Report: Predators may buy own tickets to ensure NHL funds Staff

1/22/2009 10:34:10 AM

On the heels of reports the Phoenix Coyotes lost out on revenue-sharing funds, the Nashville Predators are looking at boosting ticket sales with their own money.

According to the Tennessean, Predators officials have discussed the option of buying up unsold tickets to ensure they collect the maximum revenue-sharing from the league. Earlier this month, an report indicated the Coyotes forfeited 25% of their full share for failing to meet specific targets.

"We've consistently said that we're here to give everything we've got to make this work," Predators' lead owner David Freeman told the Tennessean.

For the Predators to qualify for a full share of their revenue-sharing monies from the league, average paid attendance in Nashville must reach the level of 14,000. After 22 home games, the team is 256 tickets short of that mark.

Last season, the Predators received their full share of revenue-sharing equalling $12 million, money that is crucial to the ongoing operations of the team. Falling short of just one target could mean forfeiting 25% of the full share.

"It's absolutely critical to us," Freeman told the Tennessean. "We're doing everything we can to grab as many dollars as we can so we can build the best hockey team we can build."

Currently, the Predators sit 14th in the Western Conference, eight points out of a playoff spot.