Agent: Six teams interested in Sundin's services Staff

7/30/2008 10:35:36 PM

The number of teams legitimately interested in the services of Mats Sundin has increased to six according to his agent JP Barry.

''The number has gone up, not gone down since July 1st,'' Barry told the Team 1040 Sports Radio station in Vancouver. ''The other three (teams) would like not to be discussed as much publicly because it just provides more scrutiny.''

Barry did admit that Detroit is not one of the teams interested.

''There are other teams that have said, 'We're that interested in a short-term, one to two year deal.  We just want to let you know that if you give us some time, we'll make room'."  Barry told the Team 1040. ''So I don't think the demand will slow down if he takes longer. I think there's enough teams out there interested in his services that it's kind of a unique situation.''

Barry also told the Team 1040 that Sundin might not be making any decisions by August 1st.

''He's still taking his time, and he hasn't given us an indication or not if he's going to keep playing or not. You know, when he was speaking in Sweden about August, unfortunately a lot of people picked up 1st of August. He meant August. He meant sometime in August he would definitely decide because he'll definitely be in training camp.''