WP - Wei-Yin Chen (8-5)
LP - Alex Burnett (3-3)
SV - Jim Johnson (28)

Home Runs:
Baltimore - Chris Davis (15)
Minnesota - None

Game Log

Top of 1

Markakis flied out to left fielder Doumit.00
Hardy flied out to right fielder Revere.00
Thome singled to center.00
Ad.Jones infield single to second, Thome to second.00
Wieters struck out.00

Bottom of 1

Span grounded out, shortstop Hardy to first baseman Mar.Reynolds.00
Revere singled to left.00
Mauer walked, Revere to second.00
Revere stole third.00
Willingham singled to left, Revere scored, Mauer to second.01
Morneau struck out.01
Plouffe doubled to left, Mauer scored, Willingham to third.02
Doumit struck out.02

Top of 2

Betemit struck out.02
C.Davis homered to right on a 1-0 count.12
Mar.Reynolds flied out to left fielder Doumit.12
Flaherty flied out to left fielder Doumit.12

Bottom of 2

Dozier flied out to left fielder C.Davis.12
A.Casilla grounded out, pitcher W.Chen to first baseman Mar.Reynolds.12
Span popped out to first baseman Mar.Reynolds.12

Top of 3

Markakis singled to center.12
Hardy singled to left, Markakis to second.12
Thome flied out to center fielder Span.12
Ad.Jones flied out to center fielder Span.12
Wieters grounded out, pitcher De Vries to first baseman Morneau.12

Bottom of 3

Revere struck out.12
Mauer flied out to center fielder Ad.Jones.12
Willingham flied out to right fielder Markakis.12

Top of 4

Betemit walked.12
C.Davis struck out.12
Mar.Reynolds struck out.12
Flaherty popped out to shortstop Dozier.12

Bottom of 4

Morneau singled to center.12
Plouffe struck out.12
Doumit was hit by a pitch, Morneau to second.12
Dozier singled to right, Morneau to third, Doumit to second.12
A.Casilla hit a sacrifice fly to right fielder Markakis, Morneau scored, Doumit to third.13
Span flied out to left fielder C.Davis.13

Top of 5

Markakis flied out to left fielder Doumit.13
Hardy flied out to center fielder Span.13
Thome struck out.13

Bottom of 5

Revere popped out to shortstop Hardy.13
Mauer doubled to center.13
Willingham flied out to center fielder Ad.Jones, Mauer to third.13
Morneau struck out.13

Top of 6

Ad.Jones grounded out, third baseman Plouffe to first baseman Morneau.13
Wieters lined out to shortstop Dozier.13
Betemit flied out to right fielder Revere.13

Bottom of 6

Plouffe grounded out, third baseman Betemit to first baseman Mar.Reynolds.13
Doumit flied out to center fielder Ad.Jones.13
Dozier flied out to right fielder Markakis.13

Top of 7

Duensing pitching.13
C.Davis walked on a full count.13
Mar.Reynolds singled to center, C.Davis to second.13
Flaherty sacrificed, third baseman Plouffe to second baseman A.Casilla, C.Davis to third, Mar.Reynolds to second.13
Markakis safe on fielder's choice and throwing error by third baseman Plouffe, C.Davis scored, Mar.Reynolds to third, Markakis to second.23
Hardy was intentionally walked.23
Thome grounded into a double play, shortstop Dozier to first baseman Morneau, Hardy out.23

Bottom of 7

A.Casilla was out bunting, pitcher W.Chen to first baseman Mar.Reynolds.23
Span safe at first on fielding error by left fielder C.Davis.23
Revere grounded into fielder's choice to second baseman Flaherty unassisted, Revere to first, Span out.23
Mauer grounded out, second baseman Flaherty to first baseman Mar.Reynolds.23

Top of 8

Al.Burnett pitching.23
Mastroianni in as left fielder.23
Ad.Jones popped out to second baseman A.Casilla.23
Wieters walked on four pitches.23
Betemit walked on a full count, Wieters to second.23
T.Robertson pitching.23
C.Davis grounded out, second baseman A.Casilla to first baseman Morneau, Wieters to third, Betemit to second.23
Swarzak pitching.23
Mar.Reynolds singled to center, Wieters scored, Betemit scored.43
Flaherty struck out.43

Bottom of 8

En.Chavez in as left fielder.43
O'Day pitching.43
Willingham walked on a full count.43
Patton pitching.43
Morneau singled to right, Willingham to second.43
Strop pitching.43
Plouffe fouled out to third baseman Betemit.43
Mastroianni grounded into fielder's choice, shortstop Hardy to second baseman Flaherty, Willingham to third, Mastroianni to first, Morneau out.43
Dozier flied out to center fielder Ad.Jones.43

Top of 9

Markakis struck out.43
Hardy struck out.43
Thome struck out.43

Bottom of 9

Ji.Johnson pitching.43
A.Casilla grounded out, pitcher Ji.Johnson to first baseman Mar.Reynolds.43
Span flied out to left fielder En.Chavez.43
Revere grounded out, shortstop Hardy to first baseman Mar.Reynolds.43

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