Average NHL salaries surpass pre-lockout levels Staff

6/11/2008 12:07:36 AM

Three years after the league shut down amid concerns of skyrocketing salaries, the average NHL player is now making more than pre-lockout levels.

Sources tell TSN the average salary for NHL players this season was $1,906,793, an increase of more than 11% over last year ($1,708,607).

Not surprisingly, league revenues have also increased by close to $600 million since the lockout, translating into escalating salaries.

When players returned to the ice for the 2005-06 campaign, the salary cap was set at $39 million. Three short years later, teams were allowed to spend $50.3 million this season, an increase of more than 28% over three seasons. The minimum amount teams were mandated to spend this season was $34.3 million.

Should the salary cap increase this summer, it would be the third straight season team salaries have gone up under the current collective bargaining agreement.