Naylor: Bauer's departure a key piece in Kelly's dismissal

Dave Naylor -

12/18/2009 2:27:29 AM

The Mike Kelly era in Winnipeg will be remembered for the noise it made -- from run-ins with his own players, to clashes with the media and opposing players as well.

It ends the same day Kelly is charged with assault and harassment at his home near Philadelphia.

The fact is Kelly would likely have been fired even if he hadn't been arrested on Wednesday.  For his fate was tied to the man who hired him, team president Lyle Bauer.

While earlier this week it looked as though Kelly would stay as part of a plan laid out by Bauer where some of the coach's duties would be scaled back and he would undergo some media training - that all changed when Bauer resigned Wednesday.

One question sure to be raised is whether the Bombers have to pay Kelly out. According to sources, he does not have a morals clause in his contract and of course has to be presumed innocent at this point of the charges of assault and harassment brought against him.

One name already making the rounds as a candidate to replace Kelly?   Hamilton defensive coordinator Greg Marshall who was in Winnipeg until the end of the 2008 season.

The team also in the market for a new president.

One person the Bombers would apparently like to talk to for that job is former CFL Commissioner Tom Wright.