No surgery required for Oilers captain Moreau Staff

3/2/2009 8:14:18 PM

The Edmonton Oilers received some good news Monday as the team learned that forward Ethan Moreau will not require surgery to repair a scratched cornea and bruised retina.

"He saw the doctor again today and everything went well," head coach Craig MacTavish told reporters. "All the news so far has been really positive. It's hard to completely anticipate and project how it's going to go but everything to this point has really gone well."

The 33-year old Moreau was taken to Edmonton hospital on Saturday night after he received a stick to the eye during the Oilers' victory over the Minnesota Wild.  Doctors had to wait for the swelling and bleeding in the eye to come down before they could determine the best course of action.

The team was encouraged by the fact that there was no serious damage to the eye and that surgery would not be required, but no timeline for Moreau's return was outlined.

"Everything looks to be pointing towards a complete and full recovery," MacTavish said. "How long that is depends on the next few days with an obstacle every couple of days to get over."

Oilers head medical trainer Ken Lowe stated that Moreau's vision is slowly returning and he will see the eye specialist again on Thursday.

"The doctors want (Moreau) to totally rest for a week after that if everything goes right Dr. Chan has no problem with him playing, but then it becomes a coaching decision of conditioning," he explained. "I don't see it as a long time, but at this point we have to wait for Thursday."

Lowe admitted that a visor would likely have helped Moreau avoid injury and that he will need to wear one upon his return.