WP - Cole Hamels (3-11)
LP - Gerrit Cole (4-1)
SV - Jonathan Papelbon (17)

Home Runs:
Philadelphia - None
Pittsburgh - None

Game Log

Top of 1

Revere singled to center.00
Utley struck out.00
Revere was caught stealing, catcher R.Martin to first baseman G.Sanchez to shortstop Barmes.00
Rollins singled to center.00
Rollins was caught stealing, catcher R.Martin to shortstop Barmes.00

Bottom of 1

S.Marte struck out.00
Tabata doubled to left.00
McCutchen flied out to center fielder Revere.00
G.Sanchez fouled out to catcher Ruiz.00

Top of 2

Howard singled to left.00
D.Brown fouled out to third baseman P.Alvarez.00
D.Young struck out.00
Frandsen lined out to right fielder Tabata.00

Bottom of 2

R.Martin struck out.00
P.Alvarez struck out.00
Walker grounded out, second baseman Utley to first baseman Howard.00

Top of 3

Ruiz grounded out, shortstop Barmes to first baseman G.Sanchez.00
Hamels struck out.00
Revere singled to left.00
Utley doubled to right, Revere to third.00
Rollins struck out.00

Bottom of 3

Barmes struck out.00
Cole struck out.00
S.Marte singled to right.00
Tabata infield single to short, S.Marte to second.00
On error by second baseman Utley, S.Marte to third, Tabata to second.00
McCutchen singled to center, S.Marte scored, Tabata scored.02
G.Sanchez grounded into fielder's choice, shortstop Rollins to second baseman Utley, G.Sanchez to first, McCutchen out.02

Top of 4

Howard lined out to left fielder S.Marte.02
D.Brown popped out to first baseman G.Sanchez.02
D.Young grounded out, shortstop Barmes to first baseman G.Sanchez.02

Bottom of 4

R.Martin lined out to third baseman Frandsen.02
P.Alvarez struck out.02
Walker lined out to left fielder D.Brown.02

Top of 5

Frandsen grounded out to catcher R.Martin unassisted.02
Ruiz singled to right.02
Hamels sacrificed, pitcher Cole to second baseman Walker, Ruiz to second.02
Revere singled to center, Ruiz scored.12
Advance on throw, Revere to second.12
On error by center fielder McCutchen, Revere to third.12
Utley grounded out to first baseman G.Sanchez unassisted.12

Bottom of 5

Barmes flied out to right fielder D.Young.12
Cole grounded out, pitcher Hamels to first baseman Howard.12
S.Marte struck out.12

Top of 6

Rollins struck out.12
Howard walked on a full count.12
D.Brown singled to right, Howard to second.12
Mazzaro pitching.12
D.Young singled to left, Howard to third, D.Brown to second.12
Frandsen singled to right, Howard scored, D.Brown to third, D.Young to second.22
Ruiz singled to center, D.Brown scored, D.Young scored, Frandsen to third.42
Hamels was hit by a pitch, Ruiz to second.42
Watson pitching.42
Revere grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop Barmes unassisted, Frandsen scored, Hamels to second, Revere to first, Ruiz out.52
Utley flied out to right fielder Tabata.52

Bottom of 6

Tabata lined out to second baseman Utley.52
McCutchen grounded out, third baseman Frandsen to first baseman Howard.52
G.Sanchez lined out to shortstop Rollins.52

Top of 7

Rollins singled to left.52
Howard grounded into a double play, third baseman P.Alvarez to first baseman G.Sanchez, Rollins out.52
D.Brown struck out.52

Bottom of 7

R.Martin singled to left.52
P.Alvarez struck out.52
Walker flied out to right fielder D.Young.52
Barmes flied out to right fielder D.Young.52

Top of 8

Reid pitching.52
Mercer in as shortstop.52
D.Young singled to right.52
Mayberry pinch-running for D.Young.52
Frandsen was hit by a pitch, Mayberry to second.52
Ruiz sacrificed, catcher R.Martin to first baseman G.Sanchez, Mayberry to third, Frandsen to second.52
M.Young pinch-hitting for Hamels.52
M.Young hit a sacrifice fly to left fielder S.Marte, Mayberry scored.62
Revere lined out to center fielder McCutchen.62

Bottom of 8

Mayberry in as right fielder.62
Jo.McDonald in as third baseman.62
De Fratus pitching.62
Mercer singled to center.62
S.Marte singled to center, Mercer to second.62
G.Jones pinch-hitting for Tabata.62
G.Jones singled to center, Mercer scored, S.Marte to third.63
McCutchen grounded into a double play, third baseman Jo.McDonald to second baseman Utley to first baseman Howard, S.Marte scored, G.Jones out.64
G.Sanchez flied out to left fielder D.Brown.64

Top of 9

G.Jones in as right fielder.64
Utley tripled to center.64
Rollins popped out to shortstop Mercer.64
Howard struck out.64
D.Brown was intentionally walked.64
Mayberry grounded out, third baseman P.Alvarez to first baseman G.Sanchez.64

Bottom of 9

Papelbon pitching.64
R.Martin popped out to shortstop Rollins.64
P.Alvarez singled to center.64
Walker popped out to left fielder D.Brown.64
Snider pinch-hitting for Reid.64
Snider struck out.64

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