Sunday, January 11, 2015

ChievoatAtalanta9:00 AM
AC MilanatTorino9:00 AM
CesenaatCagliari9:00 AM
PalermoatFiorentina9:00 AM
UdineseatSassuolo9:00 AM
ParmaatVerona9:00 AM
EmpoliatSampdoria9:00 AM
GenoaatInter Milan9:00 AM
LazioatRoma9:00 AM
JuventusatNapoli9:00 AM

Sunday, January 18, 2015

RomaatPalermo9:00 AM
CagliariatUdinese9:00 AM
SampdoriaatParma9:00 AM
AtalantaatAC Milan9:00 AM
FiorentinaatChievo9:00 AM
TorinoatCesena9:00 AM
Inter MilanatEmpoli9:00 AM
SassuoloatGenoa9:00 AM
VeronaatJuventus9:00 AM
NapoliatLazio9:00 AM

Sunday, January 25, 2015

AtalantaatVerona9:00 AM
CesenaatParma9:00 AM
ChievoatJuventus9:00 AM
PalermoatSampdoria9:00 AM
RomaatFiorentina9:00 AM
AC MilanatLazio9:00 AM
GenoaatNapoli9:00 AM
UdineseatEmpoli9:00 AM
TorinoatInter Milan9:00 AM
SassuoloatCagliari9:00 AM

Sunday, February 1, 2015

EmpoliatRoma9:00 AM
CagliariatAtalanta9:00 AM
VeronaatPalermo9:00 AM
FiorentinaatGenoa9:00 AM
LazioatCesena9:00 AM
Inter MilanatSassuolo9:00 AM
JuventusatUdinese9:00 AM
NapoliatChievo9:00 AM
SampdoriaatTorino9:00 AM
ParmaatAC Milan9:00 AM

Sunday, February 8, 2015

AtalantaatFiorentina9:00 AM
CesenaatEmpoli9:00 AM
RomaatCagliari9:00 AM
SassuoloatSampdoria9:00 AM
PalermoatInter Milan9:00 AM
GenoaatLazio9:00 AM
AC MilanatJuventus9:00 AM
ChievoatParma9:00 AM
UdineseatNapoli9:00 AM
TorinoatVerona9:00 AM

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