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WP - Trevor Rosenthal (1-0)
LP - J.J. Hoover (0-5)

Home Runs:
St. Louis - Carlos Beltran (14), Matt Holliday (10)
Cincinnati - None

Game Log

Top of 1

M.Carpenter struck out.00
Beltran grounded out, second baseman Phillips to first baseman Votto.00
Holliday struck out.00

Bottom of 1

Choo doubled to left.00
D.Robinson sacrificed, pitcher Lynn to first baseman Craig, Choo to third.00
Votto walked on a full count.00
Phillips singled to right, Choo scored, Votto to third.01
Bruce hit a sacrifice fly to center fielder Jay, Votto scored.02
Frazier flied out to right fielder Beltran.02

Top of 2

Craig struck out.02
Y.Molina lined out to center fielder Choo.02
Freese grounded out, shortstop Cozart to first baseman Votto.02

Bottom of 2

Cozart was hit by a pitch.02
Hanigan safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Freese, Cozart to second, Hanigan to first.02
Arroyo bunted into a double play, catcher Y.Molina to third baseman Freese to second baseman M.Carpenter, Hanigan to second, Cozart out.02
Choo flied out to center fielder Jay.02

Top of 3

Descalso grounded out, second baseman Phillips to first baseman Votto.02
Jay singled to left.02
Lynn sacrificed, third baseman Frazier to second baseman Phillips, Jay to second.02
M.Carpenter flied out to right fielder Bruce.02

Bottom of 3

D.Robinson grounded out, first baseman Craig to pitcher Lynn.02
Votto walked on a full count.02
Phillips popped out to shortstop Descalso.02
Bruce singled to right, Votto to second.02
Votto was out advancing, right fielder Beltran to third baseman Freese, Votto out.02

Top of 4

Beltran homered to center on a 3-1 count.12
Holliday doubled to left.12
Craig popped out to second baseman Phillips.12
Y.Molina doubled to right, Holliday scored.22
Freese struck out.22
Descalso grounded out, pitcher Arroyo to first baseman Votto.22

Bottom of 4

Frazier walked.22
Cozart struck out.22
Hanigan struck out.22
Arroyo flied out on a bunt to catcher Y.Molina.22

Top of 5

Jay singled to center.22
Lynn grounded into fielder's choice, pitcher Arroyo to shortstop Cozart, Lynn to first, Jay out.22
M.Carpenter lined out to center fielder Choo.22
Beltran lined out to left fielder D.Robinson.22

Bottom of 5

Choo singled to right.22
D.Robinson was hit by a pitch, Choo to second.22
Votto struck out.22
Phillips flied out to center fielder Jay, Choo to third.22
Bruce doubled to right, Choo scored, D.Robinson scored.24
Frazier struck out.24

Top of 6

Holliday walked on a full count.24
Craig fouled out to third baseman Frazier.24
Y.Molina singled to right, Holliday to second.24
Freese flied out to center fielder Choo.24
Descalso grounded out to first baseman Votto unassisted.24

Bottom of 6

Cozart grounded out, shortstop Descalso to first baseman Craig.24
Hanigan struck out.24
Lutz pinch-hitting for Arroyo.24
Lutz struck out.24

Top of 7

LeCure pitching.24
Jay singled to center.24
Ma.Adams pinch-hitting for Lynn.24
Ma.Adams doubled to center, Jay to third.24
S.Robinson pinch-running for Ma.Adams.24
M.Carpenter singled to right, Jay scored, S.Robinson to third.34
Simon pitching.34
Beltran hit a sacrifice fly to right fielder Bruce, S.Robinson scored.44
M.Carpenter was caught stealing, catcher Hanigan to second baseman Phillips.44
Holliday walked.44
Craig lined out to center fielder Choo.44

Bottom of 7

Choate pitching.44
Choo walked on a full count.44
D.Robinson grounded into fielder's choice, pitcher Choate to shortstop Descalso, D.Robinson to first, Choo out.44
Votto singled to center, D.Robinson to second.44
Maness pitching.44
Phillips grounded into a double play, shortstop Descalso to second baseman M.Carpenter to first baseman Craig, Votto out.44

Top of 8

Broxton pitching.44
Y.Molina walked on a full count.44
Freese grounded out, pitcher Broxton to first baseman Votto, Y.Molina to second.44
Descalso flied out to center fielder Choo, Y.Molina to third.44
Jay was intentionally walked.44
Wigginton pinch-hitting for Maness.44
Wigginton struck out.44

Bottom of 8

Rosenthal pitching.44
Bruce struck out.44
Frazier struck out.44
Cozart struck out.44

Top of 9

Chapman pitching.44
M.Carpenter struck out.44
Beltran struck out.44
Holliday popped out to third baseman Frazier.44

Bottom of 9

Hanigan popped out to first baseman Craig.44
Paul pinch-hitting for Chapman.44
Paul flied out to left fielder Holliday.44
Choo struck out.44

Top of 10

Hoover pitching.44
Craig walked on a full count.44
Y.Molina popped out to second baseman Phillips.44
Freese singled to right, Craig to second.44
Descalso doubled to left, Craig scored, Freese to third.54
Jay was intentionally walked.54
Kozma pinch-hitting for Rosenthal.54
Kozma struck out.54
M.Carpenter singled to left, Freese scored, Descalso scored, Jay to second.74
Beltran infield single to second, Jay to third, M.Carpenter to second.74
Partch pitching.74
Holliday homered to left on a 2-2 count, Jay scored, M.Carpenter scored, Beltran scored.114
Craig grounded out, second baseman Phillips to first baseman Votto.114

Bottom of 10

M.Carpenter in as third baseman.114
Siegrist pitching.114
Descalso in as second baseman.114
Kozma in as shortstop.114
D.Robinson struck out.114
Votto struck out.114
Phillips lined out to left fielder Holliday.114

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