Tampa Bay00012010X4100

WP - Erik Bedard (3-4)
LP - Chris Young (5-3)

Home Runs:
Seattle - None
Tampa Bay - None

Game Log

Top of 1

J.Jones grounded out, third baseman Longoria to first baseman Loney.00
M.Saunders flied out to right fielder Kiermaier.00
Cano struck out.00

Bottom of 1

DeJesus fouled out to third baseman Seager.00
Zobrist popped out to third baseman Seager.00
Longoria struck out.00

Top of 2

Buck grounded out, pitcher Bedard to first baseman Loney.00
Seager flied out to center fielder De.Jennings.00
Smoak grounded out, shortstop Y.Escobar to first baseman Loney.00

Bottom of 2

Loney doubled to right.00
De.Jennings sacrificed, first baseman Smoak to second baseman Cano, Loney to third.00
Joyce fouled out to third baseman Seager.00
Y.Escobar walked on a full count.00
Kiermaier walked, Y.Escobar to second.00
J.Molina popped out to shortstop B.Miller.00

Top of 3

Romero infield single to short.00
Gillespie doubled to center, Romero to third.00
B.Miller struck out.00
J.Jones struck out.00
M.Saunders struck out.00

Bottom of 3

DeJesus grounded out, second baseman Cano to first baseman Smoak.00
Zobrist flied out to center fielder J.Jones.00
Longoria doubled to left.00
Loney was intentionally walked.00
De.Jennings walked on a full count, Longoria to third, Loney to second.00
Joyce grounded out to first baseman Smoak unassisted.00

Top of 4

Cano flied out to center fielder De.Jennings.00
Buck struck out.00
Seager lined out to second baseman Zobrist.00

Bottom of 4

Ackley in as left fielder.00
Gillespie in as right fielder.00
Y.Escobar popped out to first baseman Smoak.00
Kiermaier doubled to center.00
On wild pitch by C.Young, Kiermaier to third.00
J.Molina hit a sacrifice fly to left fielder Ackley, Kiermaier scored.01
DeJesus walked on a full count.01
Zobrist struck out.01

Top of 5

Smoak walked.01
Romero struck out.01
Gillespie infield single to second, Smoak to second.01
B.Miller fouled out to catcher J.Molina.01
J.Jones grounded out, shortstop Y.Escobar to first baseman Loney.01

Bottom of 5

Longoria singled to center.01
Loney singled to right, Longoria to third.01
De.Jennings bunt single to first, Longoria scored, Loney to second.02
Joyce grounded into fielder's choice, second baseman Cano to shortstop B.Miller, Loney to third, Joyce to first, De.Jennings out.02
Y.Escobar singled to left, Loney scored, Joyce to second.03
Kiermaier popped out to third baseman Seager.03
J.Molina struck out.03

Top of 6

Ackley struck out.03
Cano singled to center.03
Buck fouled out to first baseman Loney.03
Seager struck out.03

Bottom of 6

Beimel pitching.03
DeJesus was out bunting to first baseman Smoak.03
Zobrist doubled to left.03
Longoria was intentionally walked.03
Loney grounded into fielder's choice, first baseman Smoak to shortstop B.Miller, Zobrist to third, Loney to first, Longoria out.03
De.Jennings walked, Loney to second.03
S.Rodriguez pinch-hitting for Joyce.03
S.Rodriguez flied out to right fielder Gillespie.03

Top of 7

S.Rodriguez in as left fielder.03
McGee pitching.03
Smoak struck out.03
Romero struck out.03
Gillespie struck out.03

Bottom of 7

Wilhelmsen pitching.03
Y.Escobar singled to right.03
Kiermaier infield single to second, Y.Escobar to second.03
J.Molina sacrificed, pitcher Wilhelmsen to second baseman Cano, Y.Escobar to third, Kiermaier to second.03
DeJesus was hit by a pitch.03
On wild pitch by Wilhelmsen, Y.Escobar scored, Kiermaier to third, DeJesus to second.04
Zobrist lined out to shortstop B.Miller.04
Longoria walked on a full count.04
Loney grounded out, second baseman Cano to first baseman Smoak.04

Top of 8

Jo.Peralta pitching.04
B.Miller struck out.04
J.Jones grounded out to first baseman Loney unassisted.04
Ackley fouled out to third baseman Longoria.04

Bottom of 8

De.Jennings popped out to second baseman Cano.04
S.Rodriguez struck out.04
Y.Escobar grounded out, shortstop B.Miller to first baseman Smoak.04

Top of 9

Balfour pitching.04
Cano singled to center.04
Buck struck out.04
Seager grounded out, second baseman Zobrist to first baseman Loney, Cano to second.04
On passed ball by J.Molina, Cano to third.04
Smoak struck out.04

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