Sources: NHLPA contacted MLBPA's Donald Fehr

Darren Dreger

9/10/2009 12:01:45 PM

Donald Fehr's days as head of Major League Baseball's players' association are winding down.

Fehr announced his retirement in June after 25 years of service to the MLBPA.

Fehr is considered one of the most powerful men in professional sports, so it should come as no surprise the National Hockey League players association has reached out to him.

Fehr wouldn't comment on any discussions he's had with the NHLPA, nor would he discuss the potential of any future role he may have with the PA when recently contacted by TSN.

However, sources say Fehr was conferenced in to a meeting in Chicago on Monday, following Paul Kelly's firing as executive director.

Sources say the PA's executive board, advisory board and interim executive director, Ian Penny wanted Fehr's advice on how the group should proceed in the search for Kelly's replacement.

Fehr didn't rule out the possibility of offering his views on the NHLPA in the future, but said he wouldn't do so until he has officially vacated his position with the MLBPA.