Statement by former NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly Staff

9/3/2009 10:47:41 PM

The following is a statement released by former NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly about the reasons for his dismissal.


According to a story in the September 3rd Toronto Globe and Mail, I supposedly “was caught reading a transcript from a confidential meeting”, with the implication being that my actions constituted a breach of my duty to the NHLPA.

I cannot standby and allow this false and misleading attack on my character and reputation. I spent almost 10 years as a federal prosecutor, prosecuting numerous cases pertaining to fraud and dishonesty, including one involving a former NHLPA executive director.  My personal ethics and reputation are beyond reproach.

All of these stories, whether anonymous or by those seeking to protect their individual interests, intend to defame my reputation and good name. They not only harm me, but do harm to the reputation of the over 700 hockey players who make our sport the best in the world.

I take enormous pride and comfort knowing that I always acted in the best interests of the players, including taking affirmative actions required of me based on my obligations to the players and the NHLPA.   Out of respect for the NHLPA and the players, I will have no further comment at this time regarding my departure.   The matter is being discussed by my legal representatives and those of the NHLPA.