TSN Digital 2014 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

By: Ben Fisher, NFL Editor 
April 1, 2014

1. Houston Texans

Blake Bortles

Blake Bortles - QB - UCF

Height: 6'5 | Weight: 232 | Status: Redshirt Junior

The Texans remain without a quarterback with most of the free agent shopping complete and those who follow the team closest believe Houston is set on taking a quarterback first overall. Although Johnny Manziel's Pro Day provided some top-pick chatter, Bortles is still viewed as the top QB by most draftniks.

2. St. Louis Rams (via Washington Redskins)

Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson - OT - Auburn

Height: 6'5 | Weight: 332 | Status: Redshirt Sophomore

If the Rams come away with an offensive tackle and wide receiver with their first two picks they should be happy. Robinson appears to have a slightly higher draft grade than WR Sammy Watkins, and the Rams should have a better chance at landing a top-tier pass catcher than a top-tier tackle, giving the Auburn product the edge at No. 2.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Sharrif Floyd

Jadeveon Clowney - DE - South Carolina

Height: 6'5 | Weight: 266 | Status: Junior

Always looking to make a splash, the Jaguars could have the pleasure of choosing between the two highest-profile prospects in this year's draft in Clowney and Johnny Manziel. Even with Chad Henne re-signed, Manziel would make sense for Jacksonville; but at third overall, Clowney's potential is too much to pass up.

4. Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel - QB - Texas A&M

Height: 6'0 | Weight: 207 | Status: Redshirt Sophomore

Manziel's circus-show Pro Day wasn't enjoyed by all, but certainly enough that most believe Manziel's status as a Top 5 consideration was cemented. The new regime in Cleveland may not be as high on Brian Hoyer as the old, and a Manziel pick would be a boon to Browns fans who endured another trying off-season.

5. Oakland Raiders

Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack - OLB - Buffalo

Height: 6'3 | Weight: 251 | Status: Redshirt Senior

The Raiders appear set with short term fixes at left tackle and quarterback so the fifth pick should come down to Mack and Sammy Watkins. Perhaps giving Mack the edge is the amount of quality receivers expected to still be available in the second round, with the quality pass rushers likely to dry up much quicker.

6. Atlanta Falcons

Jake Matthews

Jake Matthews - OT - Texas A&M

Height: 6'6 | Weight: 308 | Status: Senior

It's clear the Falcons want a pass rusher; so much so they could trade up for Clowney come draft day. But if they stay put, and the draft plays out the way I think it could with the Top 5 picks, Atlanta may address their second biggest need and go with the safer pick in Matthews, rather than reach a little for Anthony Barr.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sammy Watkins

Sammy Watkins - WR - Clemson

Height: 6'1 | Weight: 211 | Status: Junior

Watkins is a terrific value at seventh overall and even though the Buccaneers appear set at receiver with Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams, reports suggest they could be looking to move on from Williams and his off-field indiscretions.

8. Minnesota Vikings

Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater - QB - Louisville

Height: 6'2 | Weight: 214 | Status: Junior

Some draftniks are predicting a Draft Day free fall for Bridgewater after a fairly unimpressive off-season but I don't see it. The Louisville junior may have fallen to third in the quarterback position rankings, but it's still the premier position in the NFL and Bridgewater still likely ranks as a Top 10 pick.

9. Buffalo Bills

Taylor Lewan

Taylor Lewan - OT - Michigan

Height: 6'7 | Weight: 309 | Status: Redshirt Senior

The Bills could go a number of ways with this pick. While an offensive playmaker like TE Eric Ebron or even WR Mike Evans would be a more exciting pick, taking the safer Lewan – provided his legal troubles are cleared up – to fill their need on the offensive line would probably be the higher percentage prediction.

10. Detroit Lions

Justin Gilbert

Justin Gilbert - CB - Oklahoma State

Height: 6'0 | Weight: 202 | Status: Senior

A large majority of expert mock drafts have the Lions taking Gilbert 10th overall, which means it's almost certain not to happen. Still, this early in the process, near consensus among draftniks, as well as the strong fit Gilbert would be for the Lions, is good enough for me.

11. Tennessee Titans

Jonathan Cooper

Anthony Barr - OLB - UCLA

Height: 6'5 | Weight: 255 | Status: Senior

While Barr's status as a Top 10 pick has grown flimsier throughout the evaluation process, he presents good value at 11th overall, especially for a team like the Titans who are in need of pass rushers. Barr is generally considered the last of the elite pass rushing prospects so any Draft Day fall won't be too drastic.

12. New York Giants

Eric Ebron

Eric Ebron - TE - North Carolina

Height: 6'4 | Weight: 250 | Status: Junior

The Giants could look to fill one of their needs on defence but their desire for a playmaker on offence appears just as likely to be the determining factor in making this pick. Ebron, the consensus top tight end available in the draft, generally has higher draft grades than the defensive prospects that would fit the Giants' needs with this pick.

13. St. Louis Rams

Mike Evans

Mike Evans - WR - St. Louis Rams

Height: 6'5 | Weight: 231 | Status: Redshirt Sophomore

This pick obviously changes if the Rams take a receiver second overall, but there's a good chance they could instead grab an offensive tackle at No. 2 and target Evans with their second first-round pick. Evans, who started the evaluation process behind Marqise Lee in WR rankings, is encroaching on Top 10 territory lately.

14. Chicago Bears

Timmy Jernigan

Timmy Jernigan - DT - Florida State

Height: 6'2 | Weight: 299 | Status: Junior

Most draftniks foresee the Bears taking a defensive tackle and they should have their pick of the litter at No. 14. If Chicago is thinking the way we think they are, the pick should come down to Jernigan or Aaron Donald. Donald has been shooting up draft boards since the start of the off-season but for now I'll opt with the guy who has been there all along.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers

Darqueze Dennard

Darqueze Dennard - CB - Michigan State

Height: 5'11 | Weight: 199 | Status: Senior

If Dennard can't beat out Gilbert as the top cornerback taken – likely 10th overall to the Lions – this is his likely next highest destination. Most feel the Steelers' biggest need is youth at cornerback and the talent at the position after Dennard is both uninspiring and perhaps better suited to play in the slot.

16. Dallas Cowboys

Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald - DT - Pittsburgh

Height: 6'1 | Weight: 285 | Status: Senior

The Dolphins have big needs on the defensive line and at safety, but few draftniks are predicting they take one of the top safeties in the draft, Calvin Pryor or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. The early money is on the Cowboys taking Donald, the fast-rising DT to replace Jason Hatcher, over one of the less inspiring pass rushers to replace DeMarcus Ware.

17. Baltimore Ravens

Calvin Pryor

Calvin Pryor - S - Louisville

Height: 5'11 | Weight: 207 | Status: Junior

The Ravens need a safety and could be picking either Pryor or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix if they're not picking the leftover after Dallas grabs one. Pryor has been slowly gaining position on Clinton-Dix since the evaluation process began and while Clinton-Dix still has a higher mock ADP, Pryor still has time to convince teams he's the more solid safety.

18. New York Jets

Odell Beckham Jr

Odell Beckham Jr

Height: 5'11 | Weight: 198 | Status: Junior

The Jets need help at receiver and most draftniks expect them to find it with their first round pick. The question becomes, with Watkins and Evans already off the board, who they'll choose. Marqise Lee continues to see his stock fall with, many no longer considering him a Top 3 receiver prospect. The hot name right now is Beckham Jr.

19. Miami Dolphins

Zack Martin

Zack Martin - OT - Notre Dame

Height: 6'4 | Weight: 308 | Status: Redshirt Senior

Martin is more locked into the Dolphins at No. 19 than Gilbert is to the Lions at No. 10. The pick makes sense with the team's need to rebuild their line in the wake of the bullying scandal but Cyrus Kouandjio – with his health now apparently checking out – could challenge Martin as one of the best remaining offensive tackles.

20. Arizona Cardinals

Kony Ealy

Kony Ealy - DE - Missouri

Height: 6'4 | Weight: 273 | Status: Redshirt Junior

The Cardinals could be looking to upgrade their defensive line, and should have their pick of the second-tier pass rushers. Despite Dee Ford's boasts he's the better player than Jadeveon Clowney, Ealy still appears to have the higher draft grade among most experts and gets my pick here.

21. Green Bay Packers

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix - S - Alabama

Height: 6'1 | Weight: 208 | Status: Junior

The Packers need a safety and there's no guarantee one of the top two falls to them at No. 21, but if they do, you have to think they'll pounce. Most draftniks have either Clinton-Dix or Pryor still being available when Green Bay picks; with Pryor heading to the Ravens in my mock draft, they get Clinton-Dix.

22. Philadelphia Eagles

Bradley Roby

Bradley Roby - CB - Ohio State

Height: 5'11 | Weight: 194 | Status: Redshirt Junior

This is about the time the second tier of cornerbacks should start hearing their names called. The Eagles have a need at the position and should be able to choose between three and four that have late first round grades. Roby appears to be the early frontrunner among the group.

23. Kansas City Chiefs

Marqise Lee

Marqise Lee - WR - USC

Height: 6'0 | Weight: 192 | Status: Junior

The Chiefs didn't land a receiver in free agency so here seems like a good spot to give them one. At this point the only other receiver I could see jumping Lee on the draft boards is Brandin Cooks, but I don't think that will happen. Lee still appears to be a first-round prospect as where Cooks could fall into the second round.

24. Cincinnati Bengals

Kyle Fuller

Kyle Fuller - CB - Virginia Tech

Height: 6'0 | Weight: 190 | Status: Senior

Dee Ford and Cyrus Kouandjio are also both options, but the Bengals defensive line is still strong and there should be some decent tackles left in the second round. Fuller and Jason Verrett are the last two cornerbacks with first round grades with the late-rising Fuller likely ranked above Verrett at this point in the evaluation process.

25. San Diego Chargers

Louis Nix III

Louis Nix III - NT - Notre Dame

Height: 6'2 | Weight: 331 | Status: Redshirt Junior

Nix may endure a slide on draft day with a smaller number of defensive tackle needy teams looking for a true nose tackle. The Chargers need one though so Nix isn't likely to fall past No. 25. The big body is the top NT prospect this year and although San Diego has other needs, grabbing a player of Nix's ability and fit should be too good to pass up.

26. Cleveland Browns (via Indianapolis Colts)

Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin - WR - Florida State

Height: 6'5 | Weight: 240 | Status: Redshirt Sophomore

Benjamin is another receiver who has fallen down the board a little bit since the start of the off-season, but there's still a good chance he'll here his name called in the first round. If Cleveland doesn't take a QB early, this pick could be Derek Carr, but amongst prospects that fill the team's other needs, Benjamin offers the best value here.

27. New Orleans Saints

Dee Ford

Dee Ford - DE - Auburn

Height: 6'2 | Weight: 252 | Status: Redshirt Senior

Ford could go higher if teams decide they like him more than Kony Ealy, but the mid-20s appears to be where he's graded at this point. An edge rusher is one of the Saints' top needs and Ford offers better value at this point than an offensive guard or second-tier cornerback, also needs for New Orleans.

28. Carolina Panthers

Cyrus Kouandjio

Cyrus Kouandjio - OT - Alabama

Height: 6'7 | Weight: 322 | Status: Junior

The Panthers have two major needs so this pick will almost surely be an offensive tackle or wide receiver. If Kouandjio's health checks out, and the latest news is that he is fine, he is a better prospect than any of the receivers still left on the board. There should also be better receivers than tackles left for Carolina in Round 2.

29. New England Patriots

C.J. Mosley

C.J. Mosley - LB - Alabama

Height: 6'2 | Weight: 234 | Status: Senior

A number of draftniks believe Mosley will hear his name called much earlier than 29th to the Patriots, but the draft grades he's getting suggest he may be more of a late-first rounder than a mid-first rounder. He does offer good value for New England at this point however and if they don't trade their pick, should consider the young LB.

30. San Francisco 49ers

Jason Verrett

Jason Verrett - CB - TCU

Height: 5'10 | Weight: 189 | Status: Senior

This pick could easily be a receiver but if the 49ers don't like Brandin Cooks, perhaps better suited as a slot receiver, they may be better off waiting until Round 2. Cornerback is another need for the team with both of last year's starters now in Oakland and Verrett is a decent value late in the first.

31. Denver Broncos

Xavier Su'a-Filo

Xavier Su'a-Filo - OG - UCLA

Height: 6'4 | Weight: 307 | Status: Redshirt Junior

I'm with a lot of draftniks in believing the Broncos will look to upgrade their offensive line after getting pushed around by the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. The team is set at tackles but has a chance to grab the top guard on the board. If it's not Sua-Filo, it could be David Yankey.

32. Baltimore Ravens

Ra'Shede Hageman

Ra'Shede Hageman - DT - Minnesota

Height: 6'6 | Weight: 310 | Status: Redshirt Senior

The Seahawks, as is the case with most defending Super Bowl champions, don't have a lot of needs. Two players getting a lot of first round grades are Hageman and Brandin Cooks. Each would fill a need after Seattle lost Red Bryant and Golden Tate in the off-season. There are more solid receivers available however so the Seahawks could pounce on the DT.


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