WP - Carlos Villanueva (1-0)
LP - Livan Hernandez (1-1)

Home Runs:
Toronto - Colby Rasmus (8), Brett Lawrie (5)
Atlanta - None

Game Log

Top of 1

Lawrie struck out.00
Rasmus flied out to center fielder Bourn.00
Bautista struck out.00

Bottom of 1

Bourn popped out to shortstop Y.Escobar.00
Prado grounded out, third baseman Lawrie to first baseman Cooper.00
C.Jones grounded out, pitcher R.Romero to first baseman Cooper.00

Top of 2

Encarnacion singled to left.00
K.Johnson struck out.00
Y.Escobar lined out to right fielder M.Diaz.00
Cooper fouled out to third baseman C.Jones.00

Bottom of 2

Uggla was hit by a pitch.00
M.Diaz doubled to right, Uggla to third.00
F.Freeman flied out to center fielder Rasmus.00
On error by center fielder Rasmus, Uggla scored, M.Diaz to third.01
D.Ross singled to center, M.Diaz scored.02
Simmons grounded out, third baseman Lawrie to first baseman Cooper, D.Ross to second.02
Teheran grounded out, shortstop Y.Escobar to first baseman Cooper.02

Top of 3

Arencibia struck out.02
R.Romero grounded out, first baseman F.Freeman to pitcher Teheran.02
Lawrie flied out to left fielder Prado.02

Bottom of 3

Bourn doubled to center.02
Prado bunt single to first, Bourn to third.02
C.Jones grounded into a double play, shortstop Y.Escobar to second baseman K.Johnson to first baseman Cooper, Bourn scored, Prado out.03
Uggla singled to center.03
M.Diaz singled to right, Uggla to second.03
F.Freeman singled to left, Uggla scored, M.Diaz to second.04
D.Ross struck out.04

Top of 4

Rasmus flied out to center fielder Bourn.04
Bautista flied out to right fielder M.Diaz.04
Encarnacion popped out to second baseman Uggla.04

Bottom of 4

Simmons grounded out, third baseman Lawrie to first baseman Cooper.04
Teheran walked.04
Bourn walked, Teheran to second.04
Prado singled to center, Teheran to third, Bourn to second.04
C.Jones grounded into fielder's choice, pitcher R.Romero to catcher Arencibia, Bourn to third, Prado to second, C.Jones to first, Teheran out.04
Uggla lined out to shortstop Y.Escobar.04

Top of 5

K.Johnson singled to right.04
Y.Escobar walked on four pitches, K.Johnson to second.04
Cooper struck out.04
Arencibia singled to center, K.Johnson to third, Y.Escobar to second.04
Y.Gomes pinch-hitting for R.Romero.04
Y.Gomes singled to left, K.Johnson scored, Y.Escobar to third, Arencibia to second.14
L.Hernandez pitching.14
Lawrie singled to right, Y.Escobar scored, Arencibia to third, Y.Gomes to second.24
Rasmus singled to center, Arencibia scored, Y.Gomes scored, Lawrie to third.44
Bautista singled to center, Lawrie scored, Rasmus to second.54
Encarnacion doubled to center, Rasmus scored, Bautista to third.64
K.Johnson popped out to shortstop Simmons.64
Y.Escobar popped out to shortstop Simmons.64

Bottom of 5

Villanueva pitching.64
M.Diaz flied out to left fielder Encarnacion.64
F.Freeman doubled to right.64
D.Ross struck out.64
Simmons flied out to left fielder Encarnacion.64

Top of 6

Cooper flied out to right fielder M.Diaz.64
Arencibia flied out to right fielder M.Diaz.64
Villanueva singled to center.64
Lawrie homered to left on a 0-1 count, Villanueva scored.84
Rasmus homered to right on a 2-2 count.94
Bautista grounded out, third baseman C.Jones to first baseman F.Freeman.94

Bottom of 6

Encarnacion in as first baseman.94
R.Davis in as left fielder.94
J.Francisco pinch-hitting for L.Hernandez.94
J.Francisco grounded out, second baseman K.Johnson to pitcher Villanueva.94
Bourn infield single to short.94
Prado grounded out, third baseman Lawrie to first baseman Encarnacion, Bourn to second.94
On defensive indifference, Bourn to third.94
C.Jones walked on four pitches.94
Uggla grounded out, pitcher Villanueva to first baseman Encarnacion.94

Top of 7

J.Francisco in as third baseman.94
C.Martinez pitching.94
Encarnacion singled to center.94
K.Johnson struck out.94
Y.Escobar singled to center, Encarnacion to third.94
R.Davis singled to right, Encarnacion scored, Y.Escobar to third.104
Arencibia hit a sacrifice fly to center fielder Bourn, Y.Escobar scored.114
Vizquel pinch-hitting for Villanueva.114
Vizquel singled to right, R.Davis to third.114
Lawrie struck out.114

Bottom of 7

Oliver pitching.114
M.Diaz fouled out to first baseman Encarnacion.114
F.Freeman struck out.114
D.Ross walked on a full count.114
Simmons struck out.114

Top of 8

J.Wilson in as second baseman.114
Rasmus doubled to center.114
Bautista grounded into fielder's choice, second baseman J.Wilson to shortstop Simmons, Bautista to first, Rasmus out.114
Encarnacion struck out.114
K.Johnson tripled to center, Bautista scored.124
Y.Escobar grounded out, second baseman J.Wilson to first baseman F.Freeman.124

Bottom of 8

McCoy in as second baseman.124
Beck pitching.124
J.Francisco singled to right.124
Bourn flied out to right fielder Bautista.124
Prado flied out to center fielder Rasmus.124
Hinske pinch-hitting for C.Martinez.124
Hinske grounded out, second baseman McCoy to first baseman Encarnacion.124

Top of 9

Durbin pitching.124
R.Davis grounded out, shortstop Simmons to first baseman F.Freeman.124
Arencibia struck out.124
McCoy singled to center.124
Lawrie walked, McCoy to second.124
Rasmus grounded out to first baseman F.Freeman unassisted.124

Bottom of 9

Janssen pitching.124
J.Wilson lined out to second baseman McCoy.124
M.Diaz grounded out, shortstop Y.Escobar to first baseman Encarnacion.124
F.Freeman singled to center.124
D.Ross struck out.124

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