Report: Forsberg hopes for post-season return Staff

12/16/2008 6:07:50 PM

Peter Forsberg says he wants to try the NHL one more time. According to the Denver Post, Forsberg hopes to participate in the 2009 NHL playoffs, and he would like to do so in a Colorado jersey.

"I want to play. I hate sitting in the stands and not be able to be out there on the ice," Forsberg reportedly told the Swedish television program "Hockeynight" this week. "If it doesn't work this time, I'll call it quits. But I have the best doctor in the world (Bertil Romanus), and without him I would have given up already. I'm still hopeful."

Forsberg also went public with the news that he had to wear electrodes on his bad foot after re-joining the Avalanche late last season.

"(I had) a battery package hidden in my pants. When I turned it on, the foot straightened in the skates," Forsberg said. "It was kind of funny."

Aided by such battery power, Forsberg had 15 points in nine games with Colorado at the end of the regular season. He followed up with five points in seven playoff games, although he missed three games with a back problem.

Forsberg has 885 points in 706 career NHL games, and 171 points in 151 NHL playoff games.

The Post also reported that Forsberg had more surgery on his right foot a few weeks ago.  Forsberg did not discuss details and his agent, Don Baizley, likewise opted not to get into specifics about the procedure, although he did not deny some work had been done.