Derek Fisher #6 - G

  • Age: 40
  • DOB: 1974/08/09
  • POB: Little Rock, AR
  • Height: 6-1 Weight: 210lbs
  • NBA Seasons: 18
  • Drafted by LA Lakers in 1996 (1/24).
Year to date81017.639.1%38.4%77.5%

Career Stats

2013-14Oklahoma CityNBA81017.639.1%38.4%77.5%
2012-13Oklahoma CityNBA24014.433.3%35.1%93.3%
2012-13Total Dal/OklNBA33917.434.2%37.5%92.1%
2011-12Oklahoma CityNBA20020.434.3%31.4%92.9%
2011-12LA LakersNBA434325.638.3%32.4%83%
2011-12Total LAL/OklNBA634323.937.1%32.1%85.1%
2010-11LA LakersNBA828228.038.9%39.6%80.6%
2009-10LA LakersNBA828227.238%34.8%85.6%
2008-09LA LakersNBA828229.842.4%39.7%84.6%
2007-08LA LakersNBA828227.443.6%40.6%88.3%
2005-06Golden StateNBA823631.641%39.7%83.3%
2004-05Golden StateNBA743230.039.3%37.1%86.2%
2003-04LA LakersNBA82321.635.2%29.1%79.7%
2002-03LA LakersNBA828234.543.7%40.1%80%
2001-02LA LakersNBA703528.241.1%41.3%84.7%
2000-01LA LakersNBA202035.441.2%39.7%80.6%
1999-00LA LakersNBA782223.134.6%31.3%72.4%
1998-99LA LakersNBA502122.637.6%39.2%75.9%
1997-98LA LakersNBA823621.543.4%38.3%75.7%
1996-97LA LakersNBA80311.539.7%30.1%65.8%
1995-96Arkansas-Little RockNCAA303034.740.9%38.5%74.6%
1994-95Arkansas-Little RockNCAA27-34.739.6%38.1%72.2%-
1993-94Arkansas-Little RockNCAA28-31.744.3%41.8%77.4%-
1992-93Arkansas-Little RockNCAA27-27.741.3%29%77.2%-

Career Playoff Stats

2013-14Oklahoma CityNBA19015.731.5%29.3%100%
2012-13Oklahoma CityNBA11023.745.7%47.1%66.7%
2012-13Total Dal/OklNBA--------------
2011-12Oklahoma CityNBA20022.341.5%37.5%100%
2010-11LA LakersNBA101032.543.3%41.2%81%
2009-10LA LakersNBA232332.844.8%36%82.1%
2008-09LA LakersNBA222228.939.4%28.4%86.1%
2007-08LA LakersNBA212131.645.2%44%83.6%
2005-06Golden StateNBA--------------
2004-05Golden StateNBA--------------
2003-04LA LakersNBA22023.040.5%41.8%65.7%
2002-03LA LakersNBA121235.352%61.7%81.8%
2001-02LA LakersNBA191934.235.7%35.8%78.6%
2000-01LA LakersNBA161636.048.4%51.5%76.5%
1999-00LA LakersNBA21015.343%41.4%76%
1998-99LA LakersNBA8829.841.8%34.5%80%
1997-98LA LakersNBA131321.439.7%30%62.1%
1996-97LA LakersNBA605.727.3%0%66.7%-

Scouting Report

AssetsA natural leader on and off the court. Played superb man-to-man defense and was a clutch outside shooter. Limited turnovers and generally executed on offense (especially on free throws). A savvy veteran who did what it took to win in the playoffs. A winner.
FlawsWasn't a top-tier distributor for a point guard and played more of a shooting guard's game despite his undersized frame. While highly clutch he wasn't quite as dependable a perimeter shooter when things weren't high-pressure. Was never much of a rebounder.
Career potentialClutch combo guard & locker room leader.

Honours and Awards

2009-10NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
2008-09NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
2001-02NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
2000-01NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
1999-00NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team

Transactions / Injuries / Suspensions

2014/06/10Announced his retirement.
2013/07/24Re-signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Oklahoma City Thunder to a one-year contract.
2013/05/06Fined $5,000 by the NBA.
2013/04/17Missed 1 game (left foot injury).
2013/04/15Left foot injury, day-to-day.
2013/02/25Signed by the Oklahoma City Thunder for the remainder of the season.
2012/12/22Missed 2 games (strained right knee).
2012/12/22Waived by the Dallas Mavericks.
2012/12/20Strained right knee, day-to-day.
2012/11/29Signed as a free agent by the Dallas Mavericks.
2012/03/21Signed as a free agent by the Oklahoma City Thunder.
2012/03/19Waived by the Houston Rockets.
2012/03/15Acquired from the Los Angeles Lakers.
2010/07/14Re-signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Los Angeles Lakers to a three-year contract.
2009/05/10Missed 1 playoff game (suspension).
2009/05/07Suspended by the NBA for 1 game.
2007/07/20Signed as a free agent by the Los Angeles Lakers.
2007/07/02Released by the Utah Jazz.
2006/07/12Acquired from the Golden State Warriors.
2005/04/15Missed 1 game (right foot injury).
2005/04/13Right foot injury, day-to-day.
2004/12/26Missed 7 games (sprained right knee).
2004/12/12Sprained right knee, injured list.
2004/07/16Signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Golden State Warriors to a multi-year contract.
2001/11/25Missed 12 games (right foot surgery).
2001/10/29Placed on injured list (right foot surgery).


2013/02/25Signed as a free agent by the Oklahoma City Thunder.
2012/11/29Signed as a free agent by the Dallas Mavericks.
2012/03/21Signed as a free agent by the Oklahoma City Thunder.
2012/03/15Houston Rockets traded Jordan Hill to the Los Angeles Lakers for Derek Fisher and a 2012 first-round pick.
2007/07/20Signed as a free agent by the Los Angeles Lakers.
2006/07/12Golden State Warriors traded Derek Fisher to the Utah Jazz for Devin Brown, Keith McLeod and Andre Owens.
2004/07/16Signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Golden State Warriors.
1996/06/26Drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1st round (24th overall) in 1996.


GP - games played
GS - games started
MIN - minutes played
FG% - field goal percentage
3P% - three point percentage
FT% - free throw percentage
OREB - offensive rebounds
REB - rebounds
AST - assists
STL - steals
BLK - blocks
TO - turnovers
Foul - fouls
PTS - points

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