McKenzie: No truth to reports that Heatley has been traded

Bob McKenzie

9/10/2009 10:36:27 PM

Here we go again.

Amid reports that the Ottawa Senators have traded Dany Heatley to the San Jose Sharks as part of a three-way deal with the Los Angeles Kings, sources tell TSN nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, sources tell TSN that not only is the report of a three-way deal being done not true, but the Senators are no closer to trading Heatley now than they have been for most of the summer.

It's eerily similar to earlier this summer when there were reports the Senators had traded Heatley to the Edmonton Oilers. The difference then, though, was the Sens and Oilers actually had a deal worked out, but Heatley refused to waive his no-movement clause. This time around, it doesn't appear there's been any agreement with the Senators and one other team, never mind two.

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