Balsillie wins exclusive rights to Copps Coliseum

The Canadian Press

5/14/2009 1:08:27 PM

It's a small victory for Jim Basille.

According to a report in the Hamilton Spectator, the Research in Motion CEO who is attempting to buy the Phoenix Coyotes has won the exclusive rights to Hamilton's Copps Coliseum until November after a unanimous vote by Hamilton city council.

The Spectator is reporting that the BlackBerry billionaire has also promised to enter into a 20-year lease with the city, with options to extend the lease up to three times for four years each time to reach a potential total of 32 years.

Hamilton city council has unanimously agreed to give

Balsillie has also promised an additional $5 million of his own money for upgrades to Copps in 2010 if he is able to secure a team.