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UFC 147: Silva vs. Franklin II fight-by-fight breakdown

TSN.ca Staff
6/24/2012 1:48:49 AM
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Rich Franklin survived a second round flurry to earn a five-round unanimous decision victory over Wanderlei Silva in the main event at UFC 147 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Relive all the action with TSN.ca's Fight-By-Fight Breakdown.

Fight-by-fight results from UFC 147: Silva vs. Franklin II.


Felipe Arantes (14-4-0, 2NC) vs. Milton Vieira (13-7-1)

First Round - The fighters touch gloves and we're off. Both fighters are feeling each other out early, as Vieira throws a few punches. Arantes responds with some solid leg kicks which land. Vieira delivers a sharp left hand counter. Vieira lands a takedown and ends up in top position on the ground. Vieira continues to apply pressure as he passes to side control. Vieira attempts a choke hold, but Arantes slips out. Vieira scrambles back on top and they return to the full guard. Vieira passes guard once again in the final minute and stays busy to secure the round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Vieira (10-9).

Second Round - They two fighters waste no time engaging to start the second round. Arantes seems happy to be back on his feet and throws knees and kicks early on. Vieira shoots again, but is denied twice by Arantes, who is much more comfortable striking. Arantes is landing leg kicks, that could take their toll as the fight goes on. Vieira catches Arantes with a heel kick and staggers Arantes. Vieira attacks and the pair end up on the ground with Arantes is top positon.  Arantes tries to land some punches late, but the round comes to an end. TSN.ca Scorecard: Arantes (10-9).

Third Round - Final round begins with neither fighter landing any significant strikes in the opening minute. Arantes connects on a leg kick and follows it up by going up high with a kick. Arantes gets Vieira to the ground and begins to ground and pound in the middle of the round. Vieira reaches full guard and has control of Arantes' left arm. The referee stands the two fighters up with one minute left in the fight. Arantes lands a spinning back kick that hits. Vieira attempts to respond with a spinning kick of his own that misses. TSN.ca Scorecard: Arantes (10-9).

Split Draw at 5:00 in the third round.

Marcos Vinicius (19-4-1) vs. Wagner Campos (11-3)

First Round - Campos catches Vinicius with a low kick early in the round, but Vinicius gathers himself quickly and the action continues. Campos responds to Vinicius' attacks with a stiff punch as they two exchange strikes at a good pace. Vinicius swings hard with his right hand, but Campos avoids it and gets him up against the cage. Campos scores a takedown and goes to work on Vinicius up against the fence. Campos reaches full mound and begins pounding Vinicius. Campos gets a choke in, but it doesn't appear like Vinicius is in trouble and Campos gives up the hold. Campos remains in control and is landing the more significant strikes despite Vinicius' strikes from his back. TSN.ca Scorecard: Campos (10-9).

Second Round - Vinicius goes for a strike, but gets caught by Campos and stumbles to the ground. Campos pounces and is back on top and moving well past the guard like the first round. Vinicius attempts to get back to his feet, however Campos denies him and returns to guard. Campos is looking like a far superior fighter on the ground. Campos has a cut near his eye, which must have come from one of Vinicius' strikes from the bottom. The blood isn't slowing Campos, who continues to attack. Vinicius lands another kick from the ground when Campos attempts to drop on top of him. TSN.ca Scorecard: Campos (10-9).

Third Round - Vinicius lands a flying knee early in the round and follows it with a second knee. Campos is stunned and Vinicius is taking advantage. Vinicius throws a series of punches and Campos is not defending himself as the fight is called. Vinicius steals this fight with a technical knockout.

Vinicius wins by Technical Knockout (Strikes) at 1:04 in the third round.

Leonardo Mafra (5-0-0) vs. Thiago Perpetuo (8-2-1)

First Round - Perpetuo throws some solid kicks in the first minute of the round. Perpetuo connects on a kick to the mid-section. Mafra delivers a pair of combinations that find their mark. Perpetuo and Mafra seem evenly matched as they exchange strikes. Mafra pulls Perpetuo in for a strong knee. Perpetuo has a mark under his left eye from one of Mafra's strikes. Perpetuo's face is starting to swell up. Mafra catches a kick and counters with punches that connect. Perpetuo pins Mafra against the cage with both fighters still on their feet. Perpetuo is working hard for a takedown, but Mafra is defending well. Perpetuo lands an elbow to close out the round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Mafra (10-9).

Second Round - Perpetuo lands a good left hook over the hands of Mafra. Perpetuo is a reckless fighter and as he tries for a takedown the two fighters fall, but Mafra gets his back and arm. Mafra attempts an armbar, but Perpetuo escapes. Mafra stays busy from the bottom, attempting submissions. Perpetuo pins Mafra near the cage and begins landing hammer fists. Perpetuo continues delivering punches from the top. Mafra has been unable to create space and get away. Perpetuo stands and drops down with a strong elbow. Mafra has a serious welt after taking a beating in the second round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Perpetuo (10-9).

Third Round - Both fighters have swelling near their right eyes as the thrid round begins. Perpetuo connects on a big right hand that drops Mafra. Perpetuo jumps on him and delivers a series of strikes en route to a technical knockout and his first win in the UFC.

Perpetuo wins by Technical Knockout (Punches) at 0:41 in the third round.

John Teixeira (13-0-1) vs. Hugo Viana (5-1-0)

First Round - The first exchange is a good one as both fighters throw fast and furiously. Teixeira is trying to close off the octagon and trap Viana. Teixeira launches a front kick, but Viana easily avoids it. Teixeira continues to close the distance and stalk Viana. Another wild exchange against the fence with both fighters throwing. Teixeira goes for a kick and slips, falling to the canvass, but jumps right back up. Teixeira lands an excellent knee to the body. Teixeira has a big welt under his right eye. Viana is using his speed to his advantage, moving in and out. Teixeira takes a big swin and misses allowing Viana to get his back. Viana connects on a few good shots before Teixeira gets away from the fence. TSN.ca Scorecard: Viana (10-9).

Second Round - Teixeira pushes forward and pins Viana against the cage, using his weight to try for the takedown. Viana stays up and turns Teixeira around, eventually getting away. Teixeira scores a takedown on his second attempt. Viana gets back to his feet with relative ease. The pair grapple against the fence, but the referee resets them in the centre of the octagon. Viana appears to be slowly down as the second round progresses. Teixeira clips Viana and then lands a powerful kick. Both fighters scramble throwing wild strikes that miss. Viana isn't as sharp as he was earlier in the fight. Teixeira lands one more knee in the final seconds. TSN.ca Scorecard: Teixeira (10-9).

Third Round - Teixeira lands another kick to start the third. Viana is countering with punches, but he has lost something from the first round. Viana is leading with his jab, trying to keep Teixeira back. Viana throws a right hand over the top that connects. Teixeira delivers a low kick below the belt that stops the fight briefly as Viana recovers. The round continues with three minutes to go. Another wild exchange and Viana may have a little more adrenaline after the low blow as he seems to have more bounce in his step. Teixeira closes in and drops to his knees, pinning Viana to the cage. Viana is showing some good takedown defence as he stays on his feet. Viana throws a left hook to the body, followed by a counter right. Teixeira initiates another clinch and Viana manages to fight off another takedown. Close fight, but Viana seemed to land more strikes and barely takes it on our card. TSN.ca Scorecard: Viana (10-9).

Viana wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Francisco Drinaldo (10-1-0) vs. Delson Heleno (23-6-0)

First Round - Both fighters are feeling each other out prior to clinching. The two fighters grapple and move around the cage trying tog et the upper hand. Drinaldo is doing a great job of defending Heleno's takedown attempts. Drinaldo begins to assert the upper hand. Drinaldo takes control and starts delivering blows to Heleno, who is on the ground. Drinaldo lands repetitive hammer fists and Heleno is not defending himself as the fight is called. Drinaldo defeats Heleno with a technical knockout.

Drinaldo wins by Technical Knockout (Punches) at 4:21 in the first round.

Rodrigo Damm (9-5-0) vs. Anistavio Medeiros (15-7-0)

First Round - Medeiros catches Damm with an inside leg kick that is close to a low blow, but the fighters touch gloves and the fight continues. Medeiros throwing leg kicks early. Damm responds with a series of punches. Medeiros again lands a low kick and the fight is delayed briefly. When the fight resumes, Damm lands a big right hand and Medeiros is in trouble. Damm attacks and is in an all out assault. He gets Medeiros' back and gets the choke in tight. Goodnight. Damm comes away with the submission win.

Damm wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:12 in the first round.


Yuri Alcantara (26-3-0) vs. Hacran Dias (20-1-1)

First Round - Alcantara charges as he attacks with strikes, but Dias locks him up and forces him against the cage. Dias works hard to get the takedown and does. Dias is doing some damage from the top, landing punches directly to Alcantara's face. Dias continues moving up Alcantara's body, trying to move in place for a submission. Dias comes down with a big elbow. Alcantara finally makes it back to his feet, only to be slammed back down by Dias. The first round has been all Dias, who is stronger on the ground and is using that advantage to break down Alcantara. Dias lands a series of knees to Alcantara's thigh, but Alcantara spins and takes his back as the two fighters stand back up. TSN.ca Scorecard: Dias (10-9).

Second Round - Alcantara and Dias are standing and striking in the first minute of the first round. Alcantara falls and Dias ends up in top position again. Dias gives up his arm and Alcantara locks in an armbar. The hold is tight, but Dias manages to escape. It doesn't take long for Dias to find himself back in charge on the ground. Alcantara is dangerous from his back, but he has spent far too much time defending from the ground. Dias has Alcantara against the fence and begins dropping elbows down on him. The referee decides to stand the two fighters up with 30 seconds left in the round. Alcantara throws a combination and lands a good left hand as the round finishes. TSN.ca Scorecard: Dias (10-9).

Third Round - Both fighters seem tentative and slow to engage in the first minute of round three. Alcantara is trying a few combinations, but he doesn't seem desperate enough at this point in the fight. Alcantara checks the kick and counters, but Dias scores another takedown. Dias is scoring points as well with short, quick punches to his opponent. Alcantara escapes, but Dias remains aggressive and gets another takedown with a minute left. The referee decides to stand the fighters up again, despite the fact Dias seems to working away. Alcantara ends the fight attacking Dias, who is on the ground, but it isn't enough. TSN.ca Scorecard: Dias (10-9).

Dias wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Mike Russow (15-1-0, 1NC) vs. Fabricio Werdum (15-5-1)

First Round - The heavyweights step into the octagon for this bout. Werdum lands a shot and Russow is backing off early. Russow composes himself and stands with Werdum once again. Werdum connects on a big leg kick. Werdum delivers an uppercut and drops Russow. Werdum is quick to pounce and his punches and hammer fists bring an end to this one in the opening round. Werdum is victorious by technical knockout.

Werdum wins by Technical Knockout (Punches) at 2:28 in the first round.

Rony Jason (11-3-0) vs. Godofredo Pepey (9-0-0)
The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Featherweight Final

First Round - Pepey jumps into Jason with a flyinf knee and Jason counters with a right hand. Jason throws a knee of his own, and both fighters swing for the knockout. Pepey pushes forward and locks Jason up against the cage, before pulling guard and dropping to the ground. Pepey is confident in his submission ability and right away tries for a kimura. Jason holds his hands tight to avoid the submission and Pepey moves on. Pepey is warned for the second time about punching the back of Jason's head from the ground. The referee stands the two fighters up. Pepey is calling Jason on. Jason lands a big flying knee, and follows it up with a slam. Pepey ends up in guard and holds that until the round ends. TSN.ca Scorecard: Pepey (10-9).

Second Round - It's a quiet first minute to start the second round. Pepey connects with the left hand. Jason launches another big swing and misses, while Pepey pulls guard and drags Jason to the ground. Pepey gets his last warning for punching the back of his opponent's head. Jason pulls away and lets Pepey stand back up. Jason lands a big right hand, but Pepey calls him on again. Jason leads with a left hook that registers. To this point in the fight, Jason has an advantage in significant strikes. Pepey throws a spinning backfist that misses and Jason throws a spinning kick that misses. TSN.ca Scorecard: Jason (10-9).

Third Round - Both fighters are aggressive to open the third. Jason counters and lands a big right hand that drops Pepey briefly, but he clinches and recovers his senses. Pepey tries for another backfist and misses. It's a close fight that could go either way midway through the third. Pepey kicks Jason low and the fight is stopped for the low blow. Jason gets himself ready and the fight resumes with two and half minutes left. Jason catches Pepey with a right hand. Pepey tries to pull guard, but Jason backs away and stands over him prior to the referee standing Pepey up. Jason throws a combination that connects. Pepey then lands another low blow kick that looks much worse than the first. Jason is struggling to compose himself this time, but the fight resumes with a minute left. Despite the low blows, Jason does enough to get the close win. TSN.ca Scorecard: Jason (10-9).

Jason wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Cezar Ferreira (5-2-0) vs. Sergio Moraes (6-2-0)
The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Middleweight Final

First Round - Moraes gets poked in the eye early in the first, but he's fine. Ferreira attacks right away with a wild flurry. Ferreira pops Moraes with a knee. Moraes throws a good kick to the body that lands. Ferreira uses a straight left to push Moraes back into the fence. Moraes' defence is strikes as he powers his way out of trouble with wild punches. Another fight with a low blow, as Moraes goes down. The fight resumes with a minute left. Ferreira lands a big powerful high kick, but Moraes responds with a series of punches. Ferreira lands a second high kick before the round ends. TSN.ca Scorecard: Ferreira (10-9).

Second Round - Ferreira's combination starts the second and Moraes tries to pull guard unsuccessfully. Ferreira lands a spinning kick to the head that staggers Moraes, who is bleeding now. Ferreira is stalking Moraes around the cage. Ferreira tries for another head kick, but misses this time. Moraes attempts a takedown, but Ferreira avoids it. Ferreira has been getting the better of the exchanges and this round is no different. Moraes attacks, swinging wildly. Moraes catches Ferreira with an elbow and the fight turns in favour of Moraes. Moraes pushes forward throwing punches and nearly ends the fight, but Ferreira survives the round. Ferreira still takes the round from what he did early.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Ferreira (10-9).

Third Round - Ferreira starts the round by rocking Moraes, but the two continue to stand up and trade shots. Moraes counters and catches Ferreira with a right hand. The fight finally calms down midway through the third as Ferreira seems hesitant after Moraes countered him. Ferreira came in aggressively and Moraes delivers another sharp elbow. Moraes has Ferreira backing up in the final minute, but Ferreira lands a shot of his own dropping Moraes to the ground. It's an exciting fight that could go either way. Since it's for The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, we may even see a fourth round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Ferreira (10-9).

Ferreira wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Wanderlei Silva (34-11-1, 1NC) vs. Rich Franklin (28-6-0, 1NC)

First Round - Silva opens with the first kick to Franklin's inside leg. Silva connects on a right to the chin, countering Franklin's attempted kick. Franklin finds his range with a straight left. Franklin catches the high kick from Silva, but eats a couple punches in the process. Franklin throws a combinations that lands on Silva against the fence. As Franklin pursues Silva, Franklin mixes a kick to the body in. Silva snaps Franklin's head back with a head kick. Close round, but Franklin was the more accurate striker in the opening frame. TSN.ca Scorecard: Franklin (10-9).

Second Round - Franklin continues jab and try to pick Silva apart. The Brazilian throws a pair of head kicks that don't reach their target and a front kick that misses as well. Franklin is cutting off the cage and landing combinations on Silva. In classic Silva fashion he is using offence to fend of Franklin's attacks. Silva is bleeding from his nose slightly. Franklin's straight punches are hitting the mark more often than Silva's wide-swinging shots. Silva connects with a right hand, but Franklin stands his ground. Silva is pouring it on and he lands silva punches, ultimately dropping Franklin to the canvass. With under a minute left, Franklin is trying to stay alive till the end of the round, which he does. Silva dominates the final minute and Franklin is lucky to still be in this fight. TSN.ca Scorecard: Silva (10-9).

Third Round - Franklin has regained his composure between rounds and the two fighters are back to exchanges strikes. Franklin is pushing forward and trying to get back to his gameplan in the third. Franklin has recovered and is landing body kicks again. Silva hasn't done much halfway through the third and is not nearly as aggressive. Franklin is moving well again and gets a takedown with a minute left. Franklin moves to side control and is dropping elbows and pucnhes as the round ends. We are heading to a fourth round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Franklin (10-9).

Fourth Round - Silva lands a right hand to start the round. The fighters are circling and trading strikes, but nothing significant in the first two minutes. Franklin keeps throwing jabs and keeping Silva at bay. Silva may have gassed himself out going for the knockout in the second round, because he is much slower and hasn't mounted much offence since then. Franklin is moving around and getting in and out with his strikes, until Silva throws a kick square into Franklin's groin. Franklin is trying to overcome the direct low blow. The fight resumes with just over a minute left. Franklin seems very confident as the fight goes on and is moving around Silva and landing shots. Franklin gets another body kick in, but Silva counters with a right hand. Silva pushes forward and throws a combination in the final seconds, but it's not enough. TSN.ca Scorecard: Franklin (10-9).

Fifth Round - At this stage in their careers this could be one of the last rounds in the UFC for either of these fighters, so they will surely leave it all out there. Franklin is still holding Silva at a distance with jabs and quick strikes. Franklin is also still moving well at this stage in the fight, while Silva seems slower. Franklin lands another stiff jab with just over two minutes left. The crowd is waiting for a flurry from Silva, but it has yet to come in this, the final round. Silva throws a front kick, but it doesn't connect. Silva is calling the crowd on and as they cheer he charges Franklin and lands a big punch. Silva is forcing the pace late. Franklin is trying to circle away from Silva, who is throwing big punches that are missing the mark. Silva throws hard and caughts Franklin twice, but Franklin answers with a stiff punch back that drops Silva to a knee as they horn sounds. TSN.ca Scorecard: Franklin (10-9).

Franklin wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the fifth round.


Franklin hits Silva (Photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)


(Photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
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