WP - Max Scherzer (5-0)
LP - Corey Kluber (2-2)

Home Runs:
Cleveland - None
Detroit - Miguel Cabrera (7), Prince Fielder (9), Andy Dirks (3)

Game Log

Top of 1

Bourn struck out.00
Kipnis doubled to center.00
A.Cabrera flied out to right fielder Tor.Hunter.00
Swisher doubled to center, Kipnis scored.10
C.Santana grounded out, third baseman Mi.Cabrera to first baseman Fielder.10

Bottom of 1

A.Jackson walked on a full count.10
Tor.Hunter lined out to second baseman Kipnis.10
Mi.Cabrera struck out.10
Fielder fouled out to catcher C.Santana.10

Top of 2

Mar.Reynolds struck out.10
Brantley grounded out, pitcher Scherzer to first baseman Fielder.10
Stubbs struck out.10

Bottom of 2

V.Martinez walked on four pitches.10
Dirks lined out to third baseman Chisenhall.10
Jh.Peralta doubled to left, V.Martinez to third.10
Avila doubled to right, V.Martinez scored, Jh.Peralta scored.12
Infante doubled to right, Avila to third.12
A.Jackson lined out to third baseman Chisenhall.12
Tor.Hunter singled to right, Avila scored, Infante to third.13
Tor.Hunter was out advancing, right fielder Stubbs to first baseman Mar.Reynolds, Tor.Hunter out.13

Top of 3

Chisenhall flied out to center fielder A.Jackson.13
Bourn lined out to center fielder A.Jackson.13
Kipnis grounded out, second baseman Infante to first baseman Fielder.13

Bottom of 3

Mi.Cabrera flied out to right fielder Stubbs.13
Fielder homered to center on a 0-0 count.14
V.Martinez popped out to third baseman Chisenhall.14
Dirks singled to right.14
Dirks stole second.14
Jh.Peralta struck out.14

Top of 4

A.Cabrera flied out to center fielder A.Jackson.14
Swisher tripled to right.14
C.Santana grounded out, second baseman Infante to first baseman Fielder, Swisher scored.24
Mar.Reynolds struck out.24

Bottom of 4

Avila struck out.24
Infante doubled to left.24
A.Jackson infield single to first, Infante to third.24
Tor.Hunter struck out.24
Mi.Cabrera homered to left on a 0-0 count, Infante scored, A.Jackson scored.27
Fielder popped out to third baseman Chisenhall.27

Top of 5

Brantley grounded out, shortstop Jh.Peralta to first baseman Fielder.27
Stubbs flied out to center fielder A.Jackson.27
Chisenhall lined out to second baseman Infante.27

Bottom of 5

V.Martinez lined out to right fielder Stubbs.27
Dirks grounded out, second baseman Kipnis to first baseman Mar.Reynolds.27
Jh.Peralta doubled to center.27
Avila singled to center, Jh.Peralta scored.28
Shaw pitching.28
Infante singled to center, Avila to second.28
A.Jackson struck out.28

Top of 6

Bourn flied out to center fielder A.Jackson.28
Kipnis flied out to center fielder A.Jackson.28
A.Cabrera struck out.28

Bottom of 6

Tor.Hunter grounded out, pitcher Shaw to first baseman Mar.Reynolds.28
Mi.Cabrera doubled to center.28
Hagadone pitching.28
Fielder struck out.28
V.Martinez remained at bat on a foul ball error by catcher C.Santana.28
V.Martinez struck out.28

Top of 7

Swisher singled to center.28
C.Santana doubled to right, Swisher to third.28
Mar.Reynolds grounded out, second baseman Infante to first baseman Fielder, Swisher scored, C.Santana to third.38
Brantley hit a sacrifice fly to left fielder Dirks, C.Santana scored.48
Stubbs flied out to right fielder Tor.Hunter.48

Bottom of 7

R.Hill pitching.48
Dirks homered to right on a full count.49
Jh.Peralta struck out.49
Avila struck out.49
Infante flied out to center fielder Bourn.49

Top of 8

Chisenhall struck out.49
Bourn grounded out, catcher Avila to first baseman Fielder.49
Kipnis struck out.49

Bottom of 8

Albers pitching.49
A.Jackson safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Chisenhall, A.Jackson to first.49
Tor.Hunter grounded out, catcher C.Santana to first baseman Mar.Reynolds, A.Jackson to second.49
On wild pitch by Albers, A.Jackson to third.49
Mi.Cabrera struck out.49
Fielder walked.49
V.Martinez singled to right, A.Jackson scored, Fielder to second.410
Dirks flied out to left fielder Brantley.410

Top of 9

Benoit pitching.410
A.Cabrera singled to right.410
A.Cabrera was out advancing, second baseman Infante to right fielder Tor.Hunter to shortstop Jh.Peralta to pitcher Benoit, A.Cabrera out.410
Swisher struck out.410
C.Santana lined out to left fielder Dirks.410

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