Radulov disputes report; would consider return to NHL Staff

10/15/2008 5:14:59 PM

Alexander Radulov is disputing recent comments that were said to be attributed to him in a letter to the KHL.
The letter contained lines that seemed to indicate Radulov was not interested in a return to the NHL and the Nashville Predators.
"I didn't say that - that letter was a misunderstanding," Radulov explained during a phone interview with the Tennessean on Wednesday from Russia.
"I wrote a letter about if (the process) goes to court, I think it should be in Russia because I am in Russia and the team is in Russia," he explained to the Tennessean. "But I never said I don't want to go back to the NHL or something like that."
Radulov also told the newspaper he would not be against a return to the NHL.
"The season has just started, I'm playing in Russia and happy the way it's going now," Radulov told the Tennessean. "If I stay here, I would stay here for a year and see how things go. I'm not saying no (to the NHL) because I'm not sure what's going to happen in one year."
The Nashville Predators third leading scorer in 2007-08 said that a lack of a transfer agreement between the KHL and NHL as well as the larger contract offer led him to making a decision to return to Russia, as opposed to playing out the final year on his contract in Nashville.

The Radulov case has been at the centre of a wider dispute between the NHL and KHL over respecting players' contracts. The Predators suspended Radulov indefinitely in September and have been letting the NHL handle the case.