Martin Brodeur #30 - G

  • Age: 42
  • DOB: 1972/05/06
  • POB: Montreal, Que, Canada
  • Height: 6-2 Weight: 220lbs
  • Shoots: L
  • NHL Seasons: 21
  • Drafted by New Jersey in 1990 (1/20).
  • Current Status: Unrestricted Free Agent (Group III)
Year to date39191462297969712.51.90132----

Honours and Awards

2010Olympic - Olympic Gold Medal
2009-10NHL - William M. Jennings Trophy (Lowest goals-against)
2007-08NHL - Vezina Trophy (Goaltender of the Year)
2007-08NHL - Second All-Star Team
2007-08NHL - Named to play in the NHL All-Star Game
2006-07NHL - Vezina Trophy (Goaltender of the Year)
2006-07NHL - First All-Star Team
2006-07NHL - Named to play in the NHL All-Star Game
2005-06NHL - Second All-Star Team
2003-04NHL - Vezina Trophy (Goaltender of the Year)
2003-04NHL - William M. Jennings Trophy (Lowest goals-against)
2003-04NHL - First All-Star Team
2003-04NHL - Named to play in the NHL All-Star Game
2002-03NHL - Stanley Cup
2002-03NHL - Vezina Trophy (Goaltender of the Year)
2002-03NHL - William M. Jennings Trophy (Lowest goals-against)
2002-03NHL - First All-Star Team
2002-03NHL - Named to play in the NHL All-Star Game
2002Olympic - Olympic Gold Medal
2000-01NHL - Named to play in the NHL All-Star Game
1999-00NHL - Stanley Cup
1999-00NHL - Named to play in the NHL All-Star Game
1998-99NHL - Named to play in the NHL All-Star Game
1997-98NHL - William M. Jennings Trophy (Lowest goals-against)
1997-98NHL - Second All-Star Team
1997-98NHL - Named to play in the NHL All-Star Game
1996-97NHL - William M. Jennings Trophy (Lowest goals-against)
1996-97NHL - Second All-Star Team
1996-97NHL - Named to play in the NHL All-Star Game
1995-96NHL - Named to play in the NHL All-Star Game
1994-95NHL - Stanley Cup
1993-94NHL - Calder Memorial Trophy (Rookie of the Year)
1993-94NHL - All-Rookie Team
1991-92QMJHL - Second All-Star Team

Transactions / Injuries / Suspensions

2013/03/19Missed 10 games (back injury).
2013/02/26Back injury, injured reserve.
2012/07/02Re-signed as an unrestricted free agent by the New Jersey Devils to a two-year contract.
2012/02/11Missed 1 game (sprained right ankle).
2012/02/09Sprained right ankle, day-to-day.
2011/10/31Missed 6 games (right shoulder injury).
2011/10/22Right shoulder injury, injured reserve.
2011/10/15Right shoulder injury, day-to-day.
2011/02/18Missed 5 games (sprained right knee).
2011/02/08Sprained right knee, injured reserve.
2010/12/06Missed 7 games (right elbow injury).
2010/11/20Right elbow injury, sidelined indefinitely.
2010/11/12Missed 2 games (elbow injury).
2010/11/05Elbow injury, day-to-day.
2009/02/25Missed 50 games (left elbow injury).
2008/11/03Left elbow injury, early February.
2006/01/27Re-signed by the New Jersey Devils to a six-year contract.
2005/11/11Missed 6 games (right knee injury).
2005/10/27Right knee injury, day-to-day.
2005/10/26Right knee injury, left Wednesday's game.
2001/10/03Signed by the New Jersey Devils to a five-year contract extension.
2000/11/08Missed 1 game (groin).
2000/11/02Groin, day-to-day.


1990/06/16Drafted by the New Jersey Devils in the 1st round (20th overall) in 1990.

Career Stats

2013-14New JerseyNHL39191462297969712.51.90132----
2012-13New JerseyNHL2913971757656542.22.90120----
2011-12New JerseyNHL5931214339213614722.41.90832-3--
2010-11New JerseyNHL5623263311612713132.45.90362-5--
2009-10New JerseyNHL7745256449916820042.24.9169--2--
2008-09New JerseyNHL3119931814738702.41.91654----
2007-08New JerseyNHL7744276463516820892.17.9194-----
2006-07New JerseyNHL7848237469717121822.18.92212-----
2005-06New JerseyNHL7343237436518721052.57.9115-----
2004-05Did not play----------------
2003-04New JerseyNHL753826-455515418452.03.91711-----
2002-03New JerseyNHL734123-437414717062.02.9149-----
2001-02New JerseyNHL733826-434715616552.15.9064-----
2000-01New JerseyNHL724217-429716617622.32.906914----
1999-00New JerseyNHL724320-431216117972.24.910616----
1998-99New JerseyNHL703921-423916217282.29.90644----
1997-98New JerseyNHL704317-412813015691.89.9171010----
1996-97New JerseyNHL673714-383812016331.88.927108----
1995-96New JerseyNHL773430-443317319542.34.91166----
1994-95New JerseyNHL401911-2184899082.45.90230----
1993-94New JerseyNHL472711-262510512382.40.91530----
1991-92New JerseyNHL421-17910853.35.88200----

Career Playoff Stats

2013-14New JerseyNHL---------------
2012-13New JerseyNHL---------------
2011-12New JerseyNHL24149-1471526292.12.9171-----
2010-11New JerseyNHL---------------
2009-10New JerseyNHL514-299151263.01.8810-----
2008-09New JerseyNHL734-427172392.39.9291-----
2007-08New JerseyNHL514-301161473.19.8910-----
2006-07New JerseyNHL1156-688283322.44.9161-----
2005-06New JerseyNHL954-533202612.25.9231-----
2004-05Did not play----------------
2003-04New JerseyNHL514-298131332.62.9020-----
2002-03New JerseyNHL24168-1491416221.65.9347-----
2001-02New JerseyNHL624-38191451.42.9381-----
2000-01New JerseyNHL251510-1505525072.07.8974-----
1999-00New JerseyNHL23167-1450395371.61.9272-----
1998-99New JerseyNHL734-425201592.82.8740-----
1997-98New JerseyNHL624-366121761.97.9320-----
1996-97New JerseyNHL1055-659192871.73.9342-----
1995-96New JerseyNHL---------------
1994-95New JerseyNHL20164-1222344971.67.9323-----
1993-94New JerseyNHL1789-1171385691.95.9331-----
1991-92New JerseyNHL101-323185.62.8330-----


GP - games played
W - wins
L - losses
OT - overtime
Min. - minutes
GA - goals against
SA - shots against
GAA - goals against average
PCT - save percentage
SO - shutouts
PIM - penalties in minutes
OTGA - overtime goals against
OTW - overtime wins
SOS - shootout shots against
SOG - shootout goals against

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