeter scored.28
Cano grounded out, second baseman K.Johnson to first baseman Lind.28
Al.Rodriguez grounded out, pitcher Lincoln to first baseman Lind.28
R.Martin struck out.28

Top of 5

Rasmus flied out to right fielder Swisher.28
Encarnacion lined out to left fielder I.Suzuki.28
Lind walked on a full count.28
Sierra homered to left on a 0-0 count, Lind scored.48
K.Johnson grounded out, first baseman McGehee to pitcher P.Hughes.48

Bottom of 5

Cecil pitching.48
Granderson doubled to center.48
McGehee fouled out to first baseman Lind.48
I.Suzuki grounded out, second baseman K.Johnson to first baseman Lind, Granderson to third.48
J.Nix doubled to left, Granderson scored.49
Jeter singled to center, J.Nix scored.410
Swisher struck out.410

Top of 6

D.Lowe pitching.410
Arencibia grounded out, shortstop Jeter to first baseman McGehee.410
Hechavarria singled to left.410
On passed ball by R.Martin, Hechavarria to second.410
Gose walked on a full count.410
Lawrie grounded into fielder's choice, second baseman Cano to shortstop Jeter, Hechavarria to third, Lawrie to first, Gose out.410
Rasmus struck out.410

Bottom of 6

Frasor pitching.410
Cano grounded out, shortstop Hechavarria to first baseman Lind.410
Al.Rodriguez singled to center.410
R.Martin struck out.410
On wild pitch by Frasor, Al.Rodriguez to second.410
Granderson walked on a full count.410
On wild pitch by Frasor, Al.Rodriguez to third.410
McGehee flied out to right fielder Sierra.410

Top of 7

Swisher in as first baseman.410
Dickerson in as left fielder.410
I.Suzuki in as right fielder.410
Encarnacion walked.410
Lind grounded into a double play, second baseman Cano to shortstop Jeter to first baseman Swisher, Encarnacion out.410
Sierra struck out.410

Bottom of 7

McCoy in as left fielder.410
Gose in as center fielder.410
Carreno pitching.410
I.Suzuki struck out.410
J.Nix struck out.410
Jeter flied out to center fielder Gose.410

Top of 8

Wade pitching.410
K.Johnson homered to right on a 0-0 count.510
Arencibia singled to right.510
Hechavarria struck out.510
Gose doubled to center, Arencibia to third.510
Chamberlain pitching.510
Lawrie infield single to short, Arencibia scored, Gose to third.610
McCoy grounded into fielder's choice, shortstop Jeter to second baseman Cano, Gose scored, McCoy to first, Lawrie out.710
Encarnacion singled to left, McCoy to second.710
Lind flied out to right fielder I.Suzuki.710

Bottom of 8

Swisher walked on four pitches.710
Cano struck out.710
Al.Rodriguez struck out.710
R.Martin struck out.710

Top of 9

D.Robertson pitching.710
Sierra struck out.710
K.Johnson struck out.710
Arencibia struck out.710

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