Mock Draft: Average Draft Position

Fun with Numbers: We've compiled all expert mock drafts heading up to the draft to determine each prospect's average draft position. See where every player is likely to be picked and which team is most likely to pick them.

Jadeveon Clowney - DE - South Carolina

Jadeveon Clowney

Average Draft Position: 1.8

Still very much in the picture to be taken first overall, no mock drafter had Clowney falling farther than third overall to the Jaguars.

Most Popular Pick: 1. Houston Texans (52.9%)

Greg Robinson - OT - Auburn

Greg Robinson

Average Draft Position: 2.9

A very popular pick at second overall to the Rams, Robinson's ADP jumped more than two spots. He's running away from Jake Matthews.

Most Popular Pick: 2. St. Louis Rams (70.6%)

Blake Bortles - QB - UCF

Blake Bortles

Average Draft Position: 4.8

Bortles' Mock ADP didn't change from last month; what did was Johnny Manziel's and Teddy Bridgewater's, leaving Bortles as the top QB.

Most Popular Pick: 1. Houston Texans (41.2%)

Sammy Watkins - WR - Clemson

Sammy Watkins

Average Draft Position: 5.2

Watkins jumped into the Top 5 even though his Mock ADP didn't even improve by a full pick. He's thought of as the top WR.

Most Popular Pick: 5. Oakland Raiders (29.4%), 7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29.4%)

Teddy Bridgewater - QB - Louisville

Teddy Bridgewater

Average Draft Position: 6.0

Bridgewater stayed in the Top 5 even after seeing his Mock ADP drop two full spots. He also remains the second-highest quarterback.

Most Popular Pick: 3. Jacksonville Jaguars (29.4%)

Johnny Manziel - QB - Texas A&M

Johnny Manziel

Average Draft Position: 6.5

Manziel drops three and a half spots in the latest Mock ADP. He's certainly not seen as a Top 5 lock by mock drafters anymore.

Most Popular Pick: 4. Cleveland Browns (35.3%)

Khalil Mack - LB - Buffalo

Khalil Mack

Average Draft Position: 6.6

Mack's Mock ADP improved slightly, enough for him to jump Matthews for the seventh spot on the board.

Most Popular Pick: 6. Atlanta Falcons (41.2%)

Jake Matthews - OT - Texas A&M

Jake Matthews

Average Draft Position: 6.8

Matthews appears to have lost the battle for top-ranked OT, at least according to mock drafters, and is now firmly between Robinson and Taylor Lewan.

Most Popular Pick: 6. Atlanta Falcons (35.3%)

Anthony Barr - LB - UCLA

Anthony Barr

Average Draft Position: 10.2

Barr is the last of the prospects with a Mock ADP of 10 or lower, but that provides no guarantee he'll be a Top 10 pick.

Most Popular Pick: 11. Tennessee Titans (41.2%)

Taylor Lewan - OT - Michigan

Taylor Lewan

Average Draft Position: 11.3

Lewan's Mock ADP improved nearly two spots but he's still slotted 10th on the board, not a bad place for the third-ranked OT.

Most Popular Pick: 12. New York Giants (35.3%)

Justin Gilbert - CB - Oklahoma State

Justin Gilbert

Average Draft Position: 11.7

Gilbert's Mock ADP jumped more than two spots, a result of even more mock drafters believing he'll be taken 10th by the Lions.

Most Popular Pick: 10. Detroit Lions (58.8%)

Mike Evans - WR - Texas A&M

Mike Evans

Average Draft Position: 13.1

Evans holds steady with a Mock ADP of 13. Most mock drafters believe he'll be the second receiver off the board, taken just outside the Top 10.

Most Popular Pick: 13. St. Louis Rams (47.1%)

Eric Ebron - TE - North Carolina

Eric Ebron

Average Draft Position: 14.7

Ebron, the sole tight end with a Mock ADP in the first round, saw his number jump more than one full spot.

Most Popular Pick: 9. Buffalo Bills (29.4%)

Darqueze Dennard - CB - Michigan State

Darqueze Dennard

Average Draft Position: 16.1

Dennard's Mock ADP improved, but he finds himself even further behind Gilbert in the CB rankings this time around.

Most Popular Pick: 15. Pittsburgh Steelers (35.3%)

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix - S - Alabama

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Average Draft Position: 16.6

Both Clinton-Dix and Calvin Pryor saw their Mock ADP improve with Cinton-Dix still holding the edge between the two safeties.

Most Popular Pick: 15. Pittsburgh Steelers (29.4%)

Aaron Donald - DT - Pittsburgh

Aaron Donald

Average Draft Position: 16.8

Donald, the highest-rated newcomer, goes from a second-round Mock ADP to a mid-first round score.

Most Popular Pick: 16. Dallas Cowboys (52.9%)

Calvin Pryor - S - Louisville

Calvin Pryor

Average Draft Position: 18.9

Still one safety behind Clinton-Dix, but as where last time it was by a fraction of a spot, Pryor's now a full two spots behind in Mock ADP.

Most Popular Pick: 22. Philadelphia Eagles (29.4%)

Zack Martin - OT - Notre Dame

Zack Martin

Average Draft Position: 19.2

Martin's Mock ADP fell one spot, perhaps because so many mock drafters have him slotted in 19th to the Dolphins.

Most Popular Pick: 19. Miami Dolphins (82.4%)

Timmy Jernigan - DT - Florida State

Timmy Jernigan

Average Draft Position: 20.2

Jernigan felt the brunt of Donald's rise in mock drafts, seeing his own Mock ADP fall by more than three spots.

Most Popular Pick: 14. Chicago Bears (47.1%)

Odell Beckham Jr. - WR - LSU

Odell Beckham Jr.

Average Draft Position: 22.8

Beckham is the second newcomer to the list, narrowly edging Marqise Lee, a holdover, as the third-highest wide receiver.

Most Popular Pick: 18. New York Jets (41.2%)

Marqise Lee - WR - USC

Marqise Lee

Average Draft Position: 22.9

Lee's Mock ADP fell nearly three spots and he's now seen two receivers (Evans and Beckham) jump him from early in the off-season.

Most Popular Pick: 23. Kansas City Chiefs (52.9%)

C.J. Mosley - LB - Alabama

C.J. Mosley

Average Draft Position: 23.6

Mosley had one of the biggest drops, but holds onto a Mock ADP in the first round after his 16.7 fell nearly seven spots.

Most Popular Pick: 21. Green Bay Packers (23.5%)

Louis Nix III - DT - Notre Dame

Louis Nix III

Average Draft Position: 23.7

Nix's Mock ADP fell as well, although not as dramatically as Mosley's; his tumble was less than three full spots.

Most Popular Pick: 25. San Diego Chargers (29.4%)

Dee Ford - DE - Auburn

Dee Ford

Average Draft Position: 24.4

Ford is the third of four newcomers to the Top 25 with mock drafters now liking his chances in the first round more than Kony Ealy's.

Most Popular Pick: 20. Arizona Cardinals (23.5%), Cincinnati Bengals (23.5%), 27. New Orleans Saints (23.5)

Brandin Cooks - WR - Oregon State

Brandin Cooks

Average Draft Position: 31.0

Cooks is the final newcomer and makes it five receivers mock drafters believe will have their names called in the first round.

Most Popular Pick: 30. San Francisco 49ers (29.4%)


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