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NY Islanders00000

Montreal - Max Pacioretty
NY Islanders - None

Game Log

1st Period

Period Start
01:23NY IslandersCal ClutterbuckHit
01:31NY IslandersCal ClutterbuckWrist Shot
01:54MontrealMichael BournivalHit
02:01NY IslandersEric BoultonFighting Penalty
02:01MontrealGeorge ParrosFighting Penalty
02:06MontrealAndrei MarkovSnap Shot
02:56MontrealTomas PlekanecWrist Shot
03:18NY IslandersThomas VanekHit
04:31NY IslandersKyle OkposoHit
04:53MontrealLars EllerHit
05:10MontrealMichael BournivalWrist Shot
06:00MontrealAlex GalchenyukBackhand Shot
06:29NY IslandersMichael GrabnerHit
06:55NY IslandersCalvin De HaanHit
07:41MontrealTravis MoenBackhand Shot
07:45MontrealMax PaciorettyWrist Shot
08:07MontrealJosh GorgesSnap Shot
08:22MontrealMax PaciorettyHit
08:28NY IslandersMichael GrabnerHit
08:49NY IslandersMichael GrabnerHit
09:07MontrealDouglas MurraySlap Shot
09:13NY IslandersFrans NielsenWrist Shot
09:17NY IslandersEric BoultonWrist Shot
10:02NY IslandersCal ClutterbuckHit
10:06NY IslandersBrock NelsonHit
10:30NY IslandersRyan StromeWrist Shot
11:16NY IslandersKyle OkposoHit
12:23MontrealTomas PlekanecSnap Shot
12:54NY IslandersEric BoultonSnap Shot
12:54MontrealP.K. SubbanRoughing Penalty
12:54NY IslandersEric BoultonRoughing Penalty
13:14NY IslandersThomas HickeyWrist Shot
14:20MontrealLars EllerHit
14:44NY IslandersAaron NessWrist Shot
14:49NY IslandersMichael GrabnerHit
15:01MontrealP.K. SubbanHit
15:19NY IslandersThomas VanekHit
17:29NY IslandersAaron NessWrist Shot
18:18MontrealJosh GorgesHit
18:25MontrealTomas PlekanecSnap Shot
19:00MontrealLars EllerSlap Shot
19:15NY IslandersKyle OkposoHit
19:19NY IslandersJohn TavaresWrist Shot
19:49MontrealP.K. SubbanHit
Period End

2nd Period

Period Start
00:27NY IslandersJosh BaileyHi-Sticking Penalty
03:11MontrealMichael BournivalTripping Penalty
03:31NY IslandersRyan StromeWrist Shot
04:00NY IslandersKyle OkposoSlap Shot
04:37NY IslandersFrans NielsenWrist Shot
05:43NY IslandersMichael GrabnerHit
06:04MontrealDaniel BriereWrist Shot
06:05MontrealDaniel BriereWrist Shot
07:02MontrealBrandon PrustHit
07:35MontrealBrendan GallagherHit
07:49NY IslandersAaron NessHit
08:53NY IslandersMatt MartinWrist Shot
09:51NY IslandersCalvin De HaanHit
10:03MontrealAlex GalchenyukHit
10:46MontrealLars EllerHit
10:50NY IslandersJohn TavaresHolding The Stick Penalty
11:22MontrealMax PaciorettySlap Shot
12:03NY IslandersMichael GrabnerHit
14:46NY IslandersFrans NielsenHit
16:04NY IslandersMichael GrabnerWrist Shot
16:11NY IslandersEric BoultonHit
16:11MontrealJosh GorgesDelaying Game-Puck Over Glass Penalty
18:23NY IslandersBrock NelsonWrist Shot
19:12MontrealP.K. SubbanWrist Shot
19:42NY IslandersMatt MartinWrist Shot
19:49NY IslandersMatt MartinHit
19:58MontrealBrendan GallagherBackhand Shot
20:00MontrealAndrei MarkovWrist Shot
Period End

3rd Period

Period Start
01:41MontrealLars EllerIllegal Check To Head Penalty
02:15MontrealJosh GorgesHit
03:59NY IslandersCalvin De HaanHit
04:09NY IslandersMatt MartinHit
04:52MontrealAlex GalchenyukWrist Shot
05:07NY IslandersCal ClutterbuckWrist Shot
05:43MontrealAlexei EmelinWrist Shot
06:04NY IslandersMichael GrabnerWrist Shot
07:15NY IslandersAndrew MacdonaldWrist Shot
07:37NY IslandersCal ClutterbuckHit
07:52NY IslandersCal ClutterbuckHit
08:14MontrealDouglas MurrayHit
08:57NY IslandersFrans NielsenHit
09:13MontrealAlexei EmelinHit
09:16NY IslandersJohn TavaresWrist Shot
10:30NY IslandersThomas HickeyHit
11:19NY IslandersCal ClutterbuckHit
12:38NY IslandersMichael GrabnerHit
12:58MontrealAlex GalchenyukWrist Shot
13:21NY IslandersThomas HickeyHit
13:34MontrealBrendan GallagherSlap Shot
13:38MontrealAndrei MarkovSlap Shot
13:54NY IslandersCal ClutterbuckHit
14:49NY IslandersFrans NielsenHit
16:23NY IslandersFrans NielsenSlap Shot
16:26MontrealDouglas MurrayHit
16:38MontrealBrendan GallagherHit
18:17MontrealAlexei EmelinTip-In Shot
Period End

Overtime Period

Period Start
01:25MontrealP.K. SubbanHit
01:33MontrealMax PaciorettyWrist Shot
01:51MontrealMax Pacioretty (David Desharnais)Goal
Period End

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