Dreger: NHLPA unaware of planned doubleheader game

Darren Dreger

6/19/2009 5:55:26 PM

While there have been preliminary discussions about the possibility of an outdoor game, January 1 in Calgary between the NHL and Calgary officials, the National Hockey League Players Association says it's unaware of the planned doubleheader.

''This is all news to me. We are breaking news, this is an insider moment that Calgary is potentially going to get an outdoor game and this is the first I've heard of it,'' Glenn Healy, the NHLPA's director of player affairs told TSN.

The NHL confirms the outdoor twin-bill will be discussed on June 25th at the competition committee meeting, however based on Healy's reaction; there is reason to believe the event may be in jeopardy.
''We have never been approached by the league about a second outdoor game ever in Calgary and if they want to approach us, then our numbers are in the book.''

Healy adds, the players aren't opposed to Calgary and admits the idea may have some appeal, however his issue is purely with the lack of communication between the NHL and the NHLPA.

If the matter is brought to a vote next Thursday it will require seven of 10 votes to pass through the competition committee.