Dreger's Mailbag: Questions on Turris, Schneider and Gomez

Darren Dreger
11/4/2011 3:43:35 PM
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Hi Darren, love watching your Insider reports on TSN!

You, Bob and Pierre LeBrun were talking this week about all the teams taking an interest in Kyle Turris. Why????? This guy has only had two seasons under his belt and hasn't had more than 11 goals and 25 points! There are a lot of guys from his draft class that have done so much more in so little time, so what's with the high demand for him?


A: There's a market for Kyle Turris because of his age, position and potential. Turris is 22, has limited NHL experience and success, but don't forget he was drafted third overall in 2007 (behind Patrick Kane and James van Riemsdyk). The potential for this young man to develop into a quality centreman is still considered high by those NHL general managers most interested. Plus, it's incredibly difficult to find available centremen, so when an opportunity such as this comes along, teams line up to make their pitch.  However, don't confuse interest with a willingness to over spend. All interested are aware of the risk.  Coyotes GM Don Maloney has repeatedly stated he will not trade Turris unless he signs. Some believe Maloney is talking in code and what he really means is he won't trade him for what is currently being offered. Ha ha.  With the Dec. 1 deadline looming, something is going to have to give.  Either Turris accepts a one or two-year offer from the Coyotes and hopes for a trade or a team steps up with a deal Maloney can't refuse....or, Turris sits out the remainder of the year. I predict Option 2, although Option 1 may have to be considered if this stalemate goes down to the wire.


I heard you on the radio talking about Cory Schneider maybe being a good fit for the Devils. Are the Canucks even dangling him yet? Are they considering maybe putting Luongo out there?


A: Steve, the short answer to your question is...no.  It's far too early for the Canucks to play that card, and as you can see, Schneider is a very valuable piece of this team. Canucks GM Mike Gillis believes in the theory of the 1-1A goaltending tandem because of Vancouver's schedule, travel and the wear and tear brought on by those factors over the course of a long season. If Vancouver gets to a point this season where Schneider is deemed a moveable asset, look out because the interest will be off the charts.  Columbus and New Jersey may be two teams willing to pay a premium if Schneider is ever made available.  Luongo is a more difficult sell because of a long term contract that pays him into his 40's. There are a couple of clauses in this deal that allow for trade, although an often unappreciative fan base may one day encourage the veteran goalie to move...but, I doubt it. Roberto Luongo remains among the elite and Vancouver's tandem still fits in that exclusive puck-stopping club as well.

Hey Darren, big time fan!

I was wondering if you heard anything about the Oilers acquiring a defenceman. They are off to a great start but it seems the back end is still weak. It looks like Toronto could move a d-man like Franson but how likely is that?


A:  Kevin,  You're right, Edmonton's defence is suspect and losing Whitney to injury again and Sutton to a five-game suspension puts more stress on this corps. Yes, Steve Tambellini is looking for help, or an upgrade, but there's no sense of urgency or desperation in the search. Edmonton and Tampa Bay are both in the market for defencemen.  Toronto and Carolina could be trade partners as both are willing to move a blueliner. In the meantime, the Oilers will fill the holes with players within their system such as Teubert, Petry and Plante. Great opportunity for these young men to get a chance to play quality minutes in the NHL.

Hi Darren,

I hadn't heard Rene Bourque was in any trade rumours until Jermaine Franklin mentioned it in one of his Flames reports.  What have you been hearing about him and any other Flames being moved (Stajan)?


A:  Ray, Rene Bourque's name has been out there for awhile. But, don't mistake the potential of his availability with Jay Feaster shopping him, or trying to dump his contract. Bourque is a solid Top 6 forward who could be a 30-plus goal scorer, but he's also part of a nucleus of players on the Flames who aside from last nights win in Detroit have seemed complacent much of this season.  If the right deal came along, Feaster would have to consider shaking up the core of his team and trading Bourque for some help at centre in perhaps, a younger, faster player makes a lot of sense.  Keep in mind, after this season, Bourque has four years remaining on his contract at $3.3 million per, so while there may be teams kicking tires, he won't get moved until there's a right fit.

Hi Darren,

We have been talking about this for some time in Montreal. Nobody seems to be willing to give us the answer we are looking for! We see that Montreal doesn't need, in any way shape or form, the presence of Gomez in the lineup! Why isn't the management team making a drastic move and either getting rid of him, buying him out or burying down in the minors? I understand this is easier said than done but I most certainly can't understand why the Habs are keeping him in the mix.

Cheers and thank you for your time.
Philippe Hache

A: Philippe, because of Gomez's contract, he's an easy target for you, Habs fans in general and the media to attack! At $7.3 million per season through 2013-2014 there really isn't a whole lot the Montreal Canadiens can do to shed that enormous contract. There is no - nor will there be - a trade unless Pierre Gauthier can find a trade partner with a similar issue. It's not like Scott Gomez can't play...he can and he's a decent leader from what I'm told, so the problem is simply paying him $ 1 million per goal as the Canadiens did last season. Montreal could waive him and assign him to Hamilton, hence removing his cap hit, but with term remaining on his contract, this is a very expensive option. A buy out is possible, but months away from being determined and also an admission of a costly mistake.  According to CapGeek.com, the buyout cost for Gomez as of June 15, 2012 at 2/3 is $6,666,667...spread over four years.

Scott Gomez buyout from CapGeek.com:

2012-13: $3,523,810
2013-14: $4,523,810
2014-15: $1,666,667
2015-16: $1,666,667

Thanks for your questions and inquiries about the return of The Dreger Report. It will return, but with the introduction of Insider Trading to TSN and TSN.ca, we need to let the NHL's regular season progress a bit more to give teams time to assess their strengths and weaknesses which ultimately determines the trade market and fuels many of the trade talks and much of the fodder that finds its way into The Dreger Report!

Kyle Turris (Photo: The Canadian Press)


(Photo: The Canadian Press)
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