NHL on TSN Quiz: Who will be Canada's captain at the Olympics? Staff

11/4/2009 10:20:37 PM

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Question #1:  Who should be Team Canada' captain at the Olympics - Sidney Crosby, Jarome Iginla or Scott Niedermayer?

Keith Jones:  It is Sidney Crosby.  Not only is he the best player for Team Canada, he is also the most committed player to winning.  That can be attested to with a great save last night in Anaheim allowing the Pittsburgh Penguins to defeat the Ducks and actually stopping Scott Niedermayer on that particular play.  Crosby has matured to the point that he will be a terrific captain for Team Canada.

Bob McKenzie:  I would say Scott Niedermayer because I would err on the side of seniority.  The pressure is going to be enormous, having this tournament played in Canada.  In 2002 the pressure was huge in Salt Lake City and Wayne Gretzky had to step up to deflect some of it.  In 2006 the wheels fell off and I don't want a 22-year old to be responsible for having the weight of the country on his shoulders in terms of the leadership, so I would go with the senior guy, Scott Niedermayer, who has won absolutely everything there is to win.

Bob Clarke: I would say Sidney Crosby and the reason I would say that is that when we chose Eric Lindros (in 1998), we had Gretzky on the team, and Gretzky should have been captain.  There is too much pressure when you have a player like Gretzky on the team and don't make him the captain for a younger person to take over that role.  But there are no 'Gretzkys' left.  I think Crosby has been super since he came into the league and I think he's going to be the captain.

Question #2:  Who will supply Canada with their stiffest competition at the Olympics – the Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden or the United States?

Bob McKenzie:  I'll say Russia, although if Alexander Ovechkin remains injured; along with Evgeni Malkin, Ilya Kovalchuk and Andrei Markov, all of whom are not playing right now due to injury, that could change things very quickly.  However if all of those guys come back to health, that is a pretty dynamic Russian squad.

Bob Clarke:  Absolutely the Russians.  Since Slava Fetisov took over, the Russian players now want to play for their country.  Players like Ovechkin and Malkin will disrupt the NHL to go back and play now, at one time they couldn't get enough players to go back and play. 

Keith Jones: Russia for me as well but I think goaltending will be the issue there.  While I think that they will go with Evgeni Nabokov, I would play Nikolai Khabibulin in goal because I think they could be really dangerous.

Question #3: Will Peter Forsberg, who is mounting a comeback in Sweden, make it all the way back to the NHL this season?

Keith Jones: Yes he will, and he will because he wants to.  He is not playing in the Swedish Elite League right now because he chose to keep his eligibility to play in the NHL.  If Mr. Forsberg can play on one-foot then he will play in the NHL because he is committed to do so.

Bob McKenzie:  I'm going to say no.  His intent is to come back and play in the NHL, obviously that is why he is not playing in the Swedish Elite League, he's keeping his options open.  He has had so many problems with the foot so that until such time that he shows that he can play a good long time that he can overcome those foot problems, I say no it's not realistic for him to comeback.

Bob Clarke: He'll be coming back.  He's not playing for recreation.  As soon as his foot allows him to, he'll be back in the NHL.

Question #4: Who would be your number one choice on the 2010 Hall of Fame ballot – Pavel Bure, Guy Carbonneau, Eric Lindros or Phil Housley?

Bob McKenzie: Pavel Bure, with apologies to Ray Ferraro who last year said he was far too selfish to be a Hall of Famer.  Bure was a five-time 50 goal scorer, three goal scoring championships and a goal-per-game average that is second only to Mario Lemieux and Mike Bossy in NHL history.  That's a Hall of Famer.

Bob Clarke:  Guy Carbonneau, the second best defensive player to ever play the game, next to Bob Gainey.

Keith Jones: Phil Housley, for me, the fourth highest scoring defenceman in NHL history.  Of the top 12 all time scorers, 11 of them are already in the Hall, Housley is not in yet but he is my number one choice and will be joining those guys.  What a terrific offensive defenceman and remember, he's a little, tiny guy that had a great career.

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