Sunday, May 24, 2015

FiorentinaatPalermo9:00 AM
VeronaatParma9:00 AM
CagliariatCesena9:00 AM
AtalantaatChievo9:00 AM
RomaatLazio9:00 AM
Inter MilanatGenoa9:00 AM
NapoliatJuventus9:00 AM
SampdoriaatEmpoli9:00 AM
SassuoloatUdinese9:00 AM
TorinoatAC Milan9:00 AM

Sunday, May 31, 2015

CesenaatTorino9:00 AM
JuventusatVerona9:00 AM
LazioatNapoli9:00 AM
AC MilanatAtalanta9:00 AM
EmpoliatInter Milan9:00 AM
ChievoatFiorentina9:00 AM
GenoaatSassuolo9:00 AM
PalermoatRoma9:00 AM
ParmaatSampdoria9:00 AM
UdineseatCagliari9:00 AM

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