Main Draw

- 14 men and 14 women teams will each compete for the final two sports for the 2017 Roar of the Rings Canadian Olympic Trials in Ottawa from Dec 2-10

- Each side will be divided into two pools of seven

- Teams will play every team in their pool (six games) with the top three from each pool advancing to the playoffs


Road to the Roar - Men's Teams

Pool A Pool B
John Morris Brendan Bottcher
Glenn Howard Charley Thomas
Jason Gunnlaugson  Pat Simmons
Adam Casey Greg Balsdon
Colton Flasch Dayna Deruelle
Mark Bice William Lyburn
Jamie Murphy Jean-Michel Menard

Road to the Roar - Women's Teams

Pool C Pool D
Tracy Fleury Sherry Middaugh
Julie Tippin Jacqueline Harrison 
Kelsey Rocque Kerri Einarson 
Shannon Kleibrink Krista McCarville
Nadine Scotland Karla Thompson
Shannon Birchard Briane Meilleur 
Theresa Breen Darcy Robertson


Draw Sheet/Results

Date Time (ET) Draw Matchup Matchup Matchup Matchup Matchup
Monday, Nov. 6 3pm 1 Robertson vs. Middaugh Scotland vs. Rocque Tipping vs. Birchard Einarson vs. Thompson
Monday, Nov. 6 7pm 2 Breen vs. Fleury Murphy vs. Morris Bice vs. Howard Meilleur vs. Harrison
Tuesday, Nov. 7 7am 3 Gunnlaugson vs. Flasch Lyburn vs. Thomas Bottcher vs. Menard Simmons vs. Deruelle McCarville vs. Robertson
Tuesday, Nov. 7 11am 4 Harrison vs. Thompson Birchard vs. Fleury Breen vs. Kleibrink Meilleur vs. Middaugh Scotland vs. Tippin
Tuesday, Nov. 7 3pm 5 Deruelle vs. Thomas Howard vs. Flasch Casey vs. Murphy Menard vs. Balsdon Morris vs. Bice
Tuesday, Nov. 7 7pm 6 Rocque vs. Breen Robertson vs. Einarson Fleury vs. Scotland Lyburn vs. Bottcher Kleibrink vs. Birchard
Wed, Nov. 8 7am 7 Casey vs. Bice McCarville vs. Meilleur Gunnlaugson vs. Murphy Thompson vs. Middaugh
Wed, Nov. 8 11am 8 Menard vs. Simmons Deruelle vs. Bottcher Flasch vs. Morris Balsdon vs. Lyburn
Wed, Nov. 8 3pm 9 Einarson vs. Meilleur Tippin vs. Breen Robertson vs. Harrison Kleibrink vs. Scotland Birchard vs. Rocque
Wed, Nov. 8 7pm 10 Murphy vs. Howard McCarville vs. Thompson Bice vs. Gunnlaugson  Thomas vs. Menard Flasch vs. Casey
Thursday, Nov. 9 7am 11 Balsdon vs. Deruelle Simmons vs. Lyburn Tippin vs. Rocque Fleury vs. Kleibrink
Thursday, Nov. 9 11am 12 Middaugh vs. McCarville Meilleur vs. Robertson Birchard vs. Breen Harrison vs. Einarson
Thursday, Nov. 9 3pm 13 Bottcher vs. Balsdon Menard vs. Lyburn Morris vs. Casey Howard vs. Gunnlaugson Bice vs. Murphy
Thursday, Nov. 9 7pm 14 Kleibrink vs. Tippin Breen vs. Scotland Rocque vs. Fleury Thompson vs. Robertson Thomas vs. Simmons
Friday, Nov. 10 7am 15 Morris vs. Gunnlaugson Harrison vs. McCarville Middaugh vs. Einarson Murphy vs. Flasch Casey vs. Howard
Friday, Nov. 10 11am 16 Scotland vs. Birchard Simmons vs. Bottcher Thomas vs. Balsdon Rocque vs. Kleibrink Deruelle vs. Menard
Friday, Nov. 10 3pm 17 Thompson ve. Meilleur Fleury vs. Tippin Flasch vs. Bice Middaugh vs. Harrison Einarson vs. McCarville
Friday, Nov. 10 7pm 18 Lyburn vs. Deruelle Gunnlaugson vs. Casey Howard vs. Morris Balsdon vs. Simmons Bottcher vs. Thomas



- Top two teams in each pool will cross over to play each other in the first bracket with the winners advancing to the first qualifier

- Losers will go on to play the third place teams in the second bracket where the second qualifier will eventually be determined



Games H and I - Saturday, November 11 at 12:30pm ET

H - 1st Pool A vs. 2nd Pool B       
I - 2nd Pool A vs. 1st Pool B               

Winners advance to Game J Sunday morning; losers fall to Games K and L

Games K and L - Saturday, November 11 at 6pm ET

K - 3rd Pool A vs. Loser of Game H
L - Loser of Game I vs 3rd Pool B               

Winners advance to Game M; loser out

Game J - Sunday, November 12 at 8am ET  (FIRST QUALIFIER)     

Winners of Games H and I         

Winner advances to Roar of the Rings, loser heads to Game N

Game M - Sunday, November 12 at 1pm ET

Winners of Games K and L           

Winner advance to Game N Sunday night; loser out

Game N - Sunday, November 12 at 6:30pm ET (SECOND QUALIFIER)             

Winner of Game M and loser of Game J             

Winner advances to Roar of the Rings, loser out



Games A and B - Saturday, November 11 at 12:30pm ET

A - 1st Pool C vs. 2nd Pool D       
B - 2nd Pool C vs. 1st Pool D               

Winners advance to Game C Saturday night; losers fall to Games D and E

Games D and E - Saturday, November 11 at 6pm ET

D - 3rd Pool C vs. Loser of Game A
E - Loser of Game B vs 3rd Pool D               

Winners advance to Game F; loser out

Game C - Saturday, November 11 at 6pm ET  (FIRST QUALIFIER)     

Winners of Games A and B         

Winner advances to Roar of the Rings, loser heads to Game G

Game F - Sunday, November 12 at 8am ET

Winners of Games D and E           

Winner advance to Game G Sunday afternoon; loser out

Game G - Sunday, November 12 at 1pm ET (SECOND QUALIFIER)             

Winner of Game F and loser of Game C             

Winner advances to Roar of the Rings, loser out