High-profile members named to NHLPA Advisory Board Staff

9/24/2008 1:05:29 PM

The National Hockey League Players' Association named some heavyweights to their Advisory Board of Directors on Wednesday.

Buzz Hargrove, George Cohen, Ken Baumgartner, Steve Larmer, Ron Lloyd, Dan O'Neill, Ron Pink and Ian Troop will make up the inaugural members of the NHLPA's Advisory Board.

The eight person board will offer input to the Executive Board, which is made up of representatives from each NHL team, on various issues.

"We are pleased to welcome these eight distinguished professionals as members of the new NHLPA Advisory Board," NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly.

"The Advisory Board was a significant addition to the new constitution and will serve as a valuable resource for the NHLPA's Executive Board and to the management team of the NHLPA."

The Advisory Board brings experience from both the business and professional hockey worlds.

One of the more interesting additions is Buzz Hargrove who served as president of the Canadian Auto Workers Union from 1992 until September of 2008. Hargrove's experience with collective bargaining should prove invaluable to the NHLPA.

Former NHLers Ken Baumgartner and Steve Larmer were also named and both have held significant positions with the NHLPA in the past. Baumgartner served as an NHLPA vice-president from 1993 to 1999 and Larmer as head of player relations from 1998 to 2005.

Ron Pink, a managing partner of the law firm Pink Breen Larkin with experience in collective bargaining and union related issues, has been named chairman of the Advisory Board.