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The Super 61

The Super 61 - NFL Free Agents 2009

The quest to build the next Super Bowl Champion is underway and one of the biggest steps toward that goal started on Februray 27 with the NFL's Free Agent signing period. Stick with TSN.ca and track how your team does. Click here for Fantasy Football: Power Rankings Methodology.


Name TSN Rating Previous Team New Team
Kurt Warner (UFA) 93.00 Cardinals Cardinals
Kerry Collins (UFA) 64.25 Titans Titans
Matt Cassel (FT) - Traded to KC 75.25 Patriots Chiefs
Jeff Garcia (UFA) 70.00 Buccaneers Raiders


Name TSN Rating Previous Team New Team
Brandon Jacobs (FT) 88.75 Giants * Giants
Derrick Ward (UFA) 78.25 Giants Buccaneers
Darren Sproles (FT) 71.25 Chargers Chargers
Maurice Morris (UFA) 70.90 Seahawks Lions
Dominic Rhodes (UFA) 68.50 Colts Bills
Cedric Benson (UFA) 70.50 Bengals Bengals
Fred Taylor (UFA) 74.25 Jaguars Patriots
Deuce McAllister (UFA) 72.50 Saints -


Name TSN Rating Previous Team New Team
T.J. Houshmandzadeh (UFA) 76.75 Bengals Seahawks
Bobby Engram (UFA) 70.25 Seahawks Chiefs
Antonio Bryant (FT) 84.50 Buccaneers Buccaneers
Marvin Harrison (UFA) 72.50 Colts -
Bo Scaife (FT) 73.00 Titans Titans
Laveranues Coles (UFA) 75.00 Jets Bengals
Amani Toomer (UFA) 70.00 Giants Chiefs
Owen Daniels (RFA) 78.00 Texans Texans
Terrell Owens (UFA) 82.25 Cowboys Bills
Torry Holt (UFA) 70.75 Rams Jaguars
L.J. Smith (UFA) 68.00 Eagles Ravens


Name TSN Rating Previous Team New Team
Matt Birk (UFA) 82.15 Vikings Ravens
Jon Runyan (UFA) 78.55 Eagles -
Stacy Andrews (UFA) 59.30 Bengals Eagles
Vernon Carey (UFA) 76.95 Dolphins * Dolphins
Jason Brown (UFA) 80.45 Ravens Rams
Jeff Saturday (UFA) 86.45 Colts * Colts
William (Tra) Thomas (UFA) 80.00 Eagles Jaguars
Max Starks (FT) 69.55 Steelers * Steelers


Name TSN Rating Previous Team New Team
Albert Haynesworth (UFA) 89.15 Titans Redskins
Julius Peppers (FT) 84.95 Panthers Panthers
Bertrand Berry (UFA) 79.70 Cardinals Cardinals
Chris Canty (UFA) 73.10 Cowboys Giants
Antonio Smith (UFA) 76.05 Cardinals Texans


Name TSN Rating Previous Team New Team
Ray Lewis (UFA) 94.85 Ravens Ravens
Terrell Suggs (FT) 95.90 Ravens Ravens
Karlos Dansby (FT) 89.70 Cardinals Cardinals
Derrick Brooks (UFA) 73.75 Buccaneers -
Eric Barton (UFA) 70.70 Jets Browns
Bart Scott (UFA) 83.20 Ravens Jets
Jonathan Vilma (UFA) 80.50 Saints Saints
LeRoy Hill (UFA) 72.35 Seahawks Seahawks
Channing Crowder (UFA) 77.60 Dolphins * Dolphins
Mike Peterson (UFA) 75.35 Ravens Falcons
Keith Brooking (UFA) 70.55 Falcons Cowboys


Name TSN Rating Previous Team New Team
Oshiomogho Atogwe (FT) 86.70 Rams Rams
Darren Sharper (UFA) 73.60 Vikings Saints
Brian Dawkins (UFA) 85.40 Eagles Broncos
Rodney Harrison (UFA) 75.95 Patriots Retired
Dunta Robinson (FT) 71.95 Texas -
Mike Brown (UFA) 77.55 Bears Chiefs
Dre' Bly (UFA) 75.45 Broncos 49ers
Chris McAlister (UFA) 76.55 Ravens -
Yeremiah Bell (UFA) 68.80 Dolphins * Dolphins
Bryant McFadden (UFA) 72.00 Steelers Cardinals


Player Name TSN Rating Previous Team New Team
Shayne Graham (FT) 73.00 Bengals Bengals
Matt Stover (UFA) 75.00 Ravens -
Rod Bironas (UFA) 80.00 Titans Titans
Michael Koenen (FT) 69.00 Falcons Falcons


Players are graded out of 100, based on statistical production with the following guidelines for the rating: 90-100 - All-Pro players | 80-90 - Pro Bowl players | 75-80 - Very Good starters
70-75 - Solid starters | 66-70 - Marginal starter/Very good reserve | 60-66 - Reserve
| 55-60 - Developing player, spot duty | 55 and under - Not ready

Fantasy Football: Power Rankings Methodology

Free Agent Legend: Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA); Restricted Free Agent (RFA); Franchise Player (FT); Transition Player (TT); Re-signed before deadline (*)

NOTE: There were no Exclusive Franchise or Transition Players designated in 2009.
Clubs can designate one FRANCHISE or TRANSITION player among their veteran free agents. Players given the Franchise tag can be either "exclusive" or "non-exclusive" depending on the salary offer from the club.
Exclusive Franchise players are offered a minimum of the top-five salaries at his position (as of April 18th) or 120% of his salary from the previous year, whichever is higher. They are not free to sign with other clubs.
A Non-Exclusive Franchise player is one who has been offered a minimum of the average top-five salaries at his position from last season or 120% of his salary from the previous year. A Non-Exclusive player is allowed to negotiate with other clubs and his team can either match the new offer or receive two first-round picks if they don't match. The period for signing Non-Exclusive Franchise players runs from Feb. 27th to Nov. 17 (Tuesday of Week 10) of the 2009 Regular Season.
Transition players receive a minimum offer of the average of the top-10 salaries of the player's position from last season or 120% of his previous year's salary, whichever is higher. Clubs have right of first-refusal on a Transition player and can match an offer sheet from another club within seven days. There is no compensation if the club decides not to match the offer.

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