NHL on TSN Quiz: Where will the Niedermayers play? Staff

5/21/2009 8:05:21 PM

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Where will the free agent Niedermayer brothers be next year?

Ray Ferraro: I think they're going to go to Vancouver for a couple of reasons. The Canucks have a need and there is a definite fit there for Scott. Anaheim has salary cap problems and it may be simpler if the Niedermayers walk and end up in Vancouver.

Bob McKenzie: Anaheim. I'm not going to lie. It's the last quiz of the year, the John Tortorella Memorial Quiz so I'm saying Anaheim but it's just a guess.

Darren Pang: I think the brothers will be apart next season. I think Rob Niedermayer has played his last game. He's been banged up all year long and really struggled with his health. I think Scott will play but I don't know where.

Last year, Sidney Crosby averaged 10 seconds per game on the penalty-killing unit and head coach coach Michel Therrien was heavily criticized for that. This year, Crosby is averaging 10 seconds per game on the penalty-killing unit and nobody is talking about it. Why?

Bob McKenzie: We're just a little late to the dance so give us a chance. If the Penguins get behind like they did last year to Detroit, we'll be all over head coach Dan Bylsma for it. But as long as they're winning, everything's good.

Darren Pang: I don't think it's an issue because they're in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Ray Ferraro: I think there was a perception that Pittsburgh made it to the Final in spite of their coach last year. And there's a lot of thought that Dan Bylsma helped turn this club around so he's got a little more leeway.