NHL on TSN Quiz: Would you consider trading Luongo? Staff

5/14/2009 9:33:58 PM

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If you were Canucks' GM Mike Gillis, would you consider trading Roberto Luongo?

Peter Laviolette: No, there are far too few good goalies and he certainly is one of them.

Darren Pang: No, you don't trade a goaltender like that. First of all, he's your foundation player. They need a lot of players and he's the reason why they would attract a lot of free agents. But I would take away the captaincy from him and give it to a player.

Bob McKenzie: Possibly, because he's a year away from unrestricted free agency and you have to sit down, talk to him and find out what it will take to re-sign him. You have to bring other players in but you have to know what it's going to cost you long-term. So I would at least explore the possibility of trading him.

Who would you name as the ultimate warrior of the playoffs so far?

Peter Laviolette: Milan Lucic, Boston Bruins. Before the playoffs started, I wanted to see this guy play and he has not disappointed. The reason why the Bruins are in Game 7 is because he picked up his game in Game 5. He also had a big assist in Game 6 so I'm excited to see him play in Game 7.

Darren Pang: Dustin Byfuglien, Chicago Blackhawks. He has really emerged in the playoffs. In the regular season, he was a little bit inconsistent and you wondered what kind of game you would get. The Blackhawks have gotten it all from Byfuglien in the playoffs. He's been a big factor.

Bob McKenzie: Brooks Orpik, Pittsburgh Penguins. On a team of thoroughbreds, you need a plow horse back there. He gets his nose dirty all the time and I really like the job he's done.

Who has done the most during the playoffs to enhance his Olympic prospects?

Bob McKenzie: Corey Perry, Anaheim Ducks. He's big and strong and goes to the net. He plays an ugly game and, while he gets out on the edge sometimes, he really knows how to score goals and score goals when it matters most.

Darren Pang: Eric Staal, Carolina Hurricanes. How many centremen can you have on the team and how many can you have that can play the wing? I think he was a question mark coming into the playoffs but Hockey Canada is looking for guys that want the puck in crucial situations and he has proven that he can be that guy.

Peter Laviolette: Cam Ward, Carolina Hurricanes. The key word in the question is enhanced. Ward went from possibly being on the team to possibly being the starter for Team Canada. I think he has enhanced his position to be the #1 goaltender.

Who should/will the New York Islanders take in the Entry Draft?

Darren Pang: Should take Victor Hedman. You're talking about a foundation player who is 6'6", can move his feet and move the puck up the ice. We all saw the development of Chris Pronger at an early age and look what he's turned out to be.

Peter Laviolette: Should take John Tavares. The Islanders are building right now and what better way to build than to take a young prospect who can put the puck in the back of the net. You can build your team around a goal scorer.

Bob McKenzie: Will take Victor Hedman. But I won't say they will take him at #1. By the time it's all said and done, the Islanders will have Hedman but not necessarily pick him first overall.