Sunday, March 8, 2015

AtalantaatParma10:00 AM
TorinoatUdinese10:00 AM
RomaatChievo10:00 AM
PalermoatCesena10:00 AM
SassuoloatJuventus10:00 AM
VeronaatAC Milan10:00 AM
Inter MilanatNapoli10:00 AM
CagliariatSampdoria10:00 AM
GenoaatEmpoli10:00 AM
FiorentinaatLazio10:00 AM

Sunday, March 15, 2015

JuventusatPalermo10:00 AM
LazioatTorino10:00 AM
EmpoliatCagliari10:00 AM
CesenaatInter Milan10:00 AM
ChievoatGenoa10:00 AM
UdineseatAtalanta10:00 AM
SampdoriaatRoma10:00 AM
ParmaatSassuolo10:00 AM
AC MilanatFiorentina10:00 AM
NapoliatVerona10:00 AM

Sunday, March 22, 2015

AtalantaatNapoli10:00 AM
CagliariatAC Milan10:00 AM
RomaatCesena10:00 AM
Inter MilanatSampdoria10:00 AM
PalermoatChievo10:00 AM
FiorentinaatUdinese10:00 AM
GenoaatJuventus10:00 AM
VeronaatLazio10:00 AM
SassuoloatEmpoli10:00 AM
TorinoatParma10:00 AM

Saturday, April 4, 2015

ChievoatSassuolo9:00 AM
CesenaatVerona9:00 AM
LazioatCagliari9:00 AM
EmpoliatJuventus9:00 AM
NapoliatRoma9:00 AM
AC MilanatPalermo9:00 AM
ParmaatInter Milan9:00 AM
SampdoriaatFiorentina9:00 AM
UdineseatGenoa9:00 AM
TorinoatAtalanta9:00 AM

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