2007 NHL Draft Tracker

First Round Picks

RW, London (OHL)

TSN Rank: #1
HT: 5.10 WT: 162
58 GP, 62 G, 83 A, 145 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    Kane is the smartest player available; he is the most skilled player available. He sets up goals as well as he scores them and his speed is deceptive, especially in tight situations or moving east-west to get into scoring positions. There is only one downside and that is size, but the success of players like Daniel Briere is helping to allay any fears about Kane's viability as an elite prospect.

LW, US U-18 (USDP)

TSN Rank: #2
HT: 6.03 WT: 191
42 GP, 33 G, 30 A, 63 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The scouts like his size and strength and skating ability, as well as his touch around the net and willingness to go there. There is some debate amongst scouts about how naturally aggressive he is. A few question how gritty he will be in the pro game, but most think he'll be fine in that regard.

C, Burnaby (BCHL)

TSN Rank: #3
HT: 6.00 WT: 165
53 GP, 66 G, 55 A, 121 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The Burnaby sniper is a clear-cut top three prospect who really only gets criticism for two things. One is lack of physical maturity, which will be taken in due course. Turris, a good skater, has spindly legs and is very lean at this point, but that should change as he matures at the University of Wisconsin. Two is the level of competition he faced in Jr. A hockey this season. Nevertheless, scouts like Turris's vision, his patented under-the-bar shot and his poise, character and off-ice maturity, which shone through in the interview process.

D, Seattle (WHL)

TSN Rank: #13
HT: 5.11 WT: 186
68 GP, 9 G, 41 A, 50 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The book on Seattle Thunderbird defenceman Thomas Hickey has pages all over the place. Top 10. Top 20. Top 30. Second-round pick. Take your pick. There is wild divergence on the value of this smallish defenceman with good, if not above average, offensive ability. He is, however, clearly a good puck mover.

D, Calgary (WHL)

TSN Rank: #4
HT: 6.02 WT: 210
63 GP, 8 G, 39 A, 47 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    Calgary's Karl Alzner is the consensus top-ranked defenceman this year. Still, the praise for the rangy blueliner is somewhat muted. That's because he's not really a high-end offensive defenceman, nor is he a big, physical bruiser or a defensive presence. Alzner is described by some a true modern-day defenceman, whose ability to play strong positionally and whose stick-on-puck, stick-on-stick game is good. He also gets shots through from the point.

C, London (OHL)

TSN Rank: #7
HT: 5.11 WT: 190
53 GP, 35 G, 83 A, 118 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The London Knights' forward has spectacular highlight-reel puckhandling skills. As one scout said, "he can do things with the puck that other players in this draft only dream about." But for all the fancy dangles, he also has a lethal shot. But as his 83 assists, as opposed to his 35 goals, will attest, his strength is as a creative playmaker with great vision and passing ability.

C, Halifax (QMJHL)

TSN Rank: #6
HT: 6.01 WT: 188
59 GP, 23 G, 63 A, 86 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    Voracek is an all-around type player, a solid two-way threat who is rated a better playmaker than a natural goal-scorer. He provides a consistent work ethic most nights, isn't particularly flashy but plays a mature game at both ends of the ice. His game is well suited to the North American style and his versatility is a key plus as he can play all three forward positions as well as the point on the power play. He has exhibited leadership and character with the Mooseheads, is said to be well liked by his teammates and is the all-around solid citizen. But he's not going to put up huge numbers.

C, Everett (WHL)

TSN Rank: #16
HT: 5.11 WT: 180
69 GP, 32 G, 61 A, 93 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    In the post-lockout NHL, there is obviously room for the smaller, skilled player and Everett Silvertips' forward Zach Hamill certainly fits the bill. After all, he was the WHL regular season scoring champion this season, playing on a team which went into every game hoping to win 1-0 or 2-1.

C, Ottawa (OHL)

TSN Rank: #19
HT: 6.01 WT: 188
54 GP, 26 G, 52 A, 78 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The Sharks traded up with St. Louis to get this pick. Scouts like so much about Couture - he has smarts, competitiveness, work ethic, skill, hockey sense. He is rated as above average in each of those categories. But the question mark is his skating. It's only fair. Scouts are reasonably confident Couture is so strong is the other areas that they compensate for the lack of quickness.

D, Kamloops (WHL)

TSN Rank: #10
HT: 6.03 WT: 182
69 GP, 2 G, 23 A, 25 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The Kamloops Blazers' big blueliner has a lot of qualities you look for in a defenceman. Keaton Ellerby is mobile and big and tough and some would even say nasty. As big and tough and mobile as Ellerby is, some scouts question his decision-making and ability to read the play with and without the puck.

C, Red Deer (WHL)

TSN Rank: #9
HT: 6.03 WT: 174
71 GP, 20 G, 37 A, 57 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The knock is that Sutter possesses limited offensive ability, that he's only going to project out as a third or fourth-line player. But not everyone is convinced of that. Some scouts note that Sutter's greatest attributes are his smarts, his ability to play in any situation, be it the point on the power, penalty killing, taking key faceoffs, you name it.

D, Cretin-Derham (High-MN)

TSN Rank: #11
HT: 6.01 WT: 200
23 GP, 10 G, 23 A, 33 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    Some teams think he's as good a defenceman as there is available, a solid two-way threat with edge who played well before and after his high school season with the U.S. Under-18 team. He is off to the University of Wisconsin next season.

LW, Frolunda (SWE Jr)

TSN Rank: #21
HT: 6.00 WT: 198
39 GP, 18 G, 37 A, 55 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The great Dane played well for Frolunda in the Swedish junior league, putting up good numbers and demonstrating a strong two-way play and fine playmaking ability. For those who wonder if simply being from a non-traditional hockey country might negatively affect Eller, one scout said that's what some thought about Slovenian Anze Kopitar last year and teams are kicking themselves for backing off on him for reasons of a non-traditional hockey nationality.

D, US U-18 (USDP)

TSN Rank: #12
HT: 5.11 WT: 193
48 GP, 12 G, 22 A, 34 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The captain of the U.S.-Under 18 team has obvious leadership qualities, but scouts particularly like his offensive approach and ability, although they feel he may be a touch undersized. Nevertheless, Shattenkirk is rated as an extremely solid first rounder who had a chance to break into the top 10. Shattenkirk, who will attend Boston University, played especially well at the U-18 tourney in April and saw his stock soar.

D, Calgary (WHL)

TSN Rank: #32
HT: 6.04 WT: 225
58 GP, 8 G, 30 A, 38 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    Calgary defenceman Alex Plante is a big, strong, aggressive player who is not without some offensive ability and is a strong candidate to break into the first round. He is probably the polar opposite to his father Cam, who was an ultra-offensive minded defenceman for the Brandon Wheat Kings who was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs. The question mark on Alex is skating but he has enough assets to get by and he seems certain to be taken in the late first or early second round.

C, Saskatoon (WHL)

TSN Rank: #18
HT: 6.04 WT: 194
65 GP, 13 G, 17 A, 30 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The Wild traded up to take Gillies. The Saskatoon Blade forward, who can play all three positions, is a big, strong, hard-driving physical presence who is one of the better skaters available in this draft. But scouts wonder about the offensive limitations of Colton Gillies, who is the second cousin of Hall of Famer Clark Gillies. Scouts concede he was miscast as a centre on the pivot-challenged Blades and will do his best work as a banging-and-crashing winger, which is the role he played well for Canada at the U-18 tournies.

RW, Omsk (RUS)

TSN Rank: #5
HT: 6.00 WT: 183
46 GP, 18 G, 11 A, 29 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    Aside from Pat Kane, no draft eligible player played the game at as high a level this season as Russian forward Alexei Cherepanov. He set a goal scoring record for an 18-year old in the Russian SuperLeague and, next to Kane, he was regarded as the most dynamic presence at the World Junior Championship. The lack of a transfer agreement with Russia was a worry for many teams, as was a poor work ethic. He is tremendously inconsistent, maddeningly frustrating and a player who only turns it on when he feels like it.

D, U.S. U-18 (USDP)

TSN Rank: #34
HT: 6.01 WT: 211
49 GP, 4 G, 16 A, 20 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    Yet another in the long line (this year) of American-born defenceman with a shot to go in the first round, the defensive defenceman from Ann Arbor, Mich., who didn't have to leave home to play for the U.S. Under-18 team is a consensus second rounder but there are teams who rate him as a first-round prospect and he may surprise on draft day.

C, Halifax (QMJHL)

TSN Rank: #23
HT: 6.01 WT: 172
68 GP, 20 G, 35 A, 55 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The son of former NHL Bob MacMillan had an outstanding second half of the season with Halifax and saw his stock rocket up the draft rating charts. A real pro style forward who doesn't look pretty but gets the job done at both ends of the ice.

C, Quebec (QMJHL)

TSN Rank: #8
HT: 6.01 WT: 180
60 GP, 27 G, 52 A, 79 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    Esposito's strength is quickness and his skill with the puck. His critics suggest he needs to battle harder on a more consistent basis and use his linemates better. But the kid has scored high points with how he's handled his fall from grace. Numerous scouts commented on how mature he was in the interviews and how he recognized that he allowed the draft-year pressure get to him, but that it's all behind him and he can only focus on being a better player.

C, Salmon Arm (BCHL)

TSN Rank: #33
HT: 6.01 WT: 175
55 GP, 38 G, 45 A, 83 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    It's a big year in this draft for Jr. A talent and Salmon Arm forward Riley Nash is part of the reason. The skilled forward was the BCHL rookie of the year and he's off to Cornell University to join his brother next season. Nash's biggest weakness at this point is that he's not physically developed and needs to get much stronger.

LW, Sioux City (USHL)

TSN Rank: #24
HT: 6.02 WT: 203
60 GP, 21 G, 42 A, 63 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    There is no real mystery to Max Pacioretty's game with Sioux Falls of the USHL. He is an up and down winger who goes hard to the net, provides some physical play and is not without some offensive ability. He doesn't necessarily excel in any one area of the game but does a lot of things well enough to get first-round consideration, although a number of teams view him as more second-round material.

D, Vancouver (WHL)

TSN Rank: #27
HT: 6.00 WT: 160
72 GP, 80 G, 43 A, 51 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    Yet another of the large American contingent on the blueline that could go in the first round, the Vancouver Giant is an offensive minded blueliner with smarts and skill who puts up points when the games mean the most. But the drawback is that he is only 163 pounds a shade over six feet tall.

C, Vasteras (SWE 2)

TSN Rank: #15
HT: 6.00 WT: 194
41 GP, 20 G, 26 A, 46 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    Swedish forward Mikael Backlund is a smart, hard-working, two-way winger who understands the game at both ends of the ice and who, according to our survey, is entrenched as no worse than a mid-first round pick. But the X factor on the playmaking Swede is the knee problem he experienced this season. He eventually required knee surgery but he was able to bounce back from that and most scouts are encouraged it's not going to be a major issue. He certainly played well at the Under-18 tourney last summer.

C, Tri-City (USHL)

TSN Rank: #46
HT: 6.01 WT: 186
12 GP, 8 G, 1 A, 9 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    A skilled forward with the ability to make a difference. Strong player with a physical presence. Plays tough in the corners and in traffic. Is good on the right wing and gets his wrist shot off with ease. Sometimes lacks urgency in his play.

LW, Lewiston (QMJHL)

TSN Rank: #17
HT: 6.00 WT: 180
70 GP, 39 G, 44 A, 83 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    With 39 goals in 70 games, first year QMJHLer David Perron helped lead his team to the league championship and a berth in the Memorial Cup and turned an awful lot of heads in the process. But the fact he burst onto the scene, virtually out of nowhere, to accomplish this in his rookie season has some scouts reserving judgment. He wasn't even on the radar screen last year, playing minor hockey in his first NHL draft year, so some wonder if he's a one-hit wonder. But he exhibited skill and smarts and a real ability to be a natural finisher.

D, St. Michael's (OPJHL)

TSN Rank: #28
HT: 6.01 WT: 170
39 GP, 12 G, 24 A, 36 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The St. Michael's Buzzer defenceman will get discounted a little because of the level of competition in the Ontario Provincial Jr. A League, but there are few defenceman at any level that can skate the puck up the ice like Brendan Smith. He has a tendency to try to do too much with the puck but scouts like the raw potential.

D, Omaha (USHL)

TSN Rank: 14
HT: 6.03 WT: 213
54 GP, 11 G, 14 A, 25 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    Scouts agree on so little in general, but this is pretty much unanimous: Nick Petrecki is the most physical defenceman available in the draft. If there were an award for best bodychecker and most aggressive play, Petrecki would likely win it.

C, Minnesota (NCAA)

TSN Rank: #40
HT: 6.02 WT: 184
36 GP, 6 G, 6 A, 12 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    The University of Minnesota forward was the youngest player in the NCAA this season and it showed at times, especially early, but he gained confidence as the season wore on. Some scouts like him a forward; some think he's better suited to defence.

D, Regina (WHL)

TSN Rank: #45
HT: 6.01 WT: 1880
70 GP, 79 G, 24 A, 31 Pts
  • From TSN's Top 60 Prospects:
    A skilled playmaking defenseman. Very good at reading the ice and making smart plays. Has a strong physical presence and can make the big hit.

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