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WP - Pat Neshek (1-0)
LP - LaTroy Hawkins (2-3)
SV - Ryan Cook (12)

Home Runs:
LA Angels - Torii Hunter (12), Kendrys Morales 2 (14), Chris Iannetta (5), Mark Trumbo (29)
Oakland - George Kottaras (1), Chris Carter (10)

Game Log

Top of 1

Trout struck out.00
Tor.Hunter struck out.00
Pujols struck out.00

Bottom of 1

Crisp singled to center.00
Moss flied out to right fielder Tor.Hunter.00
Reddick struck out.00
Crisp stole second.00
On passed ball by Iannetta, Crisp to third.00
Cespedes grounded out, first baseman Pujols to pitcher Greinke.00

Top of 2

Trumbo popped out to third baseman Inge.00
K.Morales homered to right on a 3-1 count.10
Callaspo walked on a full count.10
H.Kendrick struck out.10
Callaspo stole second.10
On error on by Kottaras, Callaspo to third.10
Aybar was out bunting, pitcher Straily to first baseman Carter.10

Bottom of 2

Carter walked on a full count.10
Kottaras homered to center on a 1-1 count, Carter scored.12
Inge struck out.12
Pennington walked on a full count.12
J.Weeks walked, Pennington to second.12
Pennington was picked off, pitcher Greinke to shortstop Aybar, Pennington out.12
Crisp walked on a full count, J.Weeks to second.12
Moss singled to right, J.Weeks scored, Crisp to third.13
Reddick singled to center, Crisp scored, Moss to third.14
Cespedes walked on four pitches, Reddick to second.14
Carter grounded into fielder's choice, third baseman Callaspo to second baseman H.Kendrick, Carter to first, Cespedes out.14

Top of 3

Iannetta homered to center on a 3-1 count.24
Trout singled to center.24
Tor.Hunter singled to right, Trout to second.24
Pujols flied out to center fielder Crisp, Trout to third.24
Trumbo flied out to left fielder Cespedes.24
K.Morales flied out to center fielder Crisp.24

Bottom of 3

Kottaras grounded out, pitcher Greinke to first baseman Pujols.24
Inge singled to center.24
Pennington flied out to left fielder Trumbo.24
J.Weeks lined out to center fielder Trout.24

Top of 4

Callaspo popped out to second baseman J.Weeks.24
H.Kendrick struck out.24
Aybar singled to center.24
Iannetta grounded out, third baseman Inge to first baseman Carter.24

Bottom of 4

Crisp lined out to right fielder Tor.Hunter.24
Moss safe at first on throwing error by first baseman Pujols.24
Reddick flied out to center fielder Trout.24
Cespedes struck out.24

Top of 5

Trout grounded out, shortstop Pennington to first baseman Carter.24
Tor.Hunter homered to left on a 1-1 count.34
Pujols popped out to first baseman Carter.34
Trumbo singled to center.34
On error by first baseman Carter, Trumbo to second.34
K.Morales homered to right on a 1-1 count, Trumbo scored.54
Norberto pitching.54
Callaspo walked on a full count.54
H.Kendrick struck out.54

Bottom of 5

Carter singled to left.54
Kottaras grounded into a double play, second baseman H.Kendrick to shortstop Aybar to first baseman Pujols, Carter out.54
Inge grounded out, third baseman Callaspo to first baseman Pujols.54

Top of 6

Aybar flied out to right fielder Moss.54
Iannetta struck out.54
Trout walked on a full count.54
Neshek pitching.54
Tor.Hunter struck out.54

Bottom of 6

Hawkins pitching.54
Pennington walked on a full count.54
J.Weeks sacrificed, first baseman Pujols to second baseman H.Kendrick, Pennington to second.54
Crisp doubled to right, Pennington scored.55
Moss struck out, catcher Iannetta to first baseman Pujols.55
Reddick walked.55
Crisp stole third.55
Reddick stole second.55
Cespedes singled to right, Crisp scored, Reddick scored.57
Carter homered to left on a 1-2 count, Cespedes scored.59
Takahashi pitching.59
Kottaras struck out.59

Top of 7

Balfour pitching.59
Pujols struck out.59
Trumbo homered to center on a 2-1 count.69
K.Morales struck out.69
Callaspo lined out to first baseman Carter.69

Bottom of 7

Isringhausen pitching.69
Inge flied out to center fielder Trout.69
Pennington flied out to right fielder Tor.Hunter.69
J.Weeks singled to center.69
Crisp grounded out, second baseman H.Kendrick to first baseman Pujols.69

Top of 8

Doolittle pitching.69
H.Kendrick singled to center.69
Aybar infield single to first, H.Kendrick to second.69
On error by pitcher Doolittle, H.Kendrick to third.69
Iannetta struck out.69
Trout struck out.69
Tor.Hunter struck out.69

Bottom of 8

Jepsen pitching.69
Moss flied out to center fielder Trout.69
Reddick struck out.69
Cespedes struck out.69

Top of 9

R.Cook pitching.69
Pujols singled to center.69
Trumbo struck out.69
K.Morales singled to right, Pujols to second.69
V.Wells pinch-running for K.Morales.69
Callaspo grounded out to first baseman Carter unassisted, Pujols to third, V.Wells to second.69
H.Kendrick singled to center, Pujols scored, V.Wells scored.89
H.Kendrick stole second.89
Aybar grounded out, shortstop Pennington to first baseman Carter.89

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