By: Mitch Ward

Originally Published: May 22, 2013

The lottery results are in and the order is set. The Cleveland Cavaliers were the big winners at this year's draft lottery giving them the top pick in the draft.

That means it's time speculate on which prospects will end up where. So let's get at it with version 1.0 of the 2013 mock draft.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers

C Nerlens Noel - Kentucky

Age: 18 | Ht: 6'11 | Wt: 215 | Class: Freshman

Analysis: The Cavaliers will probably listen to offers for the top pick, but if they elect to keep it, then Noel is the safe bet. He is long, athletic, brings a great defensive presence and is getting better offensively.


2. Orlando Magic

PG Trey Burke - Michigan

Age: 20 | Ht: 6'1 | Wt: 187 | Class: Sophomore

Analysis: If the Magic are picking first they likely don't go with Burke. However, they need a point guard and at No. 2 Burke is worth it. He is a bit undersized, but is very strong and has terrific court vision. The Magic need leadership and a bit of swagger and Burke brings both.


3. Washington Wizards

PF Anthony Bennett - UNLV

Age: 20 | Ht: 6'8 | Wt: 240 | Class: Freshman

Analysis: This could be a reach with guys like McLemore and Porter on the board, but the Wizards are pretty set in the backcourt and Bennett would give them a much needed option at the four. The Canadian is undersized but is super athletic, has a polished offensive game and most importantly is NBA ready.


4. Charlotte Bobcats

SG Ben McLemore - Kansas

Age: 20 | Ht: 6'5 | Wt: 189 | Class: Freshman

Analysis: Another tough lottery for the Bobcats, but it's not all bad. McLemore has tremendous potential and might end up being the best player in the draft. The Bobcats are in need of a shooter and McLemore might be the best in the draft in that department with a quick release and excellent range.


5. Phoenix Suns

SF Otto Porter Jr. - Georgetown

Age: 19 | Ht: 6'9 | Wt: 200 | Class: Sophomore

Analysis: The Suns will be thrilled if Porter falls to them at No.5. He has great length for the wing, is a good facilitator and has a great mid-range game. The Big East player of the year would be a very solid building block for the rebuild in Phoenix.


6. New Orleans Pelicans

SF Victor Oladipo - Indiana

Age: 21 | Ht: 6'4 | Wt: 213 | Class: Junior

Analysis: There has been talk that Indiana's crazy-athletic swingman could go as high as first overall. That's unlikely with the Cavs choosing first though and Oladipo would be a great addition to the young core in New Orleans. He can have an immediate impact on the defensive end and his offensive game is expanding.


7. Sacramento Kings

SF Shabazz Muhammad - UCLA

Age: 20 | Ht: 6'6 | Wt: 222 | Class: Freshman

Analysis: The small forward position is a big need for Sacramento and Muhammad is one of the most gifted scorers in the draft. He has good range and can finish at the rim. He is a bit one-dimensional though and that might not make him the best fit for a roster already loaded with me-first players.


8. Detroit Pistons

PG Michael Carter-Williams - Syracuse

Age: 21 | Ht: 6'6 | Wt: 184 | Class: Sophomore

Analysis: At 6'6, Carter-Williams has excellent height for an NBA point guard. He is a great ball-handler, has excellent court vision and can move to the two spot when needed. His outside shot needs work, but Carter-Williams would still be a nice complement to Brandon Knight.


9. Minnesota Timberwolves

G C.J. McCollum - Lehigh

Age: 21 | Ht: 6'3 | Wt: 197 | Class: Senior

Analysis: The Timberwolves are pretty set for playmakers with guys like Ricky Rubio and Alexey Shved, but they desperately need shooting. McCollum would give them just that. He is very good scorer and excellent in transition.


10. Portland Trail Blazers

C Alex Len - Maryland

Age: 19 | Ht: 7'1 | Wt: 225 | Class: Sophomore

Analysis: Marlyand's skilled big man would be a nice addition to the Trail Blazers young core. He is a good athlete for a player his size and brings solid reboudning and shot-blocking. He also has a nice touch and is a good passer from the post.


11. Philadelphia 76ers

C Cody Zeller - Indiana

Age: 20 | Ht: 7'0 | Wt: 230 | Class: Sophomore

Analysis: The best of the Zeller brothers put on an incredibly athletic display at the NBA combine, which should help solidify his position as a late lottery pick. His excellent testing numbers should help convince scouts that he can make the transition to the four spot, a place of need for the Sixers, at the NBA level.


12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via TOR)

SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - Georgia

Age: 20 | Ht: 6'6 | Wt: 204 | Class: Sophomore

Analysis: Caldwell-Pope looks like your prototypical NBA shooting guard. He is a very good athlete and a much better shooter than he showed at the combine. The Thunder's early playoff exit showed just how badly then need scoring depth and Caldwell-Pope would give them that with his range.


13. Dallas Mavericks

PG Dennis Schroeder - Germany

Age: 19 | Ht: 6'2 | Wt: 165 | Class: N/A

Analysis: The Dallas Mavericks are reportedly trying to trade their pick to save cap space for then run at Dwight Howard. But if they don't, why not get a guy with great upside that Dirk can speak German with? Schroeder is lightning quick with a massive wingspan (6-foot-8) and wowed scouts at the Nike Hoop Summit.


14. Utah Jazz

SF Dario Saric - Croatia

Age: 19 | Ht: 6'11 | Wt: 223 | Class: N/A

Analysis: Saric is considered by many to be the best Euro prospect in the draft. He has a very high basketball IQ, is a good ball handler and has the potential to be a legitimate star someday. Whether or not he ever reaches his potential is another question.


15. Milwaukee Bucks

SG Allen Crabbe - California

Age: 21 | Ht: 6'6 | Wt: 197 | Class: Junior

Analysis: The Bucks are in need of a shooter and Crabbe is just that. He had a very good showing at the combine displaying a smooth, effortless stroke. He also measured well and put up better than expected athletic numbers.


16. Boston Celtics

C Rudy Gobert - France

Age: 20 | Ht: 7'2 | Wt: 238 | Class: N/A

Analysis: At this point in the draft a 7-foot-2 height and mammoth 9-foot-7 standing reach are very intriguing assets. With this type of size, the big frenchman is a born rebounder and shot-blocker. He is also a surprisingly good athlete for someone so big. If he can add some polish to his game Gobert has huge potential.


17. Atlanta Hawks

PF Mason Plumlee - Duke

Age: 23 | Ht: 7'0 | Wt: 215 | Class: Senior

Analysis: Plumlee is a 7-footer that is a terrific athlete. That makes him a hot commodity at this point in the draft. As a 23-year-old senior he is older than most of the other prospects, but the upside is he is also more ready to contribute right away than most.


18. Atlanta Hawks (via HOU)

SG Jamaal Franklin - San Diego St.

Age: 21 | Ht: 6'5 | Wt: 191 | Class: Junior

Analysis: The Mountain West Conference Player of the Year is very long and athletic. What really makes him an enticing prospect is his energy and competitiveness. He is an elite rebounder for his position and is fearless slashing into the paint. The Hawks are pretty set in the backcourt but Franklin is versatile enough to play some small forward as well.


19. Cleveland Cavaliers (via LAL)

C Gorgui Dieng - Louisville

Age: 23 | Ht: 6'11 | Wt: 230 | Class: Senior

Analysis: Dieng is likely headed for a career as a backup center, but he has the potential to be a very good one. He is very long and mobile with excellent shot-blocking and rebounding ability. He would fit in nicely coming off the bench behind Anderson Varejao.


20. Chicago Bulls

C Steven Adams - Pittsburgh

Age: 19 | Ht: 7'0 | Wt: 255 | Class: Freshman

Analysis: Physically, Adams looks exactly like an NBA center should. He also showed off a surprisingly nice touch on his jump shot at the combine. Still, he is very raw and playing on a roster with Joakim Noah would give the young Kiwi time to develop.


21. Utah Jazz (via GS)

PG Shane Larkin - Miami

Age: 20 | Ht: 6'0 | Wt: 171 | Class: Sophomore

Analysis: The Jazz need a point guard and Larkin fits the bill nicely. He is quick, aggressive and has good range on his jump shot. He had a very strong combine, shooting the ball well and putting up excellent athletic testing numbers, including a ridiculous 44-inch vertical. He is also a very solid defender.


22. Brooklyn Nets

SF Tony Mitchell - North Texas

Age: 21 | Ht: 6'8 | Wt: 220 | Class: Sophomore

Analysis: At this point in the draft it's probably worth taking a flyer on a wild card like Mitchell. There are commitment question marks and his production was a disappointment last season. But his potential is very intriguing given how explosive of an athlete he is. If Mitchell harnesses that potential he is a steal this late.


23. Indiana Pacers

C Kelly Olynyk - Gonzaga

Age: 22 | Ht: 7'0 | Wt: 234 | Class: Junior

Analysis: Olynyk has slipped on a lot of draft boards lately thanks in large part to his underwhelming measurements at the combine. Despite standing 7-feet, his reach is only 6-foot-10 which makes him this year's T-Rex prospect. Still, he has a polished and versatile offensive game which should serve him well. At this point in the draft he holds great value.


24. New York Knicks

SF Sergey Karasev - Russia

Age: 19 | Ht: 6'7 | Wt: 197 | Class: N/A

Analysis: We all know how much the Knicks love to shoot the three and Karasev is one of the best in the draft from long range. Karasev understands the game well and can fit into a variety of different systems.


25. Los Angeles Clippers

SG Glen Rice Jr. - NBA D-League

Age: 22 | Ht: 6'6 | Wt: 211 | Class: Junior

Analysis: Rice played extremely well in the D-League, displaying a game that looked pro ready. The lingering questions about his character after being kicked off the team at Georgia Tech and a poor showing at the combine hurt his stock though. He is still a high upside pick.


26. Minnesota Timberwolves

SF Giannis Antetokounmpo - Greece

Age: 18 | Ht: 6'9 | Wt: 215 | Class: N/A

Analysis: Say hello to the draft's most mysterious prospect. He appears to have the physical tools - size, length and great athleticism - and skill to be a special player in the NBA some day. But he is completely unproven and it's tough to project whether his talents will translate when faced with better competition. Definitely worth a flyer though.


27. Denver Nuggets

PG Pierre Jackson - Baylor

Age: 18 | Ht: 5'10 | Wt: 215 | Class: Freshman

Analysis: Jackson is a speedy, undersized guard with great scoring instincts and a huge vertical. He's kind of a cross between Ty Lawson-lite and Nate Robinson. That exciting athleticism would serve him well with the high octane Nuggets.


28. San Antonio Spurs

C Jeff Withey - Kansas

Age: 23 | Ht: 7'0 | Wt: 222 | Class: Senior

Analysis: Withey will likely never be a star in the NBA. But a player with his tools, size, mobility, shot-blocking and rebounding is always valuable in the NBA, particularly at this point in the draft. He is also particularly adept at playing tough, interior defence and blocking shots without picking up fouls.


29. Oklahoma City Thunder

SG Alex Abrines - Spain

Age: 20 | Ht: 6'5 | Wt: 195 | Class: N/A

Analysis: Abrines is a definite candidate for the best sleeper pick in the draft. He is only 20 and is already contributing for one of the best teams in Europe. He is a great shooter and a very good ball handler. In a couple of years he could become a very good player in the NBA.


30. Phoenix Suns (via Miami)

SG Archie Goodwin - Kentucky

Age: 18 | Ht: 6'4 | Wt: 215 | Class: Freshman

Analysis: Goodwin is still something of an unknown. He has great athleticism and appears to have a ton of potential, but he was very unproductive as a freshman at Kentucky. He needs to fix his jump shot, but he's probably still worth the 30th pick as a project for the rebuilding Suns.

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A Historic Event

It was Canada's night at the NBA Draft as four players from north of the border were selected.

1. Andrew Wiggins - Cavaliers

8. Nik Stauskas - Kings

18. Tyler Ennis - Suns

45. Dwight Powell - Hornets

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