WP - Bud Norris (3-2)
LP - Hisashi Iwakuma (2-1)
SV - Jose Veras (2)

Home Runs:
Seattle - Kendrys Morales (3)
Houston - Marwin Gonzalez (3)

Game Log

Top of 1

En.Chavez flied out to center fielder Maxwell.00
Seager grounded out, first baseman C.Pena to pitcher B.Norris.00
Morales walked.00
Morse singled to center, Morales to second.00
Smoak singled to right, Morales to third, Morse to second.00
Ibanez grounded out, shortstop Ma.Gonzalez to first baseman C.Pena.00

Bottom of 1

Altuve flied out to right fielder Morse.00
F.Martinez struck out.00
J.Castro walked on a full count.00
Carter singled to left, J.Castro to third.00
On error by left fielder Ibanez, J.Castro scored.01
Advance on throw, Carter to second.01
C.Pena struck out.01

Top of 2

J.Montero popped out to right fielder Ankiel.01
Ackley singled to left.01
Ryan popped out to shortstop Ma.Gonzalez.01
En.Chavez doubled to right, Ackley scored.11
En.Chavez was out advancing, right fielder Ankiel to shortstop Ma.Gonzalez to catcher J.Castro to third baseman Dominguez to shortstop Ma.Gonzalez, En.Chavez out.11

Bottom of 2

Maxwell struck out.11
Ankiel flied out to center fielder En.Chavez.11
Dominguez fouled out to catcher J.Montero.11

Top of 3

Seager walked on a full count.11
Morales grounded into a double play, shortstop Ma.Gonzalez to second baseman Altuve to first baseman C.Pena, Seager out.11
Morse singled to right.11
Smoak singled to right, Morse to third.11
Ibanez lined out to left fielder Carter.11

Bottom of 3

Ma.Gonzalez homered to right on a 2-0 count.12
Altuve singled to center.12
F.Martinez singled to center, Altuve to third.12
Advance on throw, F.Martinez to second.12
J.Castro struck out.12
Carter struck out.12
C.Pena was intentionally walked.12
Maxwell was hit by a pitch, Altuve scored, F.Martinez to third, C.Pena to second.13
Ankiel fouled out to third baseman Seager.13

Top of 4

J.Montero struck out.13
Ackley lined out to right fielder Ankiel.13
Ryan fouled out to catcher J.Castro.13

Bottom of 4

Dominguez singled to center.13
On wild pitch by Iwakuma, Dominguez to second.13
Ma.Gonzalez struck out.13
Altuve struck out.13
F.Martinez struck out.13

Top of 5

Barnes in as center fielder.13
En.Chavez flied out to center fielder Barnes.13
Seager singled to left.13
Morales singled to center, Seager to second.13
Morse struck out.13
Smoak flied out to center fielder Barnes.13

Bottom of 5

J.Castro struck out, catcher J.Montero to first baseman Smoak.13
Carter struck out.13
C.Pena walked.13
Barnes infield single to second, C.Pena to second.13
Ankiel struck out.13

Top of 6

Blackley pitching.13
Ibanez grounded out to first baseman C.Pena unassisted.13
J.Montero flied out to right fielder Ankiel.13
Ackley grounded out, second baseman Altuve to first baseman C.Pena.13

Bottom of 6

Noesi pitching.13
Dominguez doubled to left.13
Ma.Gonzalez sacrificed, pitcher Noesi to first baseman Smoak, Dominguez to third.13
Altuve grounded out, third baseman Seager to first baseman Smoak.13
Furbush pitching.13
F.Martinez struck out.13

Top of 7

Andino pinch-hitting for Ryan.13
Andino struck out.13
En.Chavez grounded out, second baseman Altuve to first baseman C.Pena.13
Seager lined out to right fielder Ankiel.13

Bottom of 7

Andino in as shortstop.13
J.Castro singled to center.13
J.Castro stole second.13
Carter struck out.13
C.Pena grounded out, second baseman Ackley to first baseman Smoak, J.Castro to third.13
Medina pitching.13
Barnes grounded out, second baseman Ackley to first baseman Smoak.13

Top of 8

Morales homered to left on a 2-1 count.23
Ambriz pitching.23
Morse struck out.23
Smoak popped out to third baseman Dominguez.23
Ibanez struck out.23

Bottom of 8

O.Perez pitching.23
Ankiel struck out.23
Dominguez grounded out, shortstop Andino to first baseman Smoak.23
Ma.Gonzalez safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Andino.23
Altuve walked on four pitches, Ma.Gonzalez to second.23
B.Laird pinch-hitting for F.Martinez.23
B.Laird struck out.23

Top of 9

B.Laird in as designated hitter.23
Veras pitching.23
J.Montero struck out.23
Ackley grounded out, second baseman Altuve to first baseman C.Pena.23
Andino struck out, catcher J.Castro to first baseman C.Pena.23

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