Dreger: Niedermayer, Brunnstrom subjects of trade talk

Darren Dreger

11/12/2009 8:59:59 PM

Two surprising names have surfaced to fuel the possibility of NHL trades. Anaheim defenceman Scott Niedermayer is one, and sophomore Dallas forward Fabian Brunnstrom the other.

The Newark Star-Ledger quoted Niedermayer as saying, "I think it's a possibility," when asked about being traded by Anaheim this season. Niedermayer doesn't have a no-trade clause, but in follow-up, Niedermayer says his family loves Anaheim and he isn't interested in leaving.

League sources say Dallas GM Joe Nieuwendyk is receiving interest in Fabian Brunnstrom. He scored 17 goals in 55 NHL games last season but has just one in 17 games this season. Critics say Brunnstrom hasn't adjusted to the North American game. However, the 24-year-old was highly sought after by a dozen NHL clubs prior to signing with the Stars in May, 2008.

If Brunnstrom does come on the market, you can be sure the buzz won't rival that of his free agent status. But if at any point this season Scott Niedermayer hits the market, there will be many who will want in on this Duck hunt.

Meanwhile, Theoren Fleury remains committed to a book tour promoting his tell-all book, "Playing with Fire," a tour that will take him to New York City on Sunday, where he spent three seasons with the New York Rangers and had some of his most shocking life experiences as detailed in the book.

Reporters in New York will be sure to ask Fleury if he has decided to press charges against Graham James. It's unlikely Fleury will have a yes or no answer.

The decision isn't Fleury's to make alone. 

Sources say an investigation is ongoing and involves both the RCMP and Fleury's legal team, but it hasn't reached a point yet where charges can be laid, or potential lawsuits filed.

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